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Catchprases masterlist

These catchphrases for ACNL villagers were collected on tumblr, contributors can be found at the bottom of this post. Remember not to capitalise catchphrases or add punctuation marks as the game takes care of this, according to wherever the catchphrase will show up in a sentence. However, do capitalise greetings and use punctuations marks in greetings unless you don’t want any.

Catchphrases for any villager

kweh / kupo / booper / ya know / your majesty / I guess / in America / in bed / ba-bang / nifty / cool beans / hella / pumbloom / *pees* / marmalade / darling / dear / sweetie / sweetheart / honey / love / imagineer / human / robot / friend / jeaaaahhhh / I’m lying / yes? No? / okey dokey / OK / I say / you see / you know / sugarcube / YOLO / TL;DR / orz / *censored* / in-game / …help me / [hiccup] / mean it / not again / why me / shut up / stop that / hmm… / yeah / ugh / you’ll see / dear / partner / bonjour / so funny / so sad / hon hon / no worries / gotcha / you cutie / go away / come here / mind you / same / so what / me, too / my child / golly / stay safe / take care / sniff

Catchphrases for normal villagers

dear / dearie / puddin’ / pumpkin / sweetie / mhm / mittens / sweet tart / honey / darling / heh / tea time / nutmeg / yippy / verily / books / hun / baby / :3 / kiwi / mango / plum / papaya / love / sweetums / love dove / balmy / doodles / breezy / ahaha / cupcake / hehe / nyah / if I may / lovely / my friend / my love / o-okay / flower / oh my / sweetheart / buddy / precious

Catchphrases for peppy villagers

yeah / girl / goof / sunshine / weirdo / for sure / lmao / like, yeah / omg / LOL / girl power / shiny / totally / totes / like OMG / y'know / yay / notice me / :3 / pudding / jeepers / doll / bonbon / zippy / sunny / rosy / hoorah / boosh / cutie pie / yayzies / boop / yo / hooray / my fan / aha / twinkle / sparkle / ta-da / teehee / bestie / [sings] / and like / much wow / wow / aww snap / superduper / sugar / silly / like / hm? / sugarbear

Catchphrases for snooty villagers

wow / peasant / dear / floozy / wild one / posh / darling / hrmp / oh dear / babe / um / hipster / fancy / fancypants / mrrrow / dawling / kisskiss / darling / dearie / sweetie / hey bby / #tweet / #selfie / my pet / dahling / belle / capiche / la-di-da / cheeky / swanky / uppity / ugh / right / honey / fancy / you wish / my pet / quite so / whatever / sweetheart / mon dieu / hmph / ridiculous

Catchphrases for uchi villagers

lil sis / son / pumpkin / sweetie / dude / lovely / sister / friend / aw yeah / maaan / sugar / little sis / mm hm / girls / sis / bro / awesome / dude / hey bby / hun / yeah yeah / yeah right / whatever / junior / dainty / precious / foxy / nifty / nimble / friend / sugar pie / kid / cutie / gotcha / am I right / cuz / dudette / sweetie / twerp / uhh… yea / 10/10 / neh

Catchphrases for cranky villagers

ugh / punk / darn it / lass / sprout / child / ugh… / you kids / urgh / sweet / dagnabbit / durnit / you child / tch / kiddo / who am I? / ech / Billy / ya jerk / get lost / snappish / maroon / huff / tart / crabby / surly / seriously / grumps / kiddo / youngster / boss / NOT / …I guess / MWAHAHAHA / suck it / or else / human / nyeh / hmph / [sigh] / munchkin / buddy / whatever / shut up / my head / sigh / I hate it / you baby

Catchphrases for jock villagers

booya! / dork / goof / speedy / hiyah / woah / crunch / hup-to / coach / teammate / mate / bud / guy / bam / 10k / carbs / champion / frat boy / you’re it / let’s race / T-DOWN / GOAL / football / sportsball / notice me / d00d / dude / brah / bruh / bro / dude man / player / rookie / pro / champ / tiger / lifting / exercise / energize / homie / get wreckt / ten-hut / ba-BOOM / *fistbump* / nerd / yo / rock on / yahoo / c'mon bro / up top / level 100 / brawler / *sweats* / carry me / snot

