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What's the scariest film you've ever watched ? Saddest ? Happiest? Best film ? 🙌🏻 much love

Scariest? It’s a long story but somehow my ignorant self ended alone, when I was nine years old, watching Alien in a movie theater when it first came out thinking it was a sci-fi movie like Star Wars. Nothing, nothing has ever been as scary as that. Runner ups: Silence of the Lambs, The Sixth Sense

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Fandom Master List!!

Here are every ship/fandom I have ever reblogged or been involved in for a long time! it is a huge list so be ready!!

Fandom Master List

Harry Potter (including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Star Wars (including Rogue One)

Classic Rock (specifically The Beatles, The Monkees, and The Who)

Doctor Who



Stranger Things

Broadway (specifically Newsies, Les Mis and Dear Evan Hansen)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Lord Of The Rings

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (some Heroes of Olympus too)

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Voltron: Legendary Defenders

Greek Mythology (The Song Of Achilles/Hamilton’s Mythology)

Anime (too many to count)

Pirates Of the Caribbean

The Chronicles Of Narnia

Marvel (movies mostly)



A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Shipping master list

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts

·      Deamus

·      Newtina

·      Gradence

Doctor Who

1. TenRose 

Star Wars/Rogue One

·      Skysolo

·      Obikin

·      Stormpilot

·      Rebelcaptain

·      Rebelpilot

Classic Rock

·      Bandslash

o   Mclennon

o   Moonwistle

o   Dolenzmith

Stranger Things

·      Stoncy

·      Mike x Eleven


1.     Newsies

a.     Javid

b.     Sprace

2.     Les Mis

a.     Enjoltaire

b.     Courferre

c.      JBM

d.     Jehanparnasse

e.     Bahorel x Feuilly

f.      Marius x Cosette x Eponine

Lord of The Rings

·      Samfro

·      Aragorn x Arwen

·      Brandytook

Kingsman series

·      Hartwin

Voltron: Legendary Defenders

·      Klance

·      Shidge

·      ShiroMatt


·      Soul x Maka (Soul Eater)

·      Shiemi x Yukio (Blue Exorcist)

·      Royai (Fullmetal Alchemist series)

·      Jacuzzi x Nice (Baccano!)

·      Lelouch x Suzaku (Code Geass)

·      Avilio x Nero (91 Days)

Pirates of The Caribbean

·      Jack x Will x Elizabeth

·      Jack x Will

The Chronicles Of Narnia

·      Casmund


·      Black Widow x Hawkeye

·      Captain America x Agent Carter

·      Steve x Bucky


Inspired by this post. There’s no particular reason of this, I just love to see how people suffering with our language~ This is one of the hardest languages in the world so don’t feel bad if you have troubles with pronounciation or with the grammar. Sometimes even we, the native speakers have problems with grammar. But it’s not just a hard, but a really beautiful language. Not as fancy as french, but who cares~ Oh and we don’t use he/she stuff - fuck yeah gender equality. So yeah, good luck with it c:


  • “Szia/helló” - Hi/hello
  • “Jó reggelt” - Good morning
  • “Jó napot” - Good afternoon(we say “good day” because we don’t have a sentence for good afternoon)
  • “Jó estét/Jó éjszakát” - Good night (they both mean this, but the second one is used when you’re saying goodbye to the others because you’re going to sleep)
  • “Hogy vagy?” - How are you?
  • “Édes Istenem” - Oh my god (literally means “my sweet god”)
  • “Király” - Cool (literally means “king”)
  • “Rendben” - Alright
  • “Mi?” - What?
  • “Biztos vagy benne?” - Are you sure? (or you can just simply say “Biztos?”)
  • “Állj!” - Stop
  • “Viszlát/Viszont látásra” - Goodbye (the second is the longer version)
  • “Mit csinálsz?” - What are you doing?
  • “Légy óvatos!” - Be careful
  • “Egy sört kérek” - I want a beer


  • “Csaj” - Girl (the normal version is “lány”)
  • “Srác” - Boy (the normal version is “fiú”)
  • “Haver” - Dude
  • “Pia” - Drink (usually we say this to alcoholic drinks but between friends sometimes we use it to every drink)
  • “Suli” - Short version for School (the normal version is “iskola”)
  • “Kaja” - Food (The normal version is “étel”)
  • “Hambi” - Short version for hamburger
  • “Szeretlek” - I love you
  • “Imádlak” - I adore you
  • “Akarlak” - I want you
  • “Szerelmem” - My love
  • “Drágaságom” - My dear/my precious(btw in the hungarian version of the lord of the rings Gollam says this, but he says it like “drágaszágom”)
  • “Cukorfalat” - Sweetheart (literally means sugarbite)
  • “Csinos” - Pretty
  • “Gyönyörű” - Beautiful
  • “Feleség” - Wife
  • “Férj” - Husband
  • “Helyes” - Handsome
  • “Házasság” - Marriage
  • “Esküvő” - Wedding
  • “Csók” - Kiss


