dear lord, the color


Chapter 11
“Not Too Insane For You“


Word Count: 2,034



Summary: When rumors start flying about a doctor having an intimate relationship with a patient, Sam and Reader try to figure out what to do to avoid being discovered. When the Reader’s solutions are rejected by Sam, things take an….interesting turn.

A/N: Y’all, I haven’t written smut in a while, so if it’s not to your liking…sorry? I live for your love and reblogs <3

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Sam tried to ignore it. Tried to put it out of his mind and focus on work and, with his work, his newfound love with Y/N.
But like they say in Grey’s Anatomy (which to Sam’s annoyance, his mother is obsessed with), ‘in a hospital, the only thing that spreads faster than disease, is gossip.’

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moon signs and their egg

Let’s say every person carries an egg which contains of emotions.

every moon treats the egg differently.

Scorpio moons open it regularly. He opens it, examines it, and if it’s good, puts it on the hot pan (sunny side up!) and swallows it wholeheartedly, boosting their energy.

Aries moon keeps breaking it., which is sometimes efficient; but most of the time, how useful is a cracked egg on the floor?

Pisces, behold dear lord, will never open it. keeping it closed is not enough, they color it. “we shall never know what’s inside, so why not colour it and give our praise that way?” they just don’t want to know, really.

Virgo moon keeps polishing it and carefully watch it over; it must not be opened (ever). that’s not convenient.

Leo moon thinks he knows what’s inside, so he doesn’t even have to open it. He will, of course, proudly argue and preach what’s inside. Cause you know, he knows.

Gemini moons are playing with it. “How long can you keep it on top of your head?’” not even stopping to contemplate the inside.

Aquarius moon breaks it as hard as he can and then runs away faster. when they stumble upon it again, it’s “Ah not the fucking egg again” and do the same thing.

Taurus moon eats it without thinking.

Cancer moon peels it off so carefully, admiring every piece of the shell and the egg inside.

Libras moons also color it (neatly), polish it so it will be beautiful and nice, (nothing too excessive ofcourse, just right).

Sagittarius moon doesn’t even own an egg. they don’t need it.

Capricorn moon cooks it well, hard-boiled, and opens it only if necessary. Most of the time they just put it aside to save it. And it gets all cold and moldy. But you never know…

Remember kids, spamming E will make your Medic love you more! Also, remember to ask them about all the times they didn’t heal you, Medic’s love that!


Aelos Mistvale Compilation Post

I think I want to start a compilation of Aelos references, and also Kelares and who knows, the rest of my characters. So 

(That Sentinel outfit is designed like from 2014 yet this is the first time I color it dear lord)

This post will keep getting updated as I make more Aelos stuff.

There’s also a NSFW version at my bf’s urging, HERE’S THE LINK ;D

After Halloween Party! - Short Story

Aries: Man, I need to go to the gym and burn some of these Halloween calories off. Anyone up for it with me?

Capricorn: I’d rather not go to the gym just to watch you rolling around on the floor and playing with the equipment.

Pisces: Um, why are we having an AFTER Halloween party?

Aquarius: To see the results of everyone after their sugar rush.

Gemini: *does the splits in mid-air*

Gemini: *becomes gymnast*

Gemini: *competes in Olympics*

Taurus: I guess Gemini’s full potential wasn’t meant to show until after all that candy.

Libra: *sighs* Why can’t I be like Gemini? Instead, all I got from last night is 32541 extra pounds.

Aries: That’s why we should, you know, HIT THE TREADMILL!

Virgo: *hits treadmill*

Scorpio: Don’t be an Amelia Bedelia, Virgo.

Virgo: I’m just being in character, okay? She’s a maid, and I was a maid last night.

Aquarius: No excuses for your idiocy, Virgo.

Cancer: So, where’s the food? It is a party, after all.

Cancer: By the way, I was pretending to be Taurus when I said that.

Taurus: You lil bitch

Leo: I can’t even think of eating anything right now, Dear Lord help me, my barf is this orange-y color-

Sagittarius: Hey, like a candy corn!!!

Capricorn: Who wants to play Just Dance?

Scorpio: Not with you, you’re just gonna choose “Price Tag” and beat everyone!

Aries: NO. No one can beat me *plays against Capricorn*

Aries: *dies from exhaustion*

Capricorn: Hell yeah. Price Tag champion B-)

Pisces: Oh, no! Aries, my love!!! :’(


Sagittarius: That Ram’s finally gone? GOOD!

Libra: Hey, I read the astrology column of the news paper today, and it did say something about Aries dying!

Leo: WOAH! Astrology works!

Scorpio: We should arrange a funeral. But, like, thank goodness Aries’ death is after Halloween, because I do not want to see Aries’ ghost on the night of Halloween, or Halloween Eve.

Taurus: There’s no such thing as “Halloween Eve”.

Scorpio: You thought that Halloween would be on Friday the 13th this year, Taurus. What do you know.

Virgo: Aries will be missed…


Ghost Aries: *comes out of dead body*

Ghost Aries: *cries about own death*

Ghost Aries: *seeks comfort by using gigantic ghost arms to hug all of his zodiac friends*

Everyone except Aries: OH NO! ARIES’ GHOST IS VENGEFUL!!!


Everyone choked to death. Ghost Aries got his wish - now all his zodiac friends are roaming around as ghosts with him (most of them are not very happy about it).

Everyone except…

Gemini: Hey, what happened? Since I’m an Olympian, I got EXTRA after-Halloween candy! Who wants some?

Gemini: Why are you all dead?

Gemini: Hello?