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So last night I read a headcanon about Nico finding out that gay marriage was legalized (I don’t know who wrote it) and it was super cute and then mind started racing and I remembered a hilarious US tradition called the racing of the interns where the interns literally sprint to tell the awaiting press of the supreme court decision before it gets online and then solangelo came to mind and THEN THIS HAPPENED

  • Will has been dreading this day for nearly a week, ever since he found out he would be running on TODAY of all days
  • It was June 26th, 2015 and today would either be the best day of his life or just another disappointment 
  • Will had gotten an internship at the supreme court about four months ago after he got a promising law degree from the University of New Rome
  • Much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t want to be a doctor, he had had enough of watching his friends die on the operating table, he just couldn’t do it anymore
  • So he decided to go for law, try to fix people’s lives instead of watching them fade away
  • When he got the internship in DC, he was ecstatic, he was even able to convince Nico, his amazing boyfriend of three years to move there with him
  • He had done plenty of runs in the past, he was even able to announce a few
  • But today was different
  • He never wanted something to get passed into law so badly before
  • As soon as he learned that he might announce to the country that same sex marriage would be legalized, he called Nico at the first possible chance to tell him
  • Nico was nervous to say the least, but Will could tell that he was beyound excited
  • They were even able to talk the seven and a few others to come down to DC and wait outside for the announcement with the press
  • If only they knew what Will was planning
  • He got the idea almost immediately, he talked it over with the other interns and to his surprise, they were all for it, the even went as far as to help convince the guards to let him do what he was planning
  • Now the only thing left was for the judges to legalize it
  • So here he was, standing outside the door of the court, his heart racing violently as he clutched a piece cloth in his hands, waiting for the paper that could make the day go down in history
  • After 10 minutes, a man in a suit came out and handed them all the paper with a knowing smile on his face
  • The intern that he gave it to held the paper to his face as he read the news, the looked up at Will with a huge grin on his face
  • “The plans a go Will!”
  • Will never tied something around his neck so fast, once he had it secure, he grabbed the paper just to make sure it was true, the bolted out into the yard, the others giving him a head start
  • The moment Will turned into the main yard with a rainbow flag trailing behind him like a cape, he could hear the cheering from the crowd
  • He was out of breath when he reached the mic, but it didn’t matter, his smile was still plastered on his face as he read the news the world had been waiting to hear
  • “On this day of June 26th 2015, same sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 of the United States!”
  • All he could do was laugh as the crowd cheered. His eyes searched through the people to see his boyfriend who was brought to tears with the rest of the seven surrounding him screaming like banshees 
  • “ And I would like to say just one more thing before we move on, something I thought I was never going to be able to say.”
  • “Nico Di Angelo, will you marry me?”
  • The best part of Will Solace’s life was kissing his now fiance at the steps of the supreme court building with a rainbow cape tied around his neck for the entire world to see

deAR LORD. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE LikE ME SO MUch!?! It means a lot to me guys, I started crying when I actually took a look at my followers. You don’t know how satisfying this was, due to my random updates and awkward, long periods of literal nothing on this blog. Thank you guys so much, and in honor of this event, I’m staying up a few hours extra (it’s nothing in case you’re worried, I sleep for short amounts of time due to night terrors so losing sleep won’t effect me) to answer as many ask in my inbox as possible. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEARRRR. I was late on that again as well but it’s the thought that counts.

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Sym bionic titan vs. Voltron.

ok this took a lot of thinking and I’m about to release so much info (This will be a long post!!!)….cause honestly this was a lot of research…..and dear lord I over thought this….so because I believe they are pretty evenly matched….I’m gonna post all the stats and I want you- my followers to decide, based on three rounds!

