dear lord the things that i do


- All jokes turn into a lecture, and get mad when you don’t joke around with them.

- I literally can’t change in my own room cause I’m too scared one of my parents are going to barge in my room without knocking

- Having to use headphones every time you’re on the internet to avoid parents coming in and making you turn the computer off.

- Dealing with their hypocrisy. Like no joke, my mom told me all I have to do is eat, sleep, and study for the rest of my life, so I wouldn’t waste my life.

- When one thing goes awry in the house, all hell breaks loose.

- Saying no to all your friends’ invites because your parents won’t let you.

- Learning to lie automatically because there was no privacy in your life.

- Literally rules about rules

-  "I always love you, but I expect you to behave in this way,“ or, "I know you can do better.’”

- Yelling about how stupid you are, but then expect you to be happy two seconds after.

- Complain that you don’t study enough, even if your grades are perfect

- Complain you don’t eat enough, but call you fat.

- Scarce communication.

- Nagging. Dear lord, the NAGGING

- Not allowed to do the things you want, just what they want.

- When you do get to hang out with your friends, you need to collect all their parents’ phone numbers.

- Getting really confused when you see your friends get to go wherever they want.

- Doing all of your work just so you won’t need to experience the horror of your parents yelling at you.

- All your decisions were made for you

- Making you study certain subjects so you’ll be what they want you to be when you grow up. 

*All these points are from personal experiences* 

Angel in the Darkness (M) pt.7

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7

The air conditioning caused the dimly lit room to be abnormally cold, as Jin slightly shivered. He was sitting with his hands forming fists, while his father gave him a stern look.

He didn’t want to be here, that was for sure. He knew his father must have started to become suspicious of him, since it was taking an unusually long time for him to locate Jungkook and you. So when he got another message that his father wanted to see him – he couldn’t stop shaking.

What was he supposed to say? He couldn’t keep lying and give his father the same answer of ‘they are close.’ No, that definitely wouldn’t work this time, as he could tell with the look his father currently gave him.

“Son,” his father spoke with a grim voice. “How stupid do you think I am?”

Even though Jin was nervous, he managed to pull off his infamous poker face as he replied, “What ever do you mean?”

“Save your lies for someone else Jin,” the greying man mocked. “You may be able to fool others, but certainly not me. Now tell me where they are. Now.”

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I know Camila and Cristina aren’t a thing, cause Cristina has a boyfriend, but dear lord how do I long for the day that Camila has a hot girlfriend that she can hold hands with in public and who will come support her on her shoots and performances, how do I long for that day…

“Say goodbye to your freedom”


“You will never be king”



“I beat him once, I can do it again!”


“Toffee had killed my Mother”

“Now, we fight”

a) MARCO BEING BADASS b) I guess they had other things to worry about than execute Ruberiot


Marco is now a mud Sister




and….she’s reading Eclipsa’s chapter what a surprise…


“Eclipsa’s alive and I made a deal with her”


In conclusion:

I’m shOOK

kang daniel as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 4/11

  • if you’re dating this human work of art girl let me tell you you really scored
  • the perfect mix of sweet ‘n spicy
  • looks tough but is actually a gentleman
  • treats you like you’re the most precious and beautiful being he’s ever seen
  • likes looking at you for long periods of time whenever you’re talking about the things you love (him)
  • he just loves seeing you excited over things that make you happy (HIM)
  • coffee shop dates
  • long walks in the park preferably at night
  • ok listen this is basically just a super chill relationship
  • nonetheless daniel is very serious about his feelings towards you and always lets you know that he loves and appreciates you
  • if you’re feeling particularly good one day and maybe start dancing a lil because you want to express your happiness he just can’t help but look at you like that
  • and honestly his gaze makes you want to melt
  • he smiles just a little and his eyes lock onto yours with such adoration that you get a little weak in the knees
  • wow he’s just completely whipped
  • sometimes you’ll have to share him with his cats
  • and seongwoo
  • his best buddy will invite himself to your dates a lot and be whiny about the fact that he’s third-wheeling because he doesn’t have a date but the only person he wants to be his date is daniel tbh
  • you’re gonna make lots of plans on how to spend your free weekend but then the two of you end up binge-watching some dumb show on netflix
  • “do you really want to go out later because i kind of like this”
  • “yeah you know what i’m actually quite comfy let’s stay here”
  • when the two of you do go out though he pays for all of your drinks
  • tipsy make-out sessions dear lord forgive me for i have sinned
  • so when the both of you are just a little drunk he’ll slide his hands down to your waist and pull you close and kiss you with an intensity that has you weak
  • he really knows how to use tongue that’s all i’m gonna say bye
  • just a very good kisser in general
  • soft ‘n lazy morning kisses are also a thing
  • another thing about mornings: his raspy and incredibly hot i’ve-literally-just-woken-up-three-seconds-ago-voice
  • will whisper a soft “good morning babe” into your ear and boom you’re awake and screaming
  • lowkey domestic
  • likes making breakfast for you whenever he wakes up before you
  • cleaning up together after having a meal
  • y’all take a lot of showers together tbh
  • can handle mood swings really well
  • sometimes when you’re upset because of something he’ll quite literally wrap you in a blanket and have you sit on the couch while he hits up the local convenience store
  • and then he comes back with your favorite ice-cream and popcorn and some cheap ass prosecco and y’all eat ice-cream out of the tub and get tipsy and vent to each other about how unfair the world is
  • and you always feel better afterwards because wow you have such a nice and caring and hot boyfriend and as long as he’s around nothing will ever be entirely bad tbh
James Potter and his glasses
  • Having to wipe them every five seconds because he fidgets too much and always touches them
  • Doing the thing
  • Making the “you wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses joke” every single time he’s in a fight
  • You know, the thing
  • Grabbing the earpiece on his glasses and making them wiggle up and down while grinning at Sirius
  • The thing!!!
  • Smirking at Lily with his glasses halfway down his nose before pushing them back up by the bridge, pretending he’s cool
  • The thing where you scrunch up your face so that your glasses will adjust themselves without having to touch them
  • Pulling his glasses down to the bottom of his nose and impersonating McGonagall
  • Looking completely normal doing the thing ok don’t judge me Moony my hands are covered in grease from the toast and I accidentally nudged Snivellus
  • Peter sitting on his glasses
  • Twice
  • A year
  • Being excellent at reparo from a young age because dear lord was James clumsy
  • Scowling every single time someone reached over to put on his glasses
  • Tolerating it when Lily did it, but only because it was Lily
  • Pads got bit the first time he tried
  • He didn’t try it a second time
  • Taking his glasses off and telling people they looked better with them off

