dear next generation

have some next generation hp headcanons:

  • lily would blackmail the shit out of her brothers (and cousins) and keep all incriminating photos and documents a bright pink sparkly photo album

  • james would use the shittiest pick up lines ever on girls just to make them laugh (probs learnt them from his uncle george) (MIND IF I WEASLEY MY WAY INTO YOUR PANTS?? ;) )

  • also lily would probably have a matchmaking business on the side all through school tbh (and harry would totally pretend not to know but would actually be super proud of his lil baby girl “such a good business mind ginny look” “yeah but harry is this even legal??” “do you even care about that tho?” “….nah”)

  • and she’d totally allow her brothers and cousins to get protective over her and hex her exes bc tbh why get her hands dirty when she basically has minions (she’d get her own revenge later tho lbr and it would probably be slow and v painful)

  • albus and james would be best friends tho? like i absolutely see this (especially when they’re older) because ginny would place so much importance on maintaining a good sibling relationship bc of her own experiences and harry would as well bc he missed out on the whole siblings thing. and they’d both adore lily 

  • also albus would be absolutely determined to make his own contacts (rather than use his family’s) and learns how to network properly in first year and by fourth year he knows the passwords to all the houses’ common rooms and has charmed the pants off probably every adult he’s ever met 

  • one time when she was like 10, lily saw teddy unleash H E L  L upon some paparazzi for stalking them and intimidated the shit out of them and after that she made it her mission to learn how to do that like whoa teddy they just rAN AWAY (now teddy teaches her and they regularly practice scare techniques and death-glares on james)

  • james’ pranks would be so creative bc it is his dearest ambition to hear the words ‘you’re worse than the marauders!’ from mcgonagall and because of the complex spells he has to pull off, his spell-casting is pretty amazing

  • when albus gets drunk he tends to fall asleep in super weird places and so it’s not uncommon to find him snoring under his own bed (or someone else’s) or hiding in scorpius’s trunk or cuddling the plants in the greenhouses

  • lily couldn’t pronounce james name properly when she was younger so she tended to mostly just call him jammy (and still does)

  • albus would dread going to see his grandparents graves bc it gives him chills to see his siblings’ names on a gravestone like he’d hate it
Dear Teddy,

If you’ve gotten this letter it means i’m no longer here. Know that it was never my intention to leave your side. I did mean to come back. Know that i’m very very sorry. I know the amount of words I write will never give you solace but I will try. I wish i could have seen you grow up and live your life, I know your mother will raise you right. I know that your life will be better without me in it but know that i wanted to be a part of it however small it (my part in your life) was going to be. Know that I’ll still love you even when i’m gone. You’re going to be amazing, I just know it. Everything will be okay.

Love yours truly,

Your father,

-Remus Lupin

(Askthatwolfboy wrote this as an answer to an ask I sent them)

dear kids of the next generation:
do not be fooled by what people tell you, there is more to life than finding a nice boy or girl and settling down. there are more important things than finding a decent job and a nice house. there are more meaningful things than leading an average life that never changes. this is the only chance you will ever get to live your life, don’t waste it trying to fit in. you are too young to have to care. go to parties and get drunk, take a road trip with your friends, take risks, live a little, live a lot. you’re too young to be letting yourself get hurt like this, too young to be thinking this much. live while you can and remember that you should never be near people who don’t care about your happiness because when you are eighty years old, your proudest accomplishment will not have been being scared to take risks or being average, it will have been finally being happy.
—  “The one I love treats me like I shouldn’t even exist, but the one I like is doing everything he can to make me happy.” // k.c.w.