Catchphrases for lazy villagers

yessir / yawn / snooze / snore / munchie / drowsy / pip / snuffle / hmmm / mhmm / …yawn / I guess / *rumble* / FOOOD / peach / apple pie / tart / yum / yaaawn / biscotti / biscuit / cake time / snack time / let’s eat / milk bone / I’m hungry / *burrrp* / narf / word / mkay / mmm… / …zzz… / drowsy / toddle / truffle / dreamy / or whatnot / cookies / I’m sleepy / hrm? / mm'kaay / sluuuurp / duuuude / never mind / yo / snug / ehh jk / feed me / snoozer

Catchphrases for smug villagers

lol no / zoink / honey / babe / darling / m'lady / mistress / my liege / princess / my queen / my king / friend / dear / haha / fabulous / I say / sure / howla / chicky / hottie / woah dude / call me / notice me / #selfie / hey bby / m'dear / yessir / wise-guy / righteous / alright / cutie / heh heh / romantic / huehuehue / what, what / indeed / guvnor / says I / bien / eheh / my friend / believe it / told ya so / bonjour / starlight / love hurts

Animal themed catchphrases & greetings

Bears: cubby, roar
Birds: chicky, cluck yeah
Cats: me-wow, purr purr
Chickens : chicky, cluck yeah, cluckin’ a
Cows: partner
Cubs: roar
Dogs: growl, woof, bark
Ducks: quackers, duckyeah, quackowsky
Frogs: (greetings: Frogget about it.)
Goats: baah
Hamsters: squeak, squicky
Kangaroos: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day
Koalas: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day, eucalypbro
Mice: squeak, squicky, gouda, cheesy (greetings: Gouda see you!)
Octopi: inkling
Penguins: ice cold, sugar cube
Rabbits: thumps, flop (greetings: What’s up, doc?)
Squirrels: squeak, squicky
Tigers: growler
Wolves: growler

Greetings with fitting catchphrases

Get off my lawn & ugh (for cranky villagers)
Don’t talk to me & goodbye
Good to see you / I was worried!  & I hate it!
Howdy & partner
Got any food? & I’m hungry
Zappity Zap Zap & pachirisu (for Static)
Judge & witness
Honey & sting
Hey there & sugarbear
Sweet meet & sugar cube
Don’t hurt me! & ouch


Dessert/sweets theme
Catchphrases: snickerdoo / chocochip / jellyjam / meowringue (cat) / mooringue (cow) / creamsicle / lebkuchen (wolf; they always struck me as German-ish!) / sconesie / cinnaroll / honeybun / frostings / cuppycake / maraschino
Greetings: Snickerdoodleoo (chicken) / Chocochipper / Sugar'n spice

Alcoholic beverage theme
Catchphrases: mojito / cider / bubbly / bourbonne (specifically I have this for my snooty cat Monique as she seems French to me) / icewine (penguin) / amaretto (squirrel) / duckquiri (duck) / fruitini / baileys / sangria / sherry / kahlua
Greetings: Prost (wolf) / bottoms up / cheers

CONTRIBUTORS – thank you all so much!

katieshmatie, ar-te-mi-s, subliminal-asshole, bluesodacrossing, mayor-merlot, oaktincans, delilah-crossing, lasershield, kakkuja, faylian, kastrokingdoms, smokeyapaloosa, thestaticstalker, alwaysactually, mayorakito, jerseydevilapologist, mayor-brandy, mayorette, possibly-devon, pkmn-trainer-olive, ferotton, amibrazen, ifsbuttsandmeco, peppy-villager​, skye-crossing, pinkpeonii, aisemicr, mayor-jenn, crossingsnivy, elegant-mushroom, dordt-animal-crossing, shoujokay, miss-mismagius, webcomixwastaken… and several anons, thank you too!
Also thanks to rabbityfur who helped clean up the catchphrases.