Round 1
Hand to hand combat only!
Morals on
No prep
Flight disabled
Round 2
Sword Fight!!!
Morals on
No prep
Flight disabled
Round 3
All standard weapons/equipment
Morals off
Both bloodlusted
Flight enabled


Voltron- (statistics on the side are based on golion, but I used them anyways) Gaint Gaurdian robot formed from the combined power of five lion bots- elements: water, land, fire, sky, and forrest.

ok so combined they have a shield, sword, blazing sword, multi-targeting canon! Now each lion has their own abilities and weapons. All has jaw blades, laser capabilities…..based on golion though, we have flight, hovering, intergalactic space travel, turrent guns, shields, small shoulder mounted canons.

lionforms: red has hot beams of plasma, blue has freeze rays, yellow is extremely durable ….voltron from statistics, is extremely durable.

Sym Bionic Titan (unlike DreamWorks they don’t have nice pictures to show stats….but I would defiantly based on the show they are somewhat evenly matched…to a point. they are defiantly much faster than voltron)

Titan- huge robot formed when Llana, Lance, and Octus combine their powers together. similar to voltron we have three parts…

-Heart (Corus) a bionic exo frame, amazing speed and agility. Has energy manipulating abilities (lasers, repulsor beams, electrostatic shields)

-Body(Manus) also bionic exo frame, inhanced strength (easily tearing apart most of earths metals…voltron isn’t made from any metals found on earth), multi-purpose weapons system (rocket luanchers, machine guns, swords, spears, lances, other melee), good durability

Mind (octus)….intelligent robot can bend his body into different forms and is bullet-proof. He also possesses super-speed in both flight and on foot. Octus was shown to ram through a large amount of them without any sign of struggle. it has been seen that Octus can shoot electric pulsars out of his hands, causing large volts of electricity to attack enemies. He also possesses a form of molecular furnace, able to turn rudimentary items into something useful.

Together as Titan can produce a wide range of weapons variety of weapons seemly out of thin air…swords, shield, arm canon, spear,axe, and chain sickle.

o has the ability to fly and create body armor that allows them to travel through space…

please take time to figure out a winner…but it is difficult for me to decide a winner since they are so close in stats. I would like to hear input from my followers! (if I missed anything let me know!)

Request: My Person - A Robbie Kay x Reader imagine

Request: Hey are you taking requests? If you are you write an angst Peter/ Robbie imagine where he chooses another girl over the reader (the reader and Pan or Robbie whichever you choose are not together) making the reader very sad and insecure? You can end it however way you want! 

A/N: Dear lord this took me way to long to get finished for you and I am so sorry! I hate taking so long to get requests done for you guys and I just want to say I’m Sorry a million times! I hope this is somewhat what you want! Hope you enjoy!

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Wa Better Than You (Waven Waniverse 5)
  • Wa Better Than You (Waven Waniverse 5)
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Waven Waniverse 5: Wa Better than You

Dear lord, this took way too long.

Yes, this is Stronger than You with Wario and Waluigi in it. It’s the longest one of these yet and I had to compress it to 192kbps audio just to make it fit on tumblr.

I got tons of requests for this, so here’s hopin y’all like it!


Wario: Waaaaugh!

Mario: Wa-ha! (spinpunch)

Luigi: Wa! Wahoo! (punch, kick)

Wario: Waaaugh…

Waluigi: What are you DOING, Wario? You’re losing! Hurry up and release me already!

Wario: NO! I’m-a still angry at you for that-a mushroom mix-up!

Waluigi: C'mon, they only had to pump HALF of your-a stomach!

Wario: I know…I lost-a so much of my-a belly! It took a WEEK of garlic-munching to get my gut back!
I don’t want anything to do with you anymore!

Waluigi: You don’t mean that, Wari-

Wario: YES I DO!

Waluigi: Wario…listen…Waluigi isn’t number one.

Wario: Wa?

Waluigi: And you aren’t either. ESPECIALLY if you lose to those goody two-shoes plumbers.

Wario: What are you going on about-a now? You can’t trick me with the brother thing twice!

Waluigi: That’s old hat! Waluigi would NEVER repeat old schemes! But listen.