Manon sketch 🙆🙆🙆


Year 10 is one heck of a rollercoaster ride. Add maths got me shook. Physics… Dear lord, save me. Chem is surprisingly enjoyable. Bio – let’s not talk about that. ENGLISH LITERATURE. WTF SHAKESPEARE. WHY. OML. ㅠ.ㅠ

On the bright side, my teachers are fantastic and really really understanding. 👍👍👍 AND AND EVERY DAY IS A DAY CLOSER TO ACOWAR. WEEHEEEE!!

* * * * * *

I really do hope I will be able to finish this piece by the end of next week.

Dear lord. I remember being bitter when Jane and Rafael ended but never this pathetic. 

Rafael is not a Michael. Here is why Rafael will never be a Michael. Jane was with Michael for two years, she was engaged to be married. Do you know what she was doing at that time? Working as a waitress, studying to be a teacher. Do you know what she was absolutely not doing? WRITING! Rafael pushes her to follow her dreams. Rafael does not play safe. Rafael wants her to go big. 

Speaking of writing Michael hated romance. Romance was not his thing. He fell asleep while reading Jane’s writing because romance is not his thing. But you know who reads all of Jane’s writing? RAFAEL DOES! 

Rafael will never be a Michael because Rafael does not give into Jane’s ridiculous demands. Rafael calls her out on her shit. For example, gender bias! For years Jane and Rafael fans have been complaining about this and no one in the show ever pointed it out until Rafael. Michael’s best thing was he knew Jane best. When Jane was in a pickle, Michael would ask what would Jane do. Rafael doesn’t give a shit about what would Jane do. He makes her do things she does not want to do. And sometimes that really sucks and it is not a good thing. But that is Rafael. He pushes her outside of her comfort zone and for Jane that is so important. 

Rafael ALWAYS has a point of view that is different than Jane’s and he never compromises to save her feelings. Michael and Jane almost always agreed on things and 99% of the time they did it Jane’s way. With Rafael, Jane learns the art of compromising or she learns she was not entirely right after all. 

You don’t have to like Rafael. I understand if you prefer a Michael over a Rafael. The point is Rafael is not Michael just because they had a goofy dance. Rafael is all about be brave, and Michael is all about you make me feel safe in the best possible way

You’re Like Captain Hook

CS Modern AU. A while ago, I saw the prompt “your voice sounds just like my phone sex operator’s voice” and simply couldn’t ignore it.

for @sailorkillian as a little pick-me-up

5.1k words. Rated M for My Man, this is a phone sex AU what do you expect? ~ also on ao3

Emma wouldn’t say that she’s lonely. She’s actually the least lonely she’s ever been. She has close friends and even co-workers that she likes. She prefers being single—too many past hurts and the distinct lack of need for a significant other, especially one of the male variety, keeping her content.

But she has been a little… hard up, lately.

It’s not difficult for her to convince someone to take her to bed. It’s pretty damn easy actually; all it takes is something short and a come-hither smile. What is hard is finding someone that doesn’t repulse her and, even harder, finding the desire to go out in search of someone.

She’s been working hard lately—bills don’t pay themselves and all that. What started off as a desperate need to keep herself afloat became a steady job. So, while she’s stable enough to not need to work herself to death, she still feels the need to prove herself worthy and maintain her position. And the harder she works, the more responsibility her boss gives her, leading to her total exhaustion. The only free time she has she tends to spend watching Netflix or going out for the occasional drink with friends, not looking for someone to hook up with.

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Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas.

“Your sonnet is quite lovely, and it is a marvel that those red rose-leaf lips of yours should be made no less for the madness of music and song than for the madness of kissing. Your slim gilt soul walks between passion and poetry. I know Hyacinthus, whom Apollo loved so madly, was you in Greek days. “

“Besides, I want to see you. It is really absurd. I can’t live without you. You are so dear, so wonderful. I think of you all day long, and miss your grace, your boyish beauty, the bright sword-play of your wit, the delicate fancy of your genius, so surprising always in its sudden swallow-flights towards north and south, towards sun and moon — and, above all, yourself. “

“He has also ruined my life, so I can’t help loving him — it is the only thing to do.”


The Ignition fic that no one asked for but that I needed to write because damn. That video has ended me. Enjoy!
@strongenoughfoundation sorry, I had to tag you again, that video has done things to both of us XD

It was too hot, too loud, and the traffic was too AWFUL.

You’d been sitting in this car for God knew how long now, on a packed highway in the summer heat. Every window was rolled down in an attempt to fight off a heatstroke and honestly, you’d started counting the minutes until your sure death if you didn’t get off this road soon. Groaning in despair, you snatched the hair tie from your wrist and tied your hair back in sharp motions.

At the sound of your voice, your best friend glanced at you from the driver’s seat, eyebrows raised. “You all right over there?”

“I’m dying, Lin,” you deadpanned. “I am actually dying.”

“That’s a little dramatic,” he remarked, a teasing smile tugging at his lips.

“This damn highway is doing dangerous things to my head.”


“I imagine death so much, it feels more like a memory.”

