dear skye

Rayas de Tigre

Tony Padilla x Clay Jensen

Words: 1,845 or something lol

A/N: I know I´m not the greatest writer but I needed to do this :)

Clay has observed that there is a really scary beast crawling in the well-formed body of his dear friend –Skye has told him more than once that it is pretty normal if you live in the kind of place that the latino boy does, however the light eyed boy knows that there is something underneath-. (Maybe is his anxiety talking but Clay can’t control the overwhelming feeling of worry that pokes his ribs every single time he sees Tony absentmindedly rubbing his side.)

The thing that has been bothering him was the tanned skin of the mustang boy. His skin is smooth in almost every single place, yet, at the bottom of his back, there are some rough edges where his scars lay. And Clay has always wanted to touch them. (Always as in “a month ago”)

Not in a sexual or romantic way, of course not. They had been friends since forever, or what Clay thought it was forever.

He just simply felt like tracing those rough lines and pressing hard the tips of his fingers to make them go away, nothing else.

At first it wasn’t so hard to bear, he was too occupied by Hannah and her tapes to take notice or care about those evident marks, however when he finally snapped out of the horrific tapes, the knot in his throat unconsciously tightened whenever he had the chance to gaze at the back of his mate. (Brad noticed how Clay gulped and stood as far from the latino as he could manage after a few days, fortunately he had the decency to question what was wrong before punching him in a “brotherly” way on the left arm and “calming” him saying he had Tony protected from everything. That didn’t help.)

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Tonight, we’ve got a short fic that I wrote likely not long after I started watching the show a few years ago (but honestly it feels like ages ago now omg), set sometime around mid-Season One (I consider it to be AU-ish). I’d never really been a big fan of this one, but I re-read it again recently and liked it a little more than I’d remembered, so hopefully it’s alright!



“Okay, next question…” Skye trailed off, pursing her lips thoughtfully as she reached for the bowl of popcorn between them on the bed. She had insisted on a “girl’s night”, and when she’d tried to propose a game of Truth or Dare, Jemma had gently reminded her that there weren’t many dares they could carry out on the Bus that wouldn’t end with them on the receiving end of one of May’s terrifying glares. So, they’d simply stuck to the “Truth” part of the game, and so far the questions had been pretty tame – Jemma was waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Hmm…” Tapping a finger against her chin as she chewed her handful of popcorn, Skye’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Oh! I’ve got it! Have you ever kissed Fitz?”

And there it was.

“Oh! Um…” Nervously, Jemma played with a strand of hair that had come loose from her ponytail, twisting it around her finger. “Well…I’m afraid the answer to that question is rather…complicated.”

Skye stared blankly at Jemma for a moment, then she rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. “Um, no it’s not. Either you’ve kissed or you haven’t, it’s a simple question.” Then, with a smirk, she tacked on, “Oh, and if the answer is yes, I’m definitely going to need details.”

Anxiously wringing her hands in her lap, Jemma let out a long, slow exhale, then launched into the honestly complicated answer to what was supposedly a simple question. “Well, during our third year at Sci-Ops, Fitz and I attended a party one of our colleagues was throwing, and we got rather…inebriated. What I remember of that night is spotty at best, and honestly, half the memories I have couldn’t possibly be real. Yes, I remember something like grabbing Fitz once we returned to our flat and kissing him, but I’m…well, I’m just not sure it actually happened. I woke up the next morning with a wretched hangover, lying on the bathroom floor – Fitz was passed out in the kitchen. I never found the courage to ask him what he remembered from that night, so I can’t definitively answer yes or no.”

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Christmas AU Spectacular  ☆☆☆  AoS TVD AU

You know the story.  Girl is a brooding orphan.  Girl gets sent to new town.  Girl meets two boys that have a bond like brothers.  Girl falls for boy.  Boy’s brother falls for girl.

Girl looks like the woman that made both boys into vampires 150+ years ago. Exactly like her. Except that woman is dead. Except that she isn’t.

Wait.  What?

Bonus (season 2!):

skye: ooh, yeah, real scary. i bet you’re quite the little secret agent, huh?

jack: i am proficient in my field, yes.

skye: that’s it? you’re not very flashy. i was expecting you to say something dumb, like “ooh, danger is my middle name

jack: my middle name is ‘hammer’.

skye: …you’re kidding.

jack: no, ma’am.

skye: you’re not kidding?

jack: yes, ma’am.

skye: the actual name you were born with is “jack hammer savage”?

jack: that is correct.

skye: dear god.