I don’t really like you, and you don’t really like me. That’s always gonna be how it is.
But don’t you see? If we can put aside our differences and work as one rotten villain, think of all the

people wa can make even more miserable together!

Wario: That’s-a…THAT’S-A TRUE!

Waluigi: Now…why don’t wa start-a with those Mario brothers?

Wario: Wa-ha! Good idea! Let'sa go!

Mario: Hello? Wario?

Luigi: Are you going to fight or not? I thought I was the scaredy-cat here, but I guess that’s you! Ho-ho!

Mario: Ha-ha! Good one-a bro!

Luigi: He must be scared of fighting us alone!

Wario: Wahaha…I’m not alone at all…

*pulls the assist trophy out from behind his back, releases waluigi*

Luigi: Oh noooo…

Waluigi: You were expecting to tag-team Wario?

*Waluigi delivers a rapid series of kicks to mario, who goes flying*

Waluigi: Wa! Wawawawawawawaaaa!

Mario: Waaaahahahaaaaaa! *ding*

Waluigi: Too bad. Waluigi time.


Luigi: One-on-one, eh? I can-a handle that….wait, why aren’t you vanishing?

Waluigi: *chuckle* Don’t you see, Luigi?

Wario/Waluigi: We fight as one!


This is the Wa team
Spoilin’ your day!
And no matter what you try to do to get rid of us two
Can’t make us go away!
Like on-disc DLC wa’re here to stay!

Don’t you dare think this battle’s for fun!
Come at us no items final destination
Let’s-a go, just wa and you
Let’s-a go, just 1v2

You think you can hit us? Maybe you’ve forgotten
That together wa’re immeasurably rotten
Wa can see you gettin’ mad, sayin’ wa’re cheatin’
But you know you’re just ‘fraid to be beaten!

Nobody can stop what wa do together
Wa are gonna ruin everything forever
Whan you knock us out, wa’ll just respawn stronger
And wa’ll torture you for much much longer

Wa are a-a



Luigi: Owowowo…those two are cheating! Save-a-meee!

Announcer: What’s going on here! Waluigi?

Waluigi: Waaah! Wario, Quickly, wa’ve got to take him out!

Wario: Why’s that?

Waluigi: Just trust me.

Wario: OK. Hey-a you! Letsa go!

Announcer: What? What are you doing?

Wario/Waluigi: Waaaaaa…WA-HAAA! *hit*

Announcer: How can you even hit me? I’m just a metaphysical voooooice! *ding*

This is how we fight
This is how we duel
If you try to overrule us
Wa’ll just bust up all your rules!
Cause wa have devotion
To the spread of misery
And this time wa will fight different
Nobody cheating but WE!

You think you can hit us? Maybe you’ve forgotten
That together wa’re immeasurably rotten
Wa know you must be crying a river of fear
Cos wa’re drinking your delicious tears

Wa are so much more than wa are alone
Wa can disgust more than wa’d ever known
Wa are your worst fears
Wa are your Sadness
Wa are your Inner badness

Wa are a-a

Wa’re Wa better than you

Wa’re Wa better than you

Wa’re Wa better than you


*song end*



WAAAAAA! *huge impact*

Luigi: Awawawawawaaaaa! *ding*

Announcer: GAME!

*sfx for end of smash match*

Announcer: and the winner is…ME.

Wario/Waluigi: Wah?

Wario: We didn’t fight any miis…

Announcer: Not Mii. ME.

Waluigi: But-a we won!

Announcer: By CHEATING! But don’t worry, I know exactly what to do with cheaters like you.
Isn’t that right, WALUIGI?

Waluigi: Waaaah…Wario…RUUUN! *oof*

Announcer: You can’t escape the victory screen until all players press A, Waluigi.

Mario: Oh yeah!

Luigi: That’s right!

Wario: Why are you afraid, Waluigi? Wa can take-a him again!