At that, he burst out laughing. With a hand resting on the steering wheel, he leaned back against his seat and sent you a warm glance. “I feel like I can’t argue with you because you just did that.”

Flopping back against your seat with a loud sigh, you pointed at him. “That line is the one I relate to the most, honestly,” you told him wryly.

“Why am I not surprised?” he asked.

You lifted your head and arched a brow at him. “Are you saying I’m a negative person?”

“You said it, not me.”

“I feel the need to remind you that you’re stuck in this car with me for at least an hour.”

“I feel the need to remind YOU that this is my car and I can kick you out at anytime.”

Grumbling, you shifted around in your seat to get to a more comfortable position and brought your feet up onto the edge of it. “Asshole,” you muttered simply and he snickered. You wondered if walking was a better choice than this traffic-induced hell after all.

Sighing in resignation, you settled for dozing in the searing sun and sneaking a couple glances over at Lin as you did. Hey, you couldn’t help it if your best friend also happened to be kinda (really) attractive, could you? It wasn’t bad just to look, right? You idly studied him through half-closed eyes, admiring the way his hair got all tousled as he ran a hand through it. He was wearing a dark blue tee because of the heat and you tried to steal a few guilty glances at his arms. You bet it’d be nice to be wrapped up in his arms, heat or no heat.

“…you done staring at me yet?”

“Shit!” you hissed, blushing furiously at having been caught. Lin cast you a sideways glance that was wayyyy too knowing and was that jerk SMIRKING? Growling something unintelligible, you reached forward to the dashboard. “I’m putting the radio on!” you announced.

“Hey, I don’t mind, you can look all you want—”

“I’M PUTTING THE RADIO ON.” You jabbed at the power button and cranked up the volume.

The first few notes of a song blared out and you recognized it at the same time Lin did.

You groaned out a frustrated “NOOO,” while Lin practically cheered like a two-year-old.

“I’m turning it off!” you said at once, and you reached for the button again.

“No you aren’t!” he shot back, batting your hand away. He ignored your squeak of protest and flashed you a wide grin. “You turned it on, so you’re stuck with the consequences!”

Sinking down in your seat, you brought your fingers up to your temples. The lyrics to the “Ignition” remix pumped out of the speakers and brought back a ton of memories. “Lin-Manuel Miranda,” you stated, “if you start rapping, I swear to God—”

“No, I’m not tryin’ to be rude, but hey pretty girl, I’m feelin’ you, the way you do the things you do, remind of my Lexus coup—”

“AAAGHHH!” You threw your hands up as he started freaking dancing in his damn seat, one hand still on the wheel and other in the air, and dear lord, it was like PTSD. Hands over your ears now, you glowered at him from your hunched over position. Lin just smiled back like the stupid, hot person he was and pointed at you as he went on with the song:

“So baby, give me that!”


“Let me give you that!”

“HELL NO. Lin, I swear, I will never speak to you again.”

Cheerfully ignoring you, he kept going, letting that edge of a growl into his voice and you internally swooned. Why did these things happen to you? “It’s the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen, Mama rollin’ that body, got every man in here wishin'—”

He cut off, making you glance over in confusion; just in time for him to lean across and steal a kiss, lips pressed to yours fleetingly. Your eyes shot open wide, body going rigid as he grinned into your mouth and then pulled away a second later.

“Lin!” you spluttered out, as he just laughed and went back to rapping out the lyrics. “What—You—What the hell!?”

The lyrics became a little shaky as he tried not to laugh, a stupid smile on his face. When he glanced at you, his eyes softened and…was he blushing?

Against your will, your mouth quirked up too and you looked down at your feet.

As the two of you sat, with the speakers blasting around you, you brought your fingers up to touch your lips in wonder.

Nerd | [Part Five.]

Summary: Where Luke is pretentious and Y/N is a nerd.

Warning: PG-13

word count: 2594

{Part One.} {Part Two.} {Part Three.} {Part Four.}


It had been a lonely week, surprisingly Luke hadn’t been to school.. all week, sure most people skipped, but as much as a ‘bad boy’ Luke was, he never skipped, and the more I pestered his friends where he was, the quieter they got.

“Just tell me!” I whined stopped Calum in the hallway, blocking his path, His jaw was tight and he avoided eye contact, I could see he was about to tell me something, I knew I could get the details out of him.

“It’s not my story to tell Y/N.” He shook his head, trying to get past me, I was close to tears, I just wanted to know what happened, why wasn’t Luke showing up? where had he gone?

“Cal..” My voice cracked putting my hand on his arm just as the second bell rang.

“No.” He said more to himself, “When Luke comes back, he can tell you.”

“When will he come back?! Why am I so in dark about this? He needs to get his grades up for football, Where is he even?” Now a tear had escaped my eye but I quickly wiped it away, hoping Calum didn’t see it.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” His face softened, walking around me.

I sighed, looking at the ground, I was so frustrated, seeing him not in his seat the first day made me a little disappointed and I didn’t really know why, but I blew it off, then the second day… and then the third day, where all of his friends had sorrow looks of concern all lunch as I questioned them, but not one direct answer.

And I hated to admit it, but I was Used to his annoying attitude, and pointless arguments, the way he spun his pen in his hand in boredom, just the little things he did, it felt lonely without him in the seat next to mine, to have my personal space invaded more than once a day.

Plus, I had no one to protect me, and the people had been taking advantage of that, to getting shoved in a dumpster, to getting tripped, and Etc.

“Where’s your boyfriend Y/L/N?” The girl giggled, her friends laughing along, I kept my head down, staring at the empty seat int he corner of my eye.

Don’t listen to them.

I whispered to myself, but I knew as much as these girls, where was Luke?

“Did he get tired of you not putting out?”

Tightening my grip on my pencil, He wasn’t even my boyfriend.

