dear princess toadstool

Rules and Regulations:

  1. In order to participate in this event, you will have to be sure to start off your ask/submission with the words ’Dear Princess Toadstool’. Otherwise, it will be answered as a normal ask.
  2. I will be posting a letter that includes two or three letters sent in that I find to be the most interesting. The rest will be recycled but you can already resend them or just try sending a new one.
  3. This is open to EVERYONE! No matter what fandom you are a part of. You don’t even have to be an rp or ask blog. Personal blogs will be allow to participate as well so don’t be shy.
  4. Let’s keep this clean. I will not be accepting any inappropriate letters.  They will be deleted on the spot. No questions asked.
  5. This event will take place every two weeks. One week will be use to read over the letters, the second week will be use to write my response. I’ll be accepting letters until a certain date that will be announced prior.
  6. Unless you’re on Anonymous, I’ll be sure to tag you to let you know if your letter has been included the event. The post will be included in a new section on my blog. I’ll create it after the first letter is posted.

That being said, I’ll be starting this event today! So do please send in your asks with questions if you’re interested. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun! Remember, Princess Toadstool tackles your tough topics with TOADtotal truthfulness!