Waluigi: Not when he’s in control!

Wario: Waaah…

Anouncer: A word of advice to WARIO and WALUIGI - DON’T F*CK WITH THE ANNOUNCER!


Waluigi: Weh..heh…Well, Wario, Welcome to Waluigi time…

Wario: Grr….

Waluigi: Don’t-a worry! I’m sure someone will let us out in a day…or a week…or a month…
a year…you know, you were the only one that ever actually let me OUT of this thing.


Waluigi: Waaaa! What happened to working together?!

Instrumental by Memoire HERE:


Sir Alfred, 

Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by leaving this letter. I first served your father, Lord Alexander, and have for so long shared in the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family. Lord Alexander disappeared unexpectedly 15 years ago, then an accident during an experiment took the life of our dear Alexia. You were forced to become the master of the family at a very young age, and nearly lost your sanity from the sorrow of having lost all of your family members at once. There was nothing I could do, and I felt powerless. I first though that I should kill myself to apologize. I then realized that it would be an insult to our dear Lord Alexander and Alexia, in the other world… 

Scott Harman 
Butler, Ashford family

Jess Plays Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode - Chapter 2 Part II

Let’s see if I can knock this out tonight and be ready to drop a theory post tomorrow so that I can move on playing the game. I got a hankering for despair tonight. A zetsubou itch that only DR can scratch. I wanna move on in the game, in other words.

Spoilers below the cut!

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Here’s a finished drawing of therealjacksepticeye, sorry that it took so long >.<;; If you remember seeing a wip of this on twitter, xxx & xxx , that was also me (there’s a transparent one that you can use anytime if you want). Also, used my right hand as a reference (left handed) thus the right hand looks weird (Does it even go that way??? I don’t think that’s how right arms look like?).

Lost time - Part 2


Requested: oh ho ho very


- I neeeeeed a part 2 of Lost Time, it’s so gooooooood pls pls pls

- Part 2 of the luke baby imagin thingy please :)

- Oh my dear lord. Please write part two for lost time! I am in love with the idea of protective Queen Liz. You are such talented writer, I’m looking at your other work now! ❤️



- Part 2 of lost time pls!!


- Will u do part 2 of lost time ? Ps love ur blog &lt;3 

Part 1

I hope you all enjoy it as much as you seemed to enjoy the first part :)

Girls POV

It took so long. I was tired, but it was over. The 23 hour birth, the agony and the random nurse that had to hold my hand as I screamed.

But she was perfect.

Liz had been several times, she and Poppy – as I called her, were almost inseparable. It almost made me laugh. Andrew had been, along with Jack and Ben who were proud uncles of the pretty little face. I asked them not to mention Luke, whose eyes reflected strongly into my little girl’s, and I could tell it would be that way forever. The way her nose sloped, how her eyes sparkled aqua blue and her small tuft of blonde hair.

It was almost ironic, how much she looked like him. Like it wasn’t painful enough doing this without him, Poppy was perfectly in sync with him. But I loved her no less.

Weeks passed and it pained me how quickly she changed. The same features, sure, but it was fast becoming hard to remember a time without her, a time when she wasn’t a part of my life. And the eyes eventually became comfort, something that filled the cracks Luke had left.

It was all ok; it was all ok ever if I had her.

“Luke’s been asking about her.” Liz started gently one day, as I placed the sleeping baby in her arms for a cuddle.

“Hm?” I bit my lip, too enthralled in watching her sleep.

“He wanted to see a picture.” My senses became sharp again as my head snapped back up, Liz’s soft eyes meeting mine.

“You didn’t - did you?” She shook her head frantically. Liz hadn’t spoken properly to him in weeks, since the day in the coffee shop. She had shouted, screamed, yelled everything else but that was all.

“If he wants to see her, he can come in person.” I whispered, biting my thumbnail as her eyes widened.

