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have you heard? // he died alone // underneath a weeping tree // have you heard // the cry of mourn // where he held // a hoof // his horns // his empty eyes? // have you seen // kyparissos weep // have you seen // beauty die // in its own // despair? - rabbitheart

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“And here I had begun to fear this Inquisition was filled with nothing but drunkards and old washer women,” Zevran says as he casts a look of blatant appreciation over the mage. Arm propped in the palm of one hand, the other strokes thoughtfully at his chin, the lines of his tattoos shifting with the quirk of a brow. “A wise decision for them to take the both of us on at once, would you not agree? Being surrounded by the drab and dull day in and day out can be so draining, after all. It must be doing wonders for the soldiers’ moral to have something so pretty to rest their eyes on every now and again.”

Dear Diary?

Atheist, former christian. I grew up believing that religion was the most important in my life, that it was the only way to live good, that it should define all my morals. It repressed my sexuality and defined my values. But eventually, over a process of years, from high school through the end of college, I realized that if everyone else was going to hell, God had failed to appropriately explain the rules to everyone in his fucked up game of betting eternal torture or ecstasy on how people feel about being his friend. Or he didn’t exist. And honestly, once I didn’t want to follow that faith anymore, I suddenly had a lot of trouble seeing any real evidence that God isn’t humanity’s way of coping with the fact the life is short, uncertain, and unfair, and death is scary. And in retrospect, I resent all of the sexual repression, the values that hurt me, the morals that existed only to condemn, and the amazingly limited mindset. But I still see some of the great things it provided me. Like an earnest belief that loving each other will make the world better. That generosity to the point of giving things up in my life for it can conquer some small part of the horror of capitalism. That dying isn’t bad, it’s just how life goes, and that’s okay. Like so much of the past, it’s bittersweet.

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“I wonder if I might ask you something, my dear Warden,” Zevran says with a sideways glance down to where Tamar keeps stride beside him. “Or perhaps the more appropriate word is suggest. You are quite proficient with your sword as it is, clearly. But have you ever considered coating its blade with a wash of poison? The right mix of venom and deathroot would make far shorter work of – well, most everything that has tried to kill us so far, I would think.”

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