“Or did mister bad boy realize he didn’t need to protect you anymore? that you were dragging him down the social latter, he probably killed himself-”

“He’s fine!” I yelled turning around in anger facing the girls, but I was more or less telling myself, that, what if Luke really had… . No, he wouldn’t.

After that day I refused to think any further about that topic, and I was going to get some answers.


I had a nervous sweat on the top of my forehead, and my rib cage felt restricted, that was a bad idea, I was going to get caught, and never make it to my dream college, okay clearly I was over thinking this but still.

I had just broken into the principal’s office, to get Luke’s files I honestly I was surprised with myself to be able to lock pick his door after two minutes of nervous sweating and contemplating turning around and running away.

Luke’s file mostly consisted of fights, and unnecessary violence from what it sounded like, and of course: his address.

I was reaching a whole new level of stalking.

Turns out he only lived a ten-minute walk away from my house, ugh why hadn’t I just asked Calum where he lived? it would have saved me a whole lot of anxiety.


The doorbell rang from inside, and I heard a rough voice call “Coming!” as I was met with a shorter version of Luke. . and much older, this must be his Dad.

“Uh hi-”

“Sorry I’m not buying anything, nor do I want to join your church.”  as he started to shut the door on me.

“No! uh is Luke here?” I winced when what seemed to be Luke’s father slammed the door on foot, as I felt like crying out in my pain, my foot burning.

“Oh, well Luke is grounded from seeing any of his little girlfriends, sorry.” Yet again, Luke’s father started to close the door.

“No, I’d never be his girlfriend!” I spoke my mind and then blanched in embarrassment processing my own words, “I mean your son is attractive and all but not AT ALL my type, honestly he’s the nicest… Nevermind! anyway, I have his homework and stuff, and I was really wanting to talk to him about a project in English.” I didn’t even have English with Luke, but I was desperate at this point to talk to the rude blonde.

“Come on in.” His dad sighed, opening the door fully, and from my viewpoint, I could see a kitchen, and a staircase, the house being very quiet besides’s what looked like football was on the T.V

“He’s in his bedroom, through that doorway, are some stairs to his room in the basement.” Luke’s father pointed to a stained white door next to another doorway to what looked like a half-bath, they had a big house for it to be so empty.

“Thank you mister Hemmings.” I smiled thankfully, hauling my heavy backpack with all of Luke’s homework, and his mighty big folder that should belong in the principles office right now.

Opening the door I was immediately greeted with a non-carpeted staircase, of stained normal wood boards, and it made me questions Luke’s choice of a bedroom, I walked down the stairs, it was pretty dim and smelled like Luke, and I couldn’t help the butterflies that filled my tummy, because of not smelling Luke’s scent for a week now.

“Lu-” I paused seeing a king sized bed with a unmoving figure laying half naked, his physique laying lazily, as his chest gently rose and fell, but what caught my attention were the scars on his chest and stomach, and his face.

I dropped my backpack, making my way over to his bed, the more I got closer, the more bruises and scratches I was able to see, my mouth hanging open in shock, and I now realized why he was staying home.

I sat down on the corner of his bed hesitantly, “Luke.” I shook his shoulder gently, I felt bad for waking him up, but I’ve been waiting a week for a straight forward answer.

“Y/N? What the fuck are you doing here?” His voice husky with sleep, his eyes squinted from sleep and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion a shy bit of anger.

“Yeah… I-I-I got your homework . .  . yeah.” my eyes trailed away from his left eye which looks like it used to almost look swollen shut, but looked pretty healed now.

“You know I was coming back to school tomorrow anyway …” as He sat up he rolled his eyes,  wincing slightly but quickly changed his composure hoping I didn’t notice.

“What Happened?” I asked, he was just wearing boxers, maybe if he wasn’t injured I would be ogling over him, but I was concerned about what happened more.

“It’s a long-”

“A long story? yeah, I’ve been told that the last week from your friends.” I spoke monotony, he looked away from me, bringing his hand up to rub his eyes, “I only play 21 questions Y/N, with someone I’m sleeping with.”

“So Look I’m not in the mood-” He started out saying standing up.

“That’s going to get infected if you don’t change the bandages.” I interrupted my finger barely grazing the side of his hip that had a white cloth bandaged that was taped to his side, clearly didn’t use a first aid kit very often, but what normal person used a first aid kit averagely?

I had already started to reach for my backpack, Luke trying to explain why 'He didn’t want my help’ but I wasn’t about to listen to him when he clearly needed help.

“Y/N stop! I’m fine, seriously! I don’t want your help.” Luke grabbed my wrist stopping me from peeling back his old bandage, which he really needed to change before he got worse, how come his dad hasn’t taken him to the hospital?

“But you need my help.” I glared him down, Luke sat down at the edge of his bed, he looked exhausted even after his nap, I didn’t blame him though as I pulled out disinfecting spray on from my small carry on first aid kit.

My dad was in a strange gambling system when I was younger and I’d always 'Patch him up’ with my little hello kitty bandages and kiss his boo boo’s when I was younger, I missed my dad, he probably got into more trouble than he could handle, and ran away .  . . that’s what I like telling myself remembering the good times with my dad but my brother say’s he ran away with a prostitute to Vegas or something, and even after all these years I kept a first aid kit on myself.

“WHAT THE FUCK.” Luke hissed out in pain standing up and walking a few paces away from the bed as I sprayed the disinfectant on his wound.

“Stop being a baby and come here,” I complained reaching out and grabbing his arm pulling him towards back where he was sitting, our legs now touching.

“Don’t touch me with that demon spray ever again.” He grumbled taking the small bottle away from me just for good measure, I shook my head smiling softly but then focusing on the deep cut on his side.

“Dear Lord Luke.” I wasn’t so sure I wanted to ask anymore.

“Why do you keep the first kit on you anyway?” Luke questioned.

“Who attacked you?” I questioned back muttering back my own response to busy trying not to hurt him as I wiped gently at the edges seeing him flinch every so often as we both became silent.

