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Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK005 Review

Hello all my beautiful followers <3

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while but now I’m back and ready to go again! Today I’m going to show you guys another lipstick from Etude’s Dear My Blooming Lips Talk line.

Thumbs up to Etude for their packaging as usual.

The emborst is just adorable and this was more bright pink than I initially thought but I still like it!

Swatched~ Now these pictures shows the colour more true to reality than the pictures of it on my lips, just because they were taken in more direct light which makes it slightly lighter, just FYI ^^ 

On my lips ~  I think it looks alright on it’s own, a very dollish-pink. However the colour can have a tendency to look a tiny bit to pasty for my taste. So I usually blot my lips lightly once to not remove all the colour and then apply a gloss on top which makes it look a bit better in my opinion. 

Here I’m wearing Etude’s crystal gloss in Shining Baby Pink on top ^^ I love this lip-combo and I’ve worn it quite alot this summer actually!

I know many people have said this, but these lipsticks have a bad habbit of clinging onto dry lips. But honestly, I’ve been drinking more water for a while and I’m always slapping on thick lipbalm with all kinds of oils in it eeeevery single night. So today, for some strange reason, it was a dream to put on! So now I realise it actually helps to drink more water to prevent dry lips ahah >.<

Lasting power isn’t extremely fab as I think I mentioned in my last review on this line, but nice enough for what I pay for. About 3-4 hours perhaps, I’m not 100% sure… If you eat, it’ll be all gone but it wears of nicely even when you don’t eat. The lipstick itself is creamy and not really drying, at least not on me, although I’ve heard some people think the opposite. But you can’t expect high quality when you only pay around $7 for a lipstick. But I really like these for what I pay and I’m looking at a few more colours that I want…

I hope this was helpful xx

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #OR204 Review

I do love my lippies as you all know. So today I’m going to share my thoughts on one lipstick from the ever so famous Dear My Blooming Lips Talk line from Etude House :)

The packaging is so cute, as expected from Etude. A pearly pink plastic tube with an adorable bow.

It’s actually quite small in real life. But look at the emborst! A very nice detail!

I don’t know why but the lighting makes it look like and orange when it’s more of a coral/pink?

On my lips it comes out it’s true color! This is direct light but rather that so you can see it how it really looks like :) It is more on the coral side in real life with pink undertones.

You have to be careful if you have dry lips though. I do have sligt dry lips and I use lipbalm to death… So it does enhance that a little bit but I usually blot after I apply it, or just dab the lipstick on so it’s not that much product on my lips. It can look a tiny bit cakey if you apply to much, at least on me. 

The moisturizing abilities is okay to me. I mean you get what you pay for so I’m not complaining. The staying power is nice as well. 

I like this lipstick but I don’t use it for everyday. I basically only use tints on a daily basis.

I don’t think I forgot anything now ^^

I hope this was helpful xx

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love this blog & all the information you have provided everyone with throughout these scandals! I always loved LC lipstick packaging, but could never stomach paying that much for them (before I knew about LC shady practices) & I know you have posted a few different brands that have cool packaging, is there any other brands you know of that have specifically cool/interesting lipstick packaging? Thanks!!!

Yo! First off, check my post here if you didn’t already.

I know you’re asking about lipstick packaging so I’m gonna pull up some pretty ones just for you.

First off, check out the beauuuutiful packaging of YSL’s Rouge Voluptes (source here):

Urban Decay’s old lipstick packaging was lovely, too, I don’t know if you can find just the cases anymore but mine take pride of place on my dressing table (source here):

I’d also totally recommend Paul & Joe for cute lipstick packaging. You buy the colour you want as a refill then buy the case and they always have new themes every season that range from carousel to Alice in Wonderland to kitties to funky 80s colourful patterns (source here):

Laduree does and always will have some of the most Queen-appropriate packaging ever (source here):

Holika Holika has a range called Heartful Moisture and the lipstick itself is HEART SHAPED AND SO CUTE (source here):

Etude House has the super sweet Dear My Blooming Lip Talk lipsticks (source here):

TonyMoly has the adorable Cat Chu Wink lipsticks (source here):

I think L'Occitane operate on a similar concept as Paul & Joe with refills and packaging, but I don’t know for sure. Here’s a pretty one they did (source):

Then of course MAC has some pretty cool releases, including the Osbourne collection, the Heatherette collection, the Archie’s Girls collection and the Alluring Aquatic collection (sources here, here, here and here):

Lipstick Queen also did these seriously awesome test tube themed spacey lipglosses called Big Bang Illusion Gloss (source here):

Peripera does this lipstick, clearly designed for all the fairies out there who are into makeup, called My Color Lips (source here):

Stacey Schieffelins’ ybf Beauty does lipstick packaging that is the equivalent of female battle armour. I will be picking up one of these for myself. Hot damn (source):

Anna Sui does, and always has, the most whimsical fairyland packaging for her lipstick line (sources here, here, here and here):

Kat Von D’s new Studded Kiss line is kickass (source):

Guerlain’s Rouge G lipsticks are timeless and beautiful as are all their products (source):

There ya go, lovely! Depending on the lipstick or brand, you might have to search around a little to track some of these down as they might be foreign and difficult to obtain or LE and highly coveted. I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now :) As always, please feel more than welcome to chip in in the comments.

- Ink