dear lord, the color

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A Good Man (Bigby x Reader)

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You knocked on Bigby’s door.

No answer, but that was typical. He didn’t usually answer the door for people who only knocked once, just like he doesn’t answer the phone on the first call, provided he hasn’t taken it off the hook completely. So, you knocked again, a little louder this time.

“Bigby?” You called softly. Maybe if he heard your voice he’d answer.

Still nothing.

“Bigby? Are you okay? I saw Colin in the hallway. He said you’d wanted to see me?” You paused for a couple more seconds.

Okay, now you were worried.

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moon signs and their egg

Let’s say every person carries an egg which contains of emotions.

every moon treats the egg differently.

Scorpio moons open it regularly. He opens it, examines it, and if it’s good, puts it on the hot pan (sunny side up!) and swallows it wholeheartedly, boosting their energy.

Aries moon keeps breaking it., which is sometimes efficient; but most of the time, how useful is a cracked egg on the floor?

Pisces, behold dear lord, will never open it. keeping it closed is not enough, they color it. “we shall never know what’s inside, so why not colour it and give our praise that way?” they just don’t want to know, really.

Virgo moon keeps polishing it and carefully watch it over; it must not be opened (ever). that’s not convenient.

Leo moon thinks he knows what’s inside, so he doesn’t even have to open it. He will, of course, proudly argue and preach what’s inside. Cause you know, he knows.

Gemini moons are playing with it. “How long can you keep it on top of your head?’” not even stopping to contemplate the inside.

Aquarius moon breaks it as hard as he can and then runs away faster. when they stumble upon it again, it’s “Ah not the fucking egg again” and do the same thing.

Taurus moon eats it without thinking.

Cancer moon peels it off so carefully, admiring every piece of the shell and the egg inside.

Libras moons also color it (neatly), polish it so it will be beautiful and nice, (nothing too excessive ofcourse, just right).

Sagittarius moon doesn’t even own an egg. they don’t need it.

Capricorn moon cooks it well, hard-boiled, and opens it only if necessary. Most of the time they just put it aside to save it. And it gets all cold and moldy. But you never know…

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but every time I turn on the news I'm made to feel guilty that I'm white. I guess it's a bit different in the UK but in America we've been told that we should be ashamed of being white now. Yes I have and understand my privilege because of my color. And you aren't understanding what those statues mean. Tearing them down erases the past. We have to accept what happened and learn to move forward and accept all people. We shouldn't put anyone down because of color or background.

Dear lord you’re tiresome. I addressed all of these points in your first offensive message but let’s try again. A news story about white people being shitty is not a personal attack on you. If you aren’t racist, you shouldn’t be taking it as a personal attack on you but you know what? We should be ashamed of the actions of a lot of white people! They’re terrible. When I see a news story like that it makes me feel ashamed that my race has done such terrible things and it makes me determined to do better. Racism isn’t about you!! Not everything is about you!! 

I fully understand what those statues mean. They are glorifying traitors. The civil war was about slavery. These statues are problematic for so many reasons. Most of them were put up long after the Civil War when we kew racism isn’t ok but it seems they didn’t care. And statues of a man astride a horse proudly displayed for the public are not warnings not to repeat the past, they’re glorifying those people. You don’t put up a statue in a government space if you’re trying to show someone is wrong. Put it in a museum and put a statue of a civil rights hero up instead! That is how you commemorate the past and actually learn from it. As I said, if the Germans decided to put up a statue of Hitler to teach us to “move forward and accept all people” it would be met with widespread disgust. It’s no different. 

Racism isn’t just lynching people. The fact you’re not a member of the KKK doesn’t make you not racist. What you’re doing here is defending the glorification of slavery and making racism about how it hurts your white feelings. I’m white but I know that when a black person is telling me about racism I need to shut the hell up and listen. I wish you realised that too and maybe one day you will.