“Only Y/N Y/L/N would carry  a first aid kit.” He laughed lightly shaking his head as well, his laugh did things to me I didn’t want to describe, why did he have so an effect on me when he didn’t even like me?

“I got in a fight over you..” Luke said abruptly, I paused looking up in confusion at his baby blue eyes, that looked a little bit guilty.

“What? Why?!” sitting up fully, I crossed my arms, why would he need to fight? especially over me?

“That guy Kevin kept on saying crap in my biology class, and then kept on saying he could easily shag you and other stuff when he shouldn’t even be saying that stuff you know?” Luke shrugged awkwardly, “And I shouldn’t have been listening to him, but his words got to me and I threw the first punch, and then yeah … I got suspended, but after I left school his friends decided they wanted to get even with me.” Luke looked away from my tense gaze, I blinked a few times staring a the boy before me, he seriously just did this because they said some bullshit?

“And I got Ash and Michael to threaten the class to not post anything so you wouldn’t get mad, you’re a little scary you know that?” He laughed shaking his head, my eyes studied him, He looked upset with himself, and he looked like he hadn’t shaved since he’s been gone from school his chin prickled with a stubble and his body covered in scars he had gotten from fighting over me.

The girl who didn’t have any friends until now, the girl who knew more about school then what was cool in this day in age, the girl who was a nerd.

In a way it made sense, but on the surface it nothing but confusing, But Luke looked simple on the outside but was nothing but confusing on the inside, maybe I liked him because he was different, he didn’t praise me for being smart, everyone thought it was amazing that I could solve a math problem easily, when I felt like I had more problems on the inside but no one saw past that, but I felt like Luke saw that, he saw past peoples lies and got straight to the point.

I felt light headed from all this thinking, and especially how my small crush on the blonde jerk made everything so much more … complicated.

“Y/N?” Luke waved his hand in front of my face as he bit his lip slightly.

“S-Sorry.” I shook my head as if I shook my head enough all these feelings and thoughts would go away.

“ … What now?” He whispered, Luke kept on glancing at me nervously, I never seen him like this, he was normally confident.

I didn’t know how to answer, it made sense why Kevin walked in with a bruised cheek the other day or how people kept on looking at me weirdly, and how Kevin’s gang of friends kept on picking on me before one of Luke’s friends stepped in guiding me away from them.

I looked back at Luke his eyes soft and warm, changing to a cloudy blue his hair still tousled messily, and my feelings were all over the place yet again, whenever I wanted to tell Luke something the look on his face stopped me, and I was stuck in my thoughts unable to answer anything, the way his lip ring made him ten times hotter than I noticed before most of the time he went to school without it in, mostly because he normally got dragged to the principles office, the way his lips looked softer and irresistible, words didn’t describe my stomach flipping.

Before I could stop myself  I leaned forward slowly and kissed his cheek closing my eyes softly, as my lips lingered on his cheek longer than I wanted to admit, my eyes fluttered open I leaned away from him my face turning red, why did I do that?! I looked away from Luke’s face knowing I’d just become more embarrassed, I started putting away my first aid kit beside’s the dressings for his hip that needed to be wrapped around his waist.

He laughed for a second, “Y/N, Look at me.” But I couldn’t bring myself to, I’d just become frozen in his gaze.

His fingertips touched my cheek turning my head, and I was met with his smile, he looked less tired than before.

“Thank you.” He leaned forward his own eyes shutting as I found myself shutting my eyes to his lips grazing mine and the butterflies in stomach went insane a part of me becoming content.

He leaned away from my face now bright red I guarantee, I found myself wishing he was kissing me again, wait.. we kissed?! shit.

“I-I should really go, um here’s your homework, and I-I Like you. Bye!” I tossed him his folder along with his homework, and ran up his staircase as fast as I could nearly tripping and falling down the wooden staircase, did I just tell him I liked him? Dear Lord Jesus kill me now!


{Part Six}

I’m so Sorry I haven’t been updating, I had a fallout with my old friends since kindergarten bc they didn’t agree with me being bi, Made a whole new friend group where I get treated like a princess, and get called babe, Made a Youtube channel with them, run a meme account, and now I’m enrolling in a school.. so, that happened.

I see so many people not getting the poster and being so rude and obnoxious about it. Did people really think the wedding was just going to be a subplot of the episode? I see so many people being like well this was something that was supposed to be about everyone with the wedding also in there?

It’s like. Emma is the main character. Always has been. They were never going to make it just a subplot. This was never going to just be one of the “many things” going on in the episode. It was always going to be the main thing because she is the MAIN character.

Not to mention the poster

1. Isn’t going to be changed by your upset.

2. Is what it is assumedly for budget reasons. I’m guessing they put the imagery of a hook and rings in there also because putting pictures of PEOPLE in there would SPOIL the episode and it’s cheaper.

3. This isn’t your story. I don’t know how many times i’ve seen people miss this point. But would i be upset if it was a Rumple picture or something? Nah. But maybe a bit jealous or sad it didn’t have my faves. Would I be petitioning and writing the actors and creators about it? No because 1. it’s not going to do anything. 2. you are taking away the enjoyment of people who actually work on and make the show. and 3. What we want doesn’t really matter. We are along for the ride. This is A/E’s story. And we’re free to bitch and moan all that we want but we are also free to get off the ride. We can’t tell them what to do because this ISNT OUR STORY to create, write or shape. Also Idk about you but if i don’t like a ride I tend to stop riding it. I don’t throw a fit and try to shut it down. 

4. It’s a poster for an episode. A fricken poster. Dear lord, please save me from how greatly this fandom is bothered by such small things. You don’t know what else they will release. You have no idea what else is coming for your faves.