I took the liberty not to include offensive catchphrases (explicitly sexual ones, ableism, (sexist) slurs, Japanese ones and AAVE). You are of course free to use the latter two if you’re Japanese/black but I didn’t want to support cultural appropriation with this list.


first and last lines of every Belle and Sebastian studio album from 1996 to 2015 (because we’d all rather drag ourselves across the dance floor)
~ comments, suggestions, or corrections more than welcome ~

BTS REACTION to gf asking them to massage her sore boobies

Requested by boobie-peasant @hello-btsfangirl. Hope your boobs won’t be painful after these imaginary massages, dear peasant!

Taehyung: It was that time of the month again. You felt like swollen ball fish and your boobs were sore. “Taeeee” you veiled childishly when your boyfriend brought you the water you had asked for. Tae looked at you and kept his distance. “Do I need to throw chocolate at you?” he asked. “No, but could you massage my boobs? They’re really sore” you asked him cutely. Tae’s face went into an error. He was half smiling, half screaming without sound. He opened his mouth to say something, but a dumbfounded “ehhah?” came out. “Please?” you begged him since you really wanted to be close to him. Tae swallowed and sat behind you. Then he just put his palms onto your boobs. “Ummmmmmmm… like this?” he asked still now believing the situation. “Just think that they’re two water balloons” you guided him, forgetting who you are talking to…

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*insert boobs here*

Suga: “What is it with you grabbing your boobs all the time? It’s distracting me” Yoongi complained when he was writing some lyrics to a notebook. “You have no idea what happens to a female body when–“ Yoongi stopped your rant by putting a finger onto your lips. “Okay, move over, let me help” he said calmly. “What are you even gonna do. It’s not like you know—- ohhhhh boy” you sighed when Yoongi gently grabbed your boobs and gave them a perfect squeeze. “Stop complaining. You’re just sore, right?” he muttered to himself as he kept on massaging. “Yoongi, I-“ “Shhh, I’m doing this only if you’re quiet.”

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

Rapmonster: “No! Not like that! OUCH JOONIE!” you slapped his hands off of your boobs. “But I did it like you like it in bed?” Namjoon asked with confusion in his voice. “Idiot! That is a different thing. Be more gentle. Like this” you showed him by moving his hands lightly. “Oh…” Namjoon said as he got into the hang of it. “This really helps?” “You bet” you sighed. Namjoon was quiet for a while before he spoke his mind: “But this is not as much fun…” You leaned back against him. “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that, because you’re gonna love massaging them for the next five minutes.”

Originally posted by hogays

Jungkook: “You feel uncomfortable in pain too, right?” you asked Kookie who nodded. “So if you massaged my boobs now I would be like a puppy for the rest of the evening - if you do it well that is” you tried to encourage him. “But why do I have -“ “So you gonna do it or are you gonna go buy be 2 liters of ice cream and watch me get fatter on this couch?” you asked him with a serious voice. “O-okay” Kookie answered and started massaging your boobs. Ah the joy of dating someone with little experience about times like this can sometimes be very beneficial…

Originally posted by sugutie

Jin: He saw you squeezing your boobs lightly with a frustrated expression and immediately came over. “Don’t do it so harshly, jagi. Let me do it so you can relax” Jin said and you two sat down on his bed. “Wow, are you secretly massaging boobs when I’m not around?” you had to ask him, because his long fingers did a very good job. Jin just laughed: “Should I? Maybe this is my talent? Should I show it next time on weekly idol?” “Only if the victim is Jungkook. His chest is growing bigger and bigger after those hours spend in gym” you replied.

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Jimin: He giggled with an insecure voice. “Ma-massage your boobs? Me? How? Why? Ah, jagi, really?” “Yeah, I’m just so tired and sore and I hate the world, but I love you so I kinda just wanna be close, but at the same time I feel like I really need the massage” you complained fast so that Jimin could comprehend only the half of it. It didn’t stop him from being a super cutie though. He hugged you, ruffled your hair and then took a step back to stare at your chest. “Hello boobs, what are we doing today?” he said cutely and grabbed them as if experimenting how they move in his hands.

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J-hope: “Oh stop that” he said half teasing, half serious when you massaged your boobs slowly when you two were resting on bed. “But they are so sore” you told him and pouted. “They are?” Hobi asked and squeezed one of them to see your reaction. “Ouch!” you slapped his hand. “Ohh… they’re really sore…” Hobi awed. “Should I massage them?” he asked with sparkling eyes. “Oppaaaa, don’t think of any dirty thoughts now” you complained. “But can I?” he was persistent. “Sigh, just be gentle” you told him. “As always” Hobi laughed as he pulled you quite roughly closer.

