dear lord they are amazing


This is Xu Minghao, he’s ½ of the Seventeen’s Chinaline.

His stage name is THE8 which was once paired with “the cool cutie” to which he changed to “infinite possibilities”. 8 is a lucky number in China and when you flip it to the side, its the infinity sign.

He’s an adorable chinese boy who can’t eat cold noodles, isn’t fond of sweets and does b-boy. Any hairstyle fits him, any outfit works on him.

His korean accent is the most heart fluttering thing you’d here and his giggles would make you smile.

He has a side which we call Thughao where the cute side of him takes a break and out comes all the sassiness and the swag and the cool shades, and it all seems surprisingly natural.

He dances with so much style, you’ll be speechless and when he sings (oh dear lord when he sings) its like listening to the gentle wind.

He’s amazing.

This is Xu Minghao and I am madly in love with him.

my heart flutters around him.

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Something with Tony DiNozzo where you get stuck in an elevator and they talk about their kiss that happened when they were undercover and they confess their love but can't break rule 12. but a makeout 🤷‍♀️ and if it could be a little bit longer that your other ones that would be amazing thaaaanks ♥️

“Why again? Why me? Dear Lord, why me?” You groaned and leaned back against the doors of the shut down elevator.
“Am I really that bad to be around?” Tony glanced up from his place on the floor.
With a growl you stare at him, steely eyed.
He opened his hands in a defensive motion. “Guess it is.”
Silence of course for a few moments.
“Was It The undercover-”
“No.” Your reply was curt.
With a gasp, Tony stood up. “It is!”
Your face was overcome with heat as he practically pounced up and over to you. “No!” You protested, shoving at his chest. “It’s not that!”
“It is. Yes it is.” He said, voice darkening like a thundercloud. “It’s been bothering me too, (Y/N). We can’t just ignore it.”
“Yes we can.”
“No we can’t! Stop acting like me!”
You looked up at him, slightly surprised. “Like you?”
“How am I acting like you?”
Tony inhaled a deep breath. “I tried pushing it back, too, and I couldn’t-”
Your voice cuts through his, a hot knife through butter. “Stop.”
He did.
But then the silence was broken, by you this time. “I hate this.”
“You’ve established that, I think.”
Your hand reached out and gently touched his arm, the small brush telling him everything. He turned and took you, kissing you softly.
The kiss turned rougher, him pressing you back against the elevator doors and sighing and tugging at jackets.
With a lurch of the elevator, you both yanked away, red in the face, Tony a tad smug.
You pushed him away and smoothed down your rumpled shirt. “One word, DiNnozzo, and I’ll break your teeth.”
“You already did that.” Tony wiped the lipstick on his sleeve and smiled to himself as the elevator doors opened. “Rule 12?”
“Rule 12.” You agreed and marched out, as if nothing had happened but planning dinner in your head for you and your coworker turned lover.


170314 [BOYFRIEND] Our sweet moments🍭🍬 V App Broadcast ~

it’s amazing how much I love them.. dear Lord they are our lovely dorks💋 I could eat them right now ;;;;;;;; did you see Youngmino aaaaaaaaaaaaaa my ultimate dork haha

watch the broadcast video here:

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WAIT,, U MET PHIL?? please tell me how he looks/is in real life 🤗💕 (if you don't mind)

he looks so pretty honestly💗💗 his eyes are so blue, lanky noodle he was😊, and DEAR LORD PHIL SMELLS AMAZING i did an actually eyeroll how good he smelt. he was the same as you see in his videos and liveshows just so warm and sweet. he holds you while dan takes the picture which im thankful for, took all my brain power to keep my knees from giving out

Seventeen-year-old Rowan wouldn’t have known what to do with you. He could barely speak to females outside his family.“
"Liar—I don’t believe that for a second.”
“It’s true. You would have scandalized him with your nightclothes—even with that dress you have on.”
She sucked on her teeth. “He would probably have been even more scandalized to learn I’m not wearing any undergarments beneath this dress.”
The table rattled as Rowan’s knee banged into it.
—  Sarah J. Maas - Queen of Shadows

Episode 3x5: Death and Hysteria

Yo, so I know I’m horrifically late to the party-but dear lord the movie Arrival is amazing.

Yes, I just watched it, and yes it is currently 11:45pm (before Daylight Savings) so eh, screw it. I can be tired tomorrow. :p

I really recommend this to anyone who likes aliens. Tho it’s not really a “threatening” type of movie- its more on the linguistic side and trying to figure out how to communicate with them. 

It’s out on RedBox, tho probably y’all use Netflix. 


150412 Best of Best PH Mamacita Donghae  [JUST LOOK AT HIS ARMS!! ]