dear life can i get a break please

a few words to the signs, by a capricorn

dear aries, i know it may be difficult for you to find happiness, but please know that you have only ever made me feel such joy. you are a fawn; swift elegant feet and soft eyes. so please please please stop playing hide and seek. find your happiness 

dear taurus, you are all the stars scattered across the late night sky. always providing comfort after a stormy evening. thank you for being there for me 

dear gemini, just know that life is like a rose; beautiful yet covered in thorns. but you can pick off the thorns and avoid getting hurt. i know you’re afraid, but you have to learn to accept that nothing stays the same. change is inevitable

dear cancer, you are that glass that doesn’t shatter when it falls to the ground. your heart has cracks, just waiting for the breaking point. but you are not as fragile as you seem. please stay strong 

dear leo, someday someone will love you even with all your imperfections, like the earth loves the moon and all its craters 

dear virgo, i thought that what we shared was love, but i wish you didn’t spill out every last bit of your soul into mine leave without taking it back. because oh god oh god i still love you yet all i hope is that you are happy 

dear libra, i am so sorry for the way love has scarred you. but you need to learn to let go. never hand someone a gift that they’re not going to appreciate; don’t give yourself to someone who’s just going to throw you away 

dear scorpio, i used to feel like you used me like a drug, and somehow i felt like the addict. but i know that everything we had was a mistake; you chose a direction without looking at a map. but there’s someone out there hiding above the clouds waiting to be found by you. a path waiting to be discovered  

dear sagittarius, you are more than the stripes stretched along tiger. infact you are every single stripe on a rainbow. a hundred shades of color; full of meaning. learn to love who you are and accept your true colors

dear capricorn, i know the pain of having someone leave you may seem unbarable, a feeling constantly surging throughout your body. but don’t become a shadow feasting on what that person left to you 

dear aquarius, don’t sacrifice yourself for someone who wouldn’t give their all to you. you are art, and you deserve to be appreciated 

dear pisces, let go of the past that holds onto your limbs. thinking about everything bad that has happened to you just calls for more storms to come