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hand warm up before getting to it

s/o is oblivious when someone flirts with them


“You should know better than to surround yourself with herbivores,” the dark voice snapped behind you.

Spinning around with a grin, you looked at the disgruntled Cloud. “How many times do I have to tell you, Kyoya?” you admonished him teasingly. “They aren’t herbivores, they’re humans. Therefore, they are omnivores.” You briskly walked over to his side, smile widening when you felt soft feathers brush against your shoulder. “Hello, Hibird.”

Honestly, you were happy that he had interrupted your conversation with the group of men. Here you were at the annual Vongola ball, minding your own business and happy to just observe others when three men from an allied family started to strike up a conversation with you. You were a little shy of how much you had in common with them, the men turned out to be fans of the same book series as you. However, every other sentence they said were compliments of how you looked in your dress so you were a little cowed at the praises.

At the same time though, you didn’t want to seem rude if you were to excuse yourself in the middle of the conversation. So, you were pretty much stuck.

Hibari wrapped an arm around your waist and simply steered you away from the men without a word. Well that won’t do.

Twisting your head, you gave them a small wave. “It was nice talking with you all.” You didn’t notice the sharp glare Hibari gave them when he noticed you calling out to them. However, you did notice the tightening of the hand on your waist and turned back towards him.

You definitely noticed the searing kiss he gave you when you looked at him and the slide of his hand on your waist sliding downwards.


Seeing you laugh shyly with one of his subordinates made Enma feel anxious. It didn’t help that he could tell you were a little uncomfortable with how close they were standing. He bit his lip and clenched his fists before taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly to calm himself down. Using his anxiety to fuel his determination, he strolled over to you and blew gently behind your ear.

You gave out a loud squeak before spinning around and lightly smacking him on the arm. “Enma, you scared me!”

Enma gave you a smile as he gave her a one armed hug before looking at his men. “So,” he began casually with a tight smile, “what are we laughing about?”

The men noticed his strained look and subtly pushed each others arms until someone replied. “We were just telling the lady how she looked prettier than a flower today.” a brave soul explained. “Jordan here offered the lady a flower from the gardens but had held onto it so hard that it wilted a little.”

“I explained to them that anything would look prettier than that flower but I appreciated it anyway,” you offered, looking at the flower in your hand. Looking at Jordan, you offered him a bright smile. He beamed back at you, acting as if you had blessed him and his entire family.

Enma took note of Jordan’s face before turning to you.. He took the flower in your hand and tucked it behind your ear, all the while looking Jordan in the eye. “Well, Jordan is right. You are prettier than a flower.”

You turned red at the compliment and turned redder when the other men agreed with him. All you could do was give him a quick kiss on the cheek, covering your face with your hands when the men gave out whistles.

Later that day, Jordan found himself shoved into a thick rose bush. The bush was full of exceptionally thorny roses, their thorns cutting him sharply. This caused him to be late to a meeting with Enma that same day and was given a mission with a survival rate of 50/50.


You hissed sharply as Gokudera nipped a bit too hard on your neck. “A-ah, Hayato,” you drew his name out as he laved the area with his tongue. “Wh-what’s the matter with you, OH GOD,” you moaned aloud when you felt one of his fingers brush over your lower lips.

How did this happen?, you thought as you keened when a finger slipped under your underwear. You were embarrassed at how needy you sounded and lifted a hand to bite down own.

Gokudera intercepted this hand with his free one and pinned it down above your head. He looked at you, his gaze heavy and heated. “I want to hear,” he explained simply before continuing to cause you to slowly lose your mind. The finger he was using to tease you slipped in without any resistance, causing your breath to become more ragged.

You remember waiting for him that evening at some restaurant as he left the table to answer a phone call. The restaurant manager (waiter? host?) came by and made some small talk with you. He has asked about your meal and your evening, smiling when you said you liked the food. He even gave you a small compliment, saying that the dress really suited you.