5. Stop attacking people who are happy about this. Let people live my god.

Idk i’m just so over the juvenille ass reactions from people. Stop trying to pretend this story belongs more to you than it does the creators. Be upset all you want but the minute you start bombarding an actresses page and a creators page tarnishing their work imagine if I came to you and did the same about your fan art, your fic, your pictures, your set visit footage. It wouldn’t feel nice because it isn’t nice. It’s childish. JMO might be a big girl. But damn let her be excited about her work and be upset in your own sphere without turning something good for WHOMEVER is experiencing it INTO SOMETHING SOUR.

Before I got on this god forsaken website I was a fan of every single character. Some more than others sure. But there was nothing solidly that I despised. This show brought me all AMAZING FEELINGS. And to log on and see so many angry mean spirited cruel people really has turned a show that has helped me through some serious things feel more like a burden than anything else.

This post isn’t for you guys with an opinion different than mine. That’s fine. I’m okay with you not liking something or wanting it differently, and what I’m okay with anyways shouldn’t matter to how you feel or respond. This post is directed at those that just want so desperately to let the entire fricken world know just how angry they are and ensuring that anyone else who is happy is forced to feel whatever upset feelings you are having. I mean tags are being invaded. I’m seeing threats being made. Grow up. 

Imagine: You catch Ramsay's eye. He watches you, then he gives you revenge.

It was your voice that caught his attention. He was walking to feed the hounds when he heard you. You were by a small shop, talking to an old woman about how to make candles last longer.

He looked over, to try to see who had created such a beautiful sound. And it was you. Your physical features were gorgeous. Your hair was (H/L), and (H/C). It was a wonder how you looked so flawless. Ramsay stopped walking, fiddling with the keys in his hand. You looked wonderful delicious.

He was a young boy, a cruel boy. So the first thing on his mind was getting off. Satisfying his urges and lust.

Your eyes were dark, and when you noticed the lord was staring you looked over at him. Your heart also leapt. Those pretty big eyes locked with his and both your stomach’s jumped. It was like time froze. His throat tightened.

You smiled politely, before looking back to the woman you were talking to. It pissed Ramsay off greatly. He wanted your attention. He wanted you to think about him. To wonder. To lust. He wanted your mouth to water when you saw him.

He remembered your face and fed the dogs.


“I want five men following her at all times.” Ramsay said to his advisor. Since he killed his father, he was the warden of the North. So he was in control of everyone there.

“Gutter, Thoro, Tames, Red, and Scout.” He announced. “You five will make sure no harm comes to her. Do not let her know you are there, though. If she comes in contact with any of you, I will kill you.” He smiled darkly. “Understood?” They nodded. “Good.”

Ramsay had to admit, he was being stalkerish about this. But he had to make sure his little cardinal was safe. Especially out here in the North.

He found out soon you were a lady, you had visited from the fingers and decided to stay. You had formed a bond with one of the bed warmers, but thankfully you weren’t one of them. Ramsay would have to kill every man who touched you.

A few days went by and he convinced the bed warmers to get to know you, and tell him about you. Things you liked, loved, and hated. Your favorite flowers and books.

After a month he found out where you lived. It wasn’t from lack of information and struggle, it was because he had lots of things to do. But your place was in the tavern, sleeping in one of the rooms with your friend Ross.

He sent you the first gift right after that. It was a bundle of (F/F), your favorite flower. He didn’t let you know it was from him, though. The game was too fun to give that away so fast.

He ordered Ross to tell him how you reacted. And, it disappointed him. You didn’t seem happy, you looked annoyed. If Ross was being truthful, you even said “what dirty old man sent me this?”. Ross tried to convince you it was a romantic gesture. But you didn’t care. You were stuck on the idea it was some creep who wanted into you.

For the next few days he focused on his work. He didn’t care for getting Sansa back. He had another lady in mind. But he was still going to storm castle black. He was going to spoon Commander Snows eyes out. It infuriated him that the stark bitch and Reek escaped.

But he didn’t care too much. His army would win anyways. Soon enough he started thinking about you again.

He had heard you liked talking forest walks, from his five men who had followed you. You would go down the stream, into the woods, and you’d sit on a tree stump and just look at the sky and read. It was beautiful, when he pictured it in his mind. So he decided to go see for himself.

It was really early, the times you went to take your walks. He was fine with it, the waking up early bit. He dismissed his guards and walked far behind you, able to see your hair faintly from far in front of him. He wished he was a little bit faster. Soon enough you turned into the woods, going to sit on your big tree root and admire nature.

When he walked into the woods he saw you were crying. You had your arms wrapped around your legs, your forehead on your knees. His heart caught on fire. Who did this. Who caused you this pain? He would flay their neck and make them live like that.

You didn’t hear him walk up to you, sitting down next to you. “My dear…” He finally spoke up and you gasped, jumping away. “Woah now, calm down please.” He smiled at you. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Lord Bolton?” You trembled, wiping your tears away.

He smiled, nodding. “And you are?”

“(Y/N). (Y/L/N).” You sighed. “Sorry. Excuse me.. but… What are you doing out here?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing, sweetling.” He said. You were beautiful. Seeing you up close was like seeing an angel. It made him believe in gods.

“Just walking.” You said, and he said the same.

“But why are you crying?” He asked. He wanted you to tell him so badly. So he could find whomever or whatever caused you this pain.

“It’s stupid.” You said, and he was surprised at your comfortability with him. It was probably because you were so hurt. And it made him angry.

“I doubt that.” He said.

“My betrothed…” You had whimpered and tried not to cry. “He slept with one of my friends…”

That made him angry in three ways. Your lover hurt you, your friend hurt you, and you had loved someone in such a deep way.

He stood up, and you looked at the tall handsome lord. “Ramsay?”

“Come with me.” He held out his hand and you pulled herself to your feet. He hugged you tightly, and you started sobbing. It was strange to get comfort from him. But you needed it. “Shh, my dear..” He soothed you, rubbing your head. He gently rocked you back and forth. He separated from you and smiled. “Show me them.”

