dear moms

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Dear mom !

Chère Maman,

Je suis désolée.

Je suis désolée de pas toujours être à la hauteur de ce que tu attends de moi. Je suis désolée qu’on ne se parle pas plus, mais des fois, j’ai l’impression qu’il y a un immense fossé entre nous et que je ne serai jamais capable de le franchir. J’aimerais d’ailleurs ne pas être la seule à devoir le franchir. J’aimerais que tu fasses un pas vers moi, un peu, parfois. J’aimerais que tu comprennes que je ne vais pas bien, que j’ai besoin que tu me dises simplement que tu es là pour moi et que tu m’aimes. Mais tu ne me le dis pas, et ça fait mal. Tu sais ce qui me fait encore plus mal, maman ? Tu dis des choses horribles sur des gens que tu ne connais même pas. Sur les arabes, sur les gays, sur les étrangers. Tu dis que tu es tolérante, mais tu rigoles quand je te dis que la religion c’est important pour certaines personnes, dont moi. Tu dis que tu es tolérante, mais tu trouves ça malsain deux hommes ou des femmes qui s’embrassent ou se tiennent la main dans la rue. Tu dis que tu es tolérante, mais quand je te dis que je trouve une fille jolie, tu me dis “De toute façon, tu aimes les garçons, non ?” Tu te dis tolérante, mais il ne faudrait surtout pas que ça arrive à ta famille.

Pardon Maman, mais je refuse de m’excuser pour ce que je suis, parce que sinon, je vais en mourir je crois, de pas avoir le droit d’être complètement moi. J’aimerais pouvoir partager avec toi mes élans d’affection, mes sourires, mais tu ne me comprends pas. Et j’ai plus vraiment envie d’essayer. Alors ne vient pas me dire “Tu ne me parles jamais de tes problèmes.” Non, je ne t’en parles pas, parce que la dernière fois que je t’ai dit que j’étais au bord du burn-out, tu m’as dit “fait un effort, t’as aucune raison d’être malheureuse.” mais je suis malheureuse, parce que ma propre mère n’écoute que ce qu’elle veut et surtout pas moi. Alors je m’enferme dans ma chambre et je ne réagis plus à ce que tu me dis. Parce qu’au fond, je sais que tu m’aimes et que tu ne penses pas à mal, mais des fois, c’est trop difficile. Des fois, j’aimerais juste redevenir une petite fille, à l’époque où rien n’était difficile et où tu me prenais dans tes bras pour me dire que tout irait bien.

Pardon maman, moi aussi je t’aime, mais des fois, je me sens très seule.

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I just saw this post and it was like this teacher telling her students to write a thank you card to their parents. (I'm assuming this was like kindergarten grade 1 or something when they learn to write etc) and this little child wrote to her mom something like "Dear mom. Thank you sooo much for being my mom! If I had a different mom,I'd punch her in the face and go find you!" And I was like. This is lowkey Clarke and Lexa's daughter Alex lmao. What would Jake write? 😇😏🔥

“Dear mommy and momma,

I love you. Sorry I don’t talk all the time. You’re the best. Tied with maybe Fish. And Alex. You’re the bestest.”

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Asked and Answered: My Mom

Dear President Obama,

I have something verey important to tell you, well my mom had cancer and she went to my school to vote for you with a wheelchair because she wanted you to be President, and she was proud and happy that Day. She is in heaven now and prays for you to be safe and me to.

Your friend,


I am 7 years old like Sasha. by!!

President Obama’s Response

Emily —

Thanks for the wonderful letter. My mom died of cancer too, so I know how you feel. I am sure your mom and mine are both in heaven, and are both proud of you. I am too!

Dream big dreams.

Barack Obama

Dear Photograph,

It’s hard to imagine this photo of my mum was taken in Rome nearly 50 years ago in 1969, before I was even born.

I had no idea that I would one day live in this beautiful city and that she had visited here previously on holidays. I only recently came across this old photo of her in an old album and it’s so nice to know that although she is no longer with us, she has been so close to where I pass by every day.

- Marcello

your mother is tired - 
she puts you to sleep,
your mother is sick - 
she makes you tea,
your mother is hungry - 
she makes your favourite meal,
your mother is sad - 
she hugs you so you feel better,
your mother is afraid,
she checks for monsters under your bed,
your mother is lost -
she helps you find your way;
your mother has always been there - 
she deserves love for more than a day.
—  marina v., every day you are alive is a day to thank your mom.

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: to days of inspiration playing hooky making something out of nothing the need to express to communicate to going against the grain going insane going maAAAAAAd to loving tension no pension to mOre than one dimension to starving for attention hating convention not to mention of course hating dear old mom and dAAAAAAAAd to riding your bike midday past the three-piece suits to frUIts to no absolutes to absolut to choice to the village voiiiice to aNY PASSING FAD to being an us for once instead oF A THEEEEEM LA VIE BOHEEEEEEEME !!!! LA VIE BOHEME !!! hey mIster shes my sister so thats five miso soup four seaweed salad three soy burger dinner two tofu dog platter and one pasta with meatless balls ew it tastes the same if you close your eyes and thirteen orders of fries is that it here WINE AND BEER to hAnd crafted bEErs made in local brEwerIEs to yoga to yoghurt to rice and beans and cheese to leather to dildos to curry vindaloo to huevos rancheros and maya angelou emotion devotion to causing a commotion ceation vacation MUCHO MASTURBATION

psychic: what the fuck

Sky Blue FC

Sky Blue FC enter the Starbucks in a whirlwind of energy. Two players get distracted by a dog before they even get to the counter. Sam Kerr does a backflip. Someone finds a watermelon and adopts it. Once the team has ordered, Christie Rampone quietly asks the baristas to make all the coffees decaf. She’s not able to stop the frat daddies, led by Kelley O’Hara, from slipping Skyy Blue vodka into their drinks, however.