The next thing you knew, Gokudera was right back to your side saying that he had already paid the bill. You were confused as to why he threw the other man a glare but didn’t resist when he told you that it was time to leave. You remember sighing a little sadly in the car about missing out on dessert.

Ah, so that’s what brought this on. Dessert.

“S-some dessert,” you mumbled quietly before giving out another loud cry of pleasure.


“Ushishishi, you’re being far too kind to the peasants, dear,” Bel chided you as you both walked away from the bleeding person in the courtyard. “Someone of your status shouldn’t even have to come in contact with them.”

You turned your head to look at the injured but was stopped by Bel. You sighed before admonishing him, “Was it really necessary to cut that person up so badly? What if they bleed out to death? Maybe we should go get someone from the Sun squad.”

Bel frowned before giving his signature laugh. “You care too much, dear. If the peasant dies of such small injuries, then they weren’t really Varia quality at all. Think of it as a cull of the weak.”

“Bel-senpai was just jealous that you weren’t giving them any attention at all,” a monotone voice called out from around the corner. Fran stepped out, not blinking when three knives embedded themselves in his frog hat. “Senpai, that hurt.”

Confused, you turned to Bel. “Jealous? Why would you be jealous? You know I only look at you.”

These words caused a smug smile to emerge on Bel’s face followed by another bout of laughter. “A prince does not get jealous of a peasant. A prince does not get jealous at all. Froggy,” another set of knives embedded Fran’s hat,” has no idea what he’s talking about.”

Fran slowly took the knives out of his hat, his face unchanging. “Bel-senpai was jealous because he thought someone was hitting on you.”

Enough of Fran’s tattling, Bel took off on a chase after the younger man. He left you confused as you mulled over the conversation you had earlier with Bel’s victim. You don’t remember them flirting with you, surely you would have noticed. Right?

can you show me - [1]

Fandom:  Frozen/Tarzan crossover
Anna/Kristoff, Jane/Elsa
Renowned travel writer Jane Porter is invited to see something – someone – truly spectacular.

For yamino, laikaken, and counterpunches.  <3  The fun’s just beginning.

can you show me

Jane’s not made only for the jungle.  She discovers this after almost a year with Tarzan, the thought wibbling its way into her head one day during a heavy downpour when the ground’s gone soft and a fine white mist hovers above it, obscuring everything below the knees.  The gorillas carry on as usual despite the monsoon, a line of rain-silvered bodies pausing here and there to feed or play.  The air smells of hot wet fur.  Jane stops.  The mud sucks at her boots and Tarzan pauses on his branch overhead to look back down at her, tufts of thick green moss bunching up between his knuckles.  Quiet despair and resignation grow in the gaunt lines of his face.  Jane chews her lip and sweat runs stinging into her eyes, and maybe she’s crying a little, but her feet know her heart.  She doesn’t follow him another step.

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Sammy Wilkinson Imagine

Imagine- Sam Wilk- Anonymous

I was at magcon again hanging out with all the boys. I have gotten really close with all of them. This time I brought my girlfriend (y/n) with me.
She was currently in her hotel room getting ready.
“Sam where’s the queen?” Jack g asked.
“What? Whose the queen?” I replied confused.
“(Y/n) you wait on her hand and foot like a peasant with his queen.” jack j informed me.
“I do not.” I said rolling my eyes.
Nash and Cameron joined in acting like us.
“OH SAMMMYYY! Oh SAMMMY!” Nash called in a high pitched voice.
“Yes my beloved queen (y/n)” Cameron said acting like me and bowing.
They continued going back in forth acting like a queen and the peasants with the other boys joining along.
Suddenly (y/n) appeared. We all froze waiting for her to be mad. But instead replied with. “Oh Sammy dear. OH WITH THESE PEASANTS HEADS!”
We all busted into laughs.
“Right away my queen!” I said before giving her a kiss.

13 subjects have come for an audience with the Queen














“Well, well. What a motley gathering of faces this is. What brings you before me, my dear peasants?”

Head held high and voice set with haughtiness, Sectonia glanced over the group of newcomers who’d arrived at her throne room. Most of them looked useless to her, though there were one or two who showed promise, and - my my, was that Taranza?

This was going to be fun.