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♕ | The Isle of the Lost sentence starters (part one)

(change any pronouns/etc as befitting)

❝ It’s a birthday party, and I wasn’t invited. ❞
❝ Celebrations are for the rabble. ❞
❝ Now shoo, flee, and scatter like the little flea(s) you are! ❞
❝ Are you some kind of prince or something? ❞
❝ You know who I am. I’m your friend. ❞
❝ Home, freak home. ❞
❝ Room for month-old milk? ❞
❝ Do I look like I want curds? ❞
❝ Give me the strongest, blackest coffee you’ve got! ❞
❝ What is this, Auradon? ❞

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