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Listen, just because I can’t hit that note doesn’t mean I won’t try

@ All My Broadway Friends: WATCH THE WILL & GRACE REVIVAL

Will & Grace is an American sitcom that ran from 1998-2006 about A gay lawyer, Will; A Jewish interior designer, Grace; The rich, sarcastic, alcoholic Karen; And the flamboyant, gay man, Jack.

The show recently got a revival which doesn’t miss a beat in regards to the original show. Not only does it have stellar LGBTQ representation, it has a plethora of Broadway stars.

Many of the original stars have broadway credits of their own, but many of the new characters/guest stars as well. Ben Platt, Anthony Ramos, and Andrew Rannells are all making an appearance in this new season.

New episodes of Will & Grace play every Thursday on NBC at 9 PM, and you can stream all of the old episodes on Hulu!

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Dear HBO and NBC;

I would literally buy a whole ‘other set of blurays or iTunes episodes of the whole of GoT if there was a Leslie + Seth Commentary track option, i wouldn’t even steal it from the internet like everyone in australia


Heroes + Reborn vs Ao3 tags  Part 3/??
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Channel Zero's Tooth Child was originally conceptualized in the Hannibal writers room as a vision of Hannibal's cannibalized sister Mischa.

Dear NBC: may we, your loyal and dedicated Blindspot viewers, please have some sneak peeks of episode 219? It would be so lovely and delightful, just like our beautiful Jeller. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, a season 3 renewal. Thanks in advance! Hugs and kisses!

(In all seriousness, crossing my fingers for some sneak peeks! EW and TV Guide seem to be the best sources for these so let’s send some polite requests their way as welll! In addition to being thoroughly enjoyable for us diehards, they help spread the word about the new episode.)

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Letter to NBC:

Dear Ms. Salke,

I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my letter, truly. Although, I’ve written letters to Netflix, FOX, and Hulu, this is honestly the most difficult letter I’ve ever had to write. Since there is no other way to say this, I’ll just say it: can you please pick up Dan Fogelman’s recently cancelled show ‘Pitch’?

Admittedly, I’m under no impression that what I’m asking is an easy task and can be done with the wave of a hand; I understand this, especially when what I’m asking consists of obtaining a show that aired on another network and was subsequently cancelled. And yet… I’m still compelled to ask because not only did you help right the ship at NBC, you understand viewers, Ms. Salke. This much was plain when I read your words from this past year not only pertaining to ‘Timeless’, but ‘This Is Us’ as well your overall outlook on TV. Because of this, I firmly believe that ‘Pitch’ is worth the effort in picking up.

In January after ordering two additional seasons of ‘This Is Us’, you said, “[it] has come at a time where people feel stressed and is in conflict with their neighbors,” It was also noted that the show ‘allowed a certain amount of catharsis”, which applies to ‘Pitch’ as well. In addition to the stress of Donald Trump’s recent election, many viewers admitted to dealing with depression, anxiety, and other issues, which ‘Pitch’ helped them cope with. It was an emotionally intelligent show that dealt with difficult and complex issues in realistic and healthy ways. It felt authentic because, despite it’s seemingly impossible premise, it was.

As a black woman and former athlete, I’ve dealt with and encountered many issues and situations that Ginny did—some of these things I still carry. And, as a black woman, it was refreshing to see someone who looked like me, someone who was normal despite her circumstances, be represented on TV, treated with care, and taken seriously by those who cared about her. She didn’t have to be manipulative, devious, or a caricature, which many other black viewers appreciated. Furthermore, Ginny also resonated with men, girls (and boys), non-people of color, and non athletes. She resonated with many viewers because they know what it’s like to be in her shoes and fight the odds in an environment that they’re either the first or a minority in—some are still fighting.

‘Pitch’ was mishandled on FOX. It was only promoted in selected markets.  Lethal Weapon was played after the World Series instead of the show about baseball. Shows like the ‘X-Files’ and ‘The Orville’ got NFL lead ins to ensure their success, where as ‘Pitch’ got ‘Rosewood’ (a show that ‘Pitch subsequently outperformed and that was cancelled as well) and competed against the NFL. Fans recognized this early and even the Parents Television Council wrote FOX because they feared what this meant for ‘Pitch’s” future on the network. A campaign to save the show was formed six months before the show was cancelled—they even flew a plane!

But, it can be different on NBC. You’ve said that “networks had been too trigger-happy in recent years, cancelling shows that failed to hit traditional ratings benchmarks—even if the show had a loyal fan base.” You also pointed out that fans are reluctant to start shows in fear of cancellation. This describes ‘Pitch’ on both accounts, Ms. Salke. Not only do you understand the business, you understand fans, which is why I believe you can turn ‘Pitch’ into a hit show it could’ve been with the proper support. Also, can you imagine advertising that Dan Fogelman is the creator of ‘This Is Us’ when promoting ‘Pitch’ or even showing them on the same night together? That’s Must See TV for families.

Ms. Salke, please put Ginny Baker back into the game.

This is the letter I’m going to send to Jennifer Salke, President of Entertainment for NBC. For 8 years, NBC was in a major declines for ratings, and within a year or two (maybe longer) of her taking over, the network has led ratings for the major networks the past four years. They’ve doubled their demo ratings for 12 shows. 

If you read her past interviews, especially this last year, Ms. Salke clearly understands not only the business, but the fans as well. She was instrumental in saving “Timeless.”

So, this is my plea to others who still have a little fight left in them. If you would like, send a letter to her as well. I’m not involving PST because they’re tired and burned out. They did a lot of campaigning. But, if anyone who’s reading this would like to send a letter or letters, please join me. I’m also trying to figure out who and where to address my Apple letter to as well. 

If you haven’t done a TV show request with Netflix and speak to a rep, they read the chat transcripts, please do that as well.

I believe this is Jennifer Salke’s (work) address:

Jennifer Salke President, NBC Entertainment
NBC Universal
10 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

That’s really an educated guess and what I got off of IMDb as well as the NBC website. If someone could validate or correct this, that would be appreciated.