Dear Ms. Skye,

Ema’s big sister, huh?  Wow…  This is sort of embarrassing.  I don’t really know much about you, other than the fact that you were formerly a Chief Prosecutor.  It’s really nice to hear that you think so highly of me.

I’ll do what I can to make sure your sister’s safe, but I wouldn’t worry too much about her if I were you.  She’s become a lot more mature since I first met her, and I’ve always been able to count on her when I need her scientific expertise.  I’m sure she’ll do just fine here.

Oh, and there’s no need to worry about Mr. Sahdmadhi, either.  He and Ema have had their disagreements, but he’s never treated her unfairly or harassed her, and I can guarantee you that it’s not likely to happen any time in the future.  I’ll still keep an eye on him if it matters that much to you, though.  And I’ll…um…

…I’ll take a look at that list, I guess.  I can’t make any promises, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

(I’ve never felt so grateful to be an only child…)

-Apollo Justice

anonymous asked:

Can you make a list of the songs that Hailey listens please?

well lets say some of them, here you go

Good Life by Kanye West ft. T-Pain
Giver by Poo Bear
Panda by Designer
Feel No Ways by Drake
My Way by Fetty Wap
Controlla by Drake
Too Good by Drake ft. Rihanna
Collide by Justine Skye
Pick Up The Phone by Young Thug
Love Drought by Beyonce
Kiss It Better by Rihanna
Should’ve Kissed You by Chris Brown
We Dem Boyz by Wiz Khalifa
New Nevel by A$AP Ferg
It’s Too Late by Wild Belle
Get Used To It by Justin Bieber
For Free by DJ Khaled
By Chance by Rae Sremmurd
Side to Side by Ariana Grande
Sex With Me by Rihanna
Again by Fetty Wap
Be Real by Kid Ink
I Know by Big Sean
Take Me To Church by Hozier
Where Ya At by Future
Shot For Me by Drake
Greedy by Ariana Grande
Hotline Bling by Drake
Upper Echelon by Travi$ Scott
Throw Sum Mo by Rae Sremmurd
No Pressure by Justin Bieber
This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris
Big Rings by Drake
A-Team by Travi$ Scott
Bicken Back Being Bool by YG
Earned It by The Weeknd
2 On by Tinashe
Best Friend by Young Thug
Sorry by Beyonce
Famous by Kanye West
Jumpman by Drake
I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys
About The Money by T.I
Pop Style by Drake
Work From Home by Fifth Harmony
Come and See Me by PARTYNEXDOOR
Exchange by Bryson Tiller
You Was Right by Lil Uzi Vert
One Dance by Drake
Hold Up by Wilson Phillips
Without U by Spooky Black
All The Way Up by Fat Joe
Pray For Love by Travi$ Scott
Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown ft. T-Pain
Yo (Excuse Me Miss) by Chris Brown
With Me by dvsn
Don’t by Bryson Tiller
All My Chains by Lil Uzi Vert
Faithful by Drake
Wus Good / Curious by PARTYNEXTDOOR
Antidote by Travi$ Scott
Wrist by Chris Brown
Digital Dash by Drake
Needed Me by Rihanna
Low Life by Future
The Hills by The Weeknd
Get You Alone by Maejor
Planez by Jeremih
Superstar by Lupe Fiasco
Freak Hoe by Future
Loft Music by The Weeknd
Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer
It Ain’t Safe by Skepta
Body Say by Demi Lovato
Cockiness Remix by Rihanna
Tied Up by Casey Veggies
Bandit by Justine Skye
Dear No One by Tori Kelly

Dear Neil,

That’s a Skye for you.

Once she sets her mind to something, Ema won’t ever back down.  She’ll be the greatest forensic investigator or quantum physicist or mad scientist or whatever scientific profession she’s decided on this week.

As for her affinity for Prosecutor Edgeworth, I’m sure it’s nothing serious.  She’s around that age to start taking notice of boys, after all, and even you have to admit he has a rather striking appearance.

Naturally, should he do anything to either lead her on or hurt her feelings, I’ll be the one striking it.

-Lana Skye