Your eyes widened. “You don’t have to…”

Oh but he would. And he did.

He took your hand and you went back into the town. “Show me them.” He said again. You led him into the tavern, and he was hit with many foul smells. He wrinkled his nose in disgust. But you lived here, so he didn’t want to upset you. He put on a straight face and ignored the smells. You were too beautiful to be seen upset.

When people recognized him they gasped, standing up. The music stopped, and all the women froze.

“My Lord.” Ross, the main attraction it seemed, smiling and curtseying, spoke in her seductive voice. “What can I get you?”

“You think I’m here to pay for sex?” He laughed. You seemed uncomfortable so he saved his speech. “Nothing. I don’t need you.” He waved her away. She smiled and walked off. He turned to you, and he felt that same strange feeling of euphoria. His beautiful girl.

“Show me where they are, lovely.” He said to you, and you pointed to the back. Your room.

He grinned wickedly. “Would you like to see them bleed? Would you like to see them beg for their lives?”

“Don’t hurt them…” You said quietly. “Just scare them… Please…”

It made him angry and upset. He wanted to hurt them. He wanted to make them bleed. And scream.

Suddenly, an idea surfaced. He wouldn’t hurt them at all. But his hounds would.

“As you wish.” He smiled at you, and went into the room. A man and a woman lay asleep on the bed. The man was ugly, long hair. Very chiseled jaw. He had a slight beard. The woman was of course what every whore looked like. Long hair, thin eyebrows and lots of color on her eyelids.

“I will take them to my dungeon.” He smiled, and so he did.
“Why did you do that for me?” You asked him. You were sitting in the woods again, the same pretty spot you always sat.

“Because it angered me to see you sad, love.” He said to you. “And, well, I can do anything I please.”

You smiled, and looked up at the sky. “But I can’t live in the tavern anymore.” You were right. They would never let you.

“You always have a place in winterfell.” He smiled at you.

“I don’t want to be a bother, my lord.” You said politely. He understood how you felt.

“Not a bother at all.” He told you. “I’d love to have you around.” He could imagine his hand around your throat as he fucked you. Your breath ragged as he made you feel such great pleasure. His tongue pleasing you. Your hand slapping his face. Your nails making him bleed. Your teeth making him bruise.

You looked happy. And it made him happy.

He gave you a room beside his. Close to him, so he could make sure you had everything you needed. And so that he could get there quickly at night.

Once, he was in his room killing time before dinner. He heard you crying,and he rushed in your room. “(Y/N)!” He kneeled next to you. You looked terribly sad. Crying again, like when he first met you. “Poor beautiful cardinal, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I keep thinking about it Ramsay I can’t fucking stop thinking about his bloody face and her hair and how they had sex in the bed I slept in since I was 12!” You leapt at him weeping. You sobbed into his arms and he held you, sitting on the floor.

“My sweet rose.” He sighed, petting your (H/C) hair. “You didn’t want me to hurt them then. Do you want me to now?”

You looked up at him through your red watery eyes. “Make them wish they were never born.” You said through your teeth. He grinned wickedly. He was rubbing off on you perfectly.

You looked at the two people tied on the X. Melisa, and your former lover, Leo. There was anger in your eyes. Normally, even in this situation, a girl would be scared. She would feel sympathy. But you, oh, you. You loved it. You wanted to see them hurt.

It thundered loudly outside, and you jumped a bit. His heart leapt. You were so beautiful. He wanted to protect you from everything. He would do anything to see you happy.

“What do you want me to do with them, my rose?” He asked you, and you looked up to him with those big (E/C) eyes.

“What causes the most pain?”

Worries ~ Theo Raeken

description: Theo comforts you after a breakdown

requsted: @shineandradiate 

notes: I absolutely adored this request

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You make your way to your next class trying not to pass out from exhaustion. You had worked the late shift at the bar you worked at and you were ready to sleep for a year. It didn’t help that you had to study for exams and apply for colleges. 

You’re surrounded by stress. Deadlines were everywhere and you had to save up for college and help your dad out with finances because dear lord that man really cannot do his taxes.

You slip into your desk in front of your boyfriends , Praying this class would finish quickly so you could go home and nap before heading in for your 5th late shift this week.

You’re snapped out of your thoughts as you hear the teacher call out your name as the whole class stares. “I’m…I’m sorry I have to go-” you stammer as you collect up your things and rush out of the class.

You leave school and sit on a bench to calm down for a while. You hear footsteps after a while as Theo comes to find you. 

“You should get back to class Theo.” you sniffle hiding behind your hair. “Baby…look at me.” Theo says brushing your hair back and lifting up your chin. As his eyes gaze into yours.

“I can’t do it anymore Theo. I’m so tired.” You say as tears sting your face. “Everything’s against me. I won’t be able to afford college if I can’t get a scholarship. Dad can’t afford to send me on his own so I’m using half my wage on my college fund and the other half I give to him. Even with a half scholarship it will be too expensive.” Theo listens intently as you ramble on. “I’m giving up Theo I can’t take it anymore.” you sob.

He takes you into his arms and for the first time in awhile you feel safe from the stress. “Y/N you’re amazing and you’re gonna take the world by storm.” he says pressing a soft chaste kiss to your lips; 

“Y/N I was gonna give this to you on your birthday next week but I want to give it to you now..” he says pulling the a ring out of his pocket with a shy smile.

“Theo…Is that a promise ring?” you squeal. “Um….yeah..” he blushes as you slip the ring onto your finger , admiring it with a beaming smile.

 “Maybe one day we can upgrade it to an engagement ring.” he smiles softly gazing at you. “ One day Raeken…one day.” you blush

“Lets skip the rest of our classes and go get coffee and donuts!” he suggests cocking an eyebrow.

“Wow proposals,coffee AND donuts? Who knew a bad boy like you could be such a romantic.” you say flailing dramatically.