“You would let him? After all he’s done?” she spoke bitterly. It was definitely laughable. She was so protective over Poppy she wouldn’t even let Luke see her.

It should be the other way around, should it not? I should be refusing, Liz should be begging for me to let him.

But I wasn’t having that.


The knock woke us both up. Poppy had woken at stupid o clock, again, and we ended up in my big double bed, cuddling as we fell back asleep together. She cried in my ear as I scrunched my eyes up and winced with the lights hitting them.

“Shh, sh.” I cooed as I scooped her tiny body up, cradling her as I made my way to the door and swung it open whilst yawning.

“Hello-oo.” I said, eyes widening as I saw who stood there, the same eyes that I had been looking at for a month, sheepishly looking into mine.

“Hi,” He breathed as my senses overwhelmed. Poppy had snuggled back in, breathing softly on my neck as I began to shake slightly. I never thought he’d actually come.

“I, I never thought you’d come, Luke,” I spoke softly despite my sharpened senses. His tongue ran across his bottom lip as his eyes frantically searched mine.

“I know, I know and I don’t deserve it but I just- I just wanted to,” I stepped back, holding the door for him to come in as his eyes trailed to my chest where she slept. His breath hitched and his eyes glazed over in shock as I closed the door. I turned back to the apartment, mentally thanking Liz for tidying around earlier. It actually looked like I had some level of control in my life.

He went to sit back on the sofa that we used to lazily cuddle on, Sunday mornings in what felt like forever ago. A whole other lifetime.

“So this is Poppy.” He said in a small voice. I hesitated before going to sit next to him, slowly offering my arms out to him. His eyes widened further, like it was even possible as he messily crossed his arms in panic.

She settled in immediately as he softened around her.

“I need to make a bottle.” I stood up abruptly as he started to protest.

“You’re going to leave me with her, alone? All alone?” His head shook around as I felt my heart twinge.

“For two minutes, Luke. It’s not like its five months.” My voice was short and cold as I dashed into the kitchen, scrambling around for the bottle. I left him looking incredibly guilty, hugging her tightly.

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.

“So you’ve seen her, you know what she looks like. Though you could just look in a mirror, it’s all the same.” I came back into the room after giving myself a few extra minutes to calm down in the kitchen. I froze when I saw him, wrapped in his own world as he gazed at her. I recognised the face immediately.

He used to look at me like that.

“Really, you think?” He stuttered, blushing deeply as he met my eyes whilst I sloped next to him. “I think she looks like her mother.” He handed her back as I gladly hugged her, her sleepy eyes opening slowly.

“Well,” I shrugged as I began to feed her the bottle, Poppy hungrily sucking on it.

“Can you tell me about her?” His voice was small as he watched me.

“Sure,” I sighed, my mind racing about what I could say. “She’s really well behaved, sleeps perfectly. She wakes up in the night, of course, but once she’s fed it takes a couple of minutes to get her back to sleep and that’s all. She likes music.” His eyes brightened whilst I talked.

“Music, what type of music?” He asked, leaning forward excitedly.

“Most music, whatever I listen to she likes to listen.”

“Oh,” He shifted back, realising the boundary between us at my uninformative answer.

“So what now, Luke?” I’ve never sighed so much in my life.

“I-I’ve been thinking for a while.” His eyes were still trained on me, like he’d forgotten about the piece of him that lay in my arms.

“I’m so sorry.” I nodded at his start. “I know, I deserve nothing. I can’t believe you even let me near her. It’s so much worse; that I left on that night and there was nothing else. I was such a coward, I didn’t even think about how you were going to cope and I won’t try to justify what I did. Of course, you coped better than anyone ever could have thought, but that doesn’t make it right.” His face was so earnest I wanted to hug him, but I had to remember it’s his fault we were here in the first place.

“Luke,” I put the bottle down, pinching the bridge of my nose as I said it. “What do you want?”

“I want you. And her. I want us all. I want this.”

If you want a part three do ask!

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