  • “Idióta” - Idiot
  • “Seggfej” - Asshole (literally means “asshead”)
  • “Barom” - Idiot/A big bodied pet like a cow
  • “Hülye” - Stupid
  • “Beteg állat” - You sick fuck (literally means “you sick animal”
  • “Szopj le” - Blow me
  • “A kurva anyád” -  You son of a bitch (literally means “your bitch mother”)
  • “A rohadt életbe” - The damn life (or something like this)
  • “Baszd meg” - Fuck you (literally means “fuck that” or…just fuck something)
  • “Basszus” - Dammit (literally means “bass”)
  • “Kussolj” - Shut the fuck up
  • “Szar” - Shit
  • “Leszarom” - I don’t give a fuck (literally means “I’m shit on it” or something like this)
  • “Pöcs/Fasz” - Dick


  • “Puszi” - A little kiss what’s usually given to the cheek. It has almost the same pronouncation as “pussy” so don’t be confused when someone asks for a “puszi” ;)
  • “Majd ha piros hó esik!” - If red snow’ll fall! We say it when someone says something what has 0% chance to happen, and we’re like “Yeah, it’ll happen when red snow falls from the sky”
  • “Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért” - it means something like “something that cannot be desecrated” and it’s one of our longest words, every kid knows this word.


  • “Csillagok háborúja” - Star Wars (literally means “stars’ war” - almost the same… - )
  • “Odaát” - Supernatural (literally means “over there” - wut)
  • “Szerelmünk lapjai” - The Notebook (literally means “the pages of our love”)
  • “Ki vagy Doki?” - Doctor Who (literally means “who are you doc?”)
  • “Így jártam anyátokkal” - How I met your Mother (literally means something like “that’s how I dated with your mom”? Idk)

If you have any other idea, or if you found a mistake then please tell me or correct it ^u^

Dear fanfic writers

Do you still want people to post comments if the fic was posted years ago?

I’m trying to get in the habit of posting comments cause you guys deserve it.


Hey, I want to follow more Blerds (Black nerds) on tumblr to connect and talk about our interests! I’m 23 years old. I went to an HBCU and have a bachelors in public relations. I plan to go to journalism school to focus on digital media! Uhmmm I was born and raised in the south~ I have three Tumblrs but this one is my fandom one where I can nerd out without harassing my #serious Fashion and literature friends. Anywayyyy I keep track of: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Gotham, Dear White People, Drag Race, Underground, Atlanta, Feud, and American Horror Story just to name a few shows/movies. I am more of a reader than watcher though. I have read pretty much every franchise listed here and then some. My favorite genres are sci-fi and horror. I love theatre and I enjoy roleplay communities. Annnnd I love to write in my spare time. I write just about anything: fiction, essays, poetry, prose, online media/blogging, and print journalism.

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One song: Dear X you don’t own me

Two movies: Lord of the Rings, this is where I leave you (this is like a strange comfort movie for some reason and i don’t know why)

Three series: Silver Fang, Game of Thrones…. that’s all I can come up with

Four people: Rafe Adler (come on you knew this one was gonna be on the list) Connor Kenway, Kylo Ren, Link

Five foods: Sushi, Lasagne, Steak, Kebab, Pizza

Six people to tag: Those who wants to do this.

A friend of mine asked me to post the first part of their story for them, anonymously. So here it is! (P.S. I am not doing this for everyone.)


“Fireball!” Everyone shouted and gulped their shots. This is the part of my night where I question why I’m with a rejected photographer.

There are girls everywhere: in the pool, on the roof and in the bedrooms. What more can a man ask for? Well, some goddamn peace and quiet would be nice. I have never been a man of parties- I’m an introvert and I want to keep it that way. That was until this walking stick for a model came into my life. News flash Jamie: taking pictures of yourself half naked for Instagram then applying a filter isn’t being a photographer. She has lipstick for a brain, but I couldn’t care less. The sex is great.

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Rules: Tell us your favorite character from 10 different fandoms and tag around 10 people.

(gah this is always hard for me)

  1. Killian Jones | Once Upon a Time
  2. Bellamy Blake | The 100
  3. Jyn Erso | Rogue One
  4. Claire Dearing | Jurassic World
  5. Seth Gecko | From Dusk Till Dawn
  6. Aragorn | Lord of the Rings
  7. Milady de Winter | The Musketeers
  8. Tony Stark | MCU (this literally changes all the time for me but i’ve loved him the longest so i choose him)
  9. Clara Oswald | Doctor Who
  10. Sawyer Ford | Lost

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Dear Lord of the Rings Fandom:

Why is no one talking about it? The horse who played Shadowfax in the Lord of the Rings died just a few days ago and Jed Brophy said these beautiful words. How is no one talking about it? How has this not come up on my dashboard yet? Do you people realize that someone (even if it’s a horse) from the movies that we all love is gone, that this is really the first loss our fandom has had to deal with? It’s so sad when you read about how Blanco passed and I hope that more people pass this around on Tumblr to spread the word. RIP Blanco aka Shadowfax. You will forever be missed.