dear nbc

Listen, just because I can’t hit that note doesn’t mean I won’t try

My dash is super empty, please like/reblog and I’ll check you out and probs follow you if your blog is about:

- Spring Awakening (or any of the Deaf West Cast/Crew)

- Falsettos

- Dear Evan Hansen

- Heathers

- Wicked

- Book Of Mormon

- Smash (still bitter about Kyle Bishop 2k17)

- Waitress

- Something Rotten

- Stage/Costume Design

- General Musical Theatre bants

Dear NBC: may we, your loyal and dedicated Blindspot viewers, please have some sneak peeks of episode 219? It would be so lovely and delightful, just like our beautiful Jeller. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, a season 3 renewal. Thanks in advance! Hugs and kisses!

(In all seriousness, crossing my fingers for some sneak peeks! EW and TV Guide seem to be the best sources for these so let’s send some polite requests their way as welll! In addition to being thoroughly enjoyable for us diehards, they help spread the word about the new episode.)

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Heroes + Reborn vs Ao3 tags  Part 3/??
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Channel Zero's Tooth Child was originally conceptualized in the Hannibal writers room as a vision of Hannibal's cannibalized sister Mischa.

make me choose: francisdollarhydes asked: Margot Verger or Abigail Hobbs?

You should have taken the chocolate.


vs Middlesbrough F.C. // 14.12.2016

Adam Lallana 68′

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