Theo picks you up and throws you over his shoulder as you giggle. 

“I love you Raeken!” you smile “I love you too.”

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A note to the anti-cc crew on tumblr:

If you don’t like her, stop complaining? Just deal with the fact that she is in fact an author and a real person, and whilst she may have her flaws well BREAKING NEWS! Everyone has flaws so even if she isn’t your favourite person she is other people’s.

Don’t tag your shitty hate posts (that really fail to justify your hatred) with things like ‘the dark artifices’ and ‘the mortal instruments’ because you’re just gonna get a lot of shit from Cassie’s fans. Yeah, okay, stick to your anti-cc tag or whatever but tagging ‘the mortal instruments’ in the hopes that Cassie will see it won’t do anything?

And the posts about “oh dear me, I want to read Lord of Shadows but I hate the author and I don’t want to give her money” are shit. If you like the story, regardless of the author then buy the book? She isn’t going to use the money to bring back the use of gas chambers and announce herself to be the second coming of Hitler. And please don’t complain about her writing more books. It’s her choice whether she writes them and your choice if you buy and enjoy them.

Also ironically I am, as a massive fan of Cassie and all her books, going to walk right onto the haters’ turf and tag this post under the anti-cc tags ;)

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I see Padme trying to gently broach the topic of boundaries and instead of taking it badly, Anakin goes completely in the other direction, asking her about everything before he does it and cutting off his own crusts! and reading up on being a father to the point Padme wants to scream just at the sight of a parenting book because the biggest thing Anakin lacks is a sense of proportion? (Obi Wan is the one who has a hissy fit about just trying to show Satine he cares!)

Oh dear Lord, the idea of Obi-Wan having a hissy fit about anything, let alone it being because he’s like “FOR FORCE’S SAKE SATINE JUST LET ME HELP YOU TIE YOUR SHOES I NEED TO BE NEEDED OK” is killing me. 

I too feel like Anakin’s going to overdo it, quickly: he’s so drunk on his own power when he cuts his own crusts (!!!!) that he starts trying to do stuff he has no business attempting on his own until Padme has to get him to chill out, because Anakin is going to get himself or someone else killed. (”Anakin, you are not going to deliver our baby yourself. That’s final.”)

(Also Obi-Wan comes over and all of a sudden Anakin is like “how does a can opener work again? I don’t want to hurt myself, Obi-Wan, you do it for me”. Because we all know that Anakin is ultimately going to take being spoiled wherever he can get it and Obi-Wan is the easiest mark in the universe in this regard and also Obi-Wan is maybe going to have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t get to feel needed again soon.)

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Boyfriend! Guanlin please!

lai guanlin as your boyfriend~

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  • oh boy here we go my wanna one bias
  • he’s an awkward little bean but he’s also very sneaky
  • like he’s the type to call your name when you aren’t looking and right when you turn your head his lips are Right There and you end up kissing
  • guanlin tends to get jealous at times but he tries to hide it
  • but you see right through him
  • he just needs a little reassurance every once in a while
  • does the weirdest shit to make you laugh
  • “i’m replacing dongho-hyung as the new sexy bandit”
  • holds things over your head and demands that you kiss him first before he gives it to you
  • a sangnamja at such a young age dear lord help my noona heart
  • offers to pay for everything and even carries your bag for you
  • the type to give really long, slow kisses (mainly because he’s unsure of what to do and he’s still figuring out the right angles)
  • he gets so happy and giggly when the two of you are out on dates
  • seonho, of course, third wheels and begs to be fed
  • falls asleep on your shoulder or your lap a lot
  • he’s basically a sleepy little chick that’s in love with you
  • treasure this boy because he’ll treasure you ;;;;;;

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Hi! I feel the Christmas scene from ASiB is so interesting, even before Sherlock deduces Molly. Sherlock sees her enter, and he seems agitated, saying "oh, dear lord." He doesn't greet her. She tries to make a joke, he puts her down. Yet, he can't help but interact with her. She asks the room, "so we're having a Christmas drinkies, then?" and he mutters, "No stopping them apparently!" What do you think Sherlock thinks/feels toward Molly by the end of the scene, given these mixed signals? Thanks!

Phew, been a busy day! Ok so I’ll try to break down my feelings on the scene a little.

His initial rudeness and agitation I do think, as some have stated in the past, could be a bit of jealousy. There was a time when I thought that this fit more as a HC, but I think it’s not so far fetched now. Especially because honestly it doesn’t have to be blatant romantic jealousy. (Though I think there could be some of that in there that he’s not 100% conscious of) She’s a good friend and a colleague. And here she is unusually dressed up and looking HOT, which probably threw him off. And then he notices the pristinely wrapped gift and makes his logical deduction. It’s pretty telling that at that point he automatically assumes it’s someone he doesn’t know. Clearly doesn’t even consider that it could be him! And actually, who was the last man he saw her interested in? A MURDEROUS CRIMINAL MASTERMIND lol! Maybe he’s kind of concerned about who this newest interest might be! 

But anyway, by the end of this scene I think Sherlock’s overall feeling might be next summed up by “humbled.” I think he was shocked and humbled by the realization that she felt that way and that strongly about him, and I think he was also humbled by the realization that his automatic default to deductions could do so much emotional damage to someone he cares about. He felt awful, clearly. And he felt awful enough to want to do something about it. And there we have one of the earliest big time growth moments for Sherlock Holmes, as he offers a tender and heartfelt apology and kiss to a woman who he suddenly realizes has deep and genuine romantic feelings for him. And he doesn’t act like those feelings of hers are silly or brush it off or scoff at her. It make him absolutely stop. In. His. Tracks. And he does a complete 180. Is he totally aware of how he actually feels about her at that point? Probably not. But it’s still telling…very telling.

Not much left to say except to quote Mycroft in the very same episode- “What might we deduce about his heart?” ❤️ 😉