dear life can i get a break please

Family Movie Night
  • Genji: So what do you all want to watch tonight, I was thinking we switch it up with some animation with this anime *shows them Summer Wars*
  • McCree: I ain't gonna spend 2 hours of my life reading subtitles again, get a dubbed version of these things please
  • Genji: Dub sucks
  • Sombra: And so does your pick let's watch something we can relate too *Brings out Hacker*
  • McCree: I don't know why we are debating this, we're going watch a cinematic master, a ground breaking film that touches us all and do you know what it is?
  • Sombra: Don't you dear say it!
  • Genji: Stop him please
  • McCree: It's High Noon! Hahahah!
  • Sombra: I hate you so much
  • Widowmaker: How about we watch something with class like The Red Balloon
  • McCree: Isn't it that weird foreign film where a kid chases a balloon around all day, isn't that a bit boring
  • Widowmaker: I only know seven movies give me a break
  • Reaper: We're going to watch Legally Blonde and you all are going to like it
  • Genji: Legally Blonde is the worse movie ever man, nothing in it is funny, I cringe at each joke
  • Reaper: How dare you Genji, I shall now disown you
  • *The four start bickering*
  • Doomfist: *Slams his fist into the coffee table* WE SHALL WATCH THE LATEST SCOOBY DOO MOVIE
  • *Later*
  • Doomfist: Hahahaha oh Wanner Brothers when I bring upon the new world order your company shall stay unchanged as long as you keep making these great films

“  hii! ♡ i love your blog sm 💕 do you take requests? if so, can you write one where reader is really depressed and decides to take her life away, and calvin prevents her from doing so? 💗 “

I hope this is what you wanted! I tried my best haha. Enjoy. <3  

I can’t do this anymore. I can’t continue this facade that I’m happy and everything’s just peachy. It’s not. My life is a mess and I can’t see the positivity in anything. Calvin always tells me everything is going to be okay, but honestly I don’t think it will be.

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a few words to the signs, by a capricorn

dear aries, i know it may be difficult for you to find happiness, but please know that you have only ever made me feel such joy. you are a fawn; swift elegant feet and soft eyes. so please please please stop playing hide and seek. find your happiness 

dear taurus, you are all the stars scattered across the late night sky. always providing comfort after a stormy evening. thank you for being there for me 

dear gemini, just know that life is like a rose; beautiful yet covered in thorns. but you can pick off the thorns and avoid getting hurt. i know you’re afraid, but you have to learn to accept that nothing stays the same. change is inevitable

dear cancer, you are that glass that doesn’t shatter when it falls to the ground. your heart has cracks, just waiting for the breaking point. but you are not as fragile as you seem. please stay strong 

dear leo, someday someone will love you even with all your imperfections, like the earth loves the moon and all its craters 

dear virgo, i thought that what we shared was love, but i wish you didn’t spill out every last bit of your soul into mine leave without taking it back. because oh god oh god i still love you yet all i hope is that you are happy 

dear libra, i am so sorry for the way love has scarred you. but you need to learn to let go. never hand someone a gift that they’re not going to appreciate; don’t give yourself to someone who’s just going to throw you away 

dear scorpio, i used to feel like you used me like a drug, and somehow i felt like the addict. but i know that everything we had was a mistake; you chose a direction without looking at a map. but there’s someone out there hiding above the clouds waiting to be found by you. a path waiting to be discovered  

dear sagittarius, you are more than the stripes stretched along tiger. infact you are every single stripe on a rainbow. a hundred shades of color; full of meaning. learn to love who you are and accept your true colors

dear capricorn, i know the pain of having someone leave you may seem unbarable, a feeling constantly surging throughout your body. but don’t become a shadow feasting on what that person left to you 

dear aquarius, don’t sacrifice yourself for someone who wouldn’t give their all to you. you are art, and you deserve to be appreciated 

dear pisces, let go of the past that holds onto your limbs. thinking about everything bad that has happened to you just calls for more storms to come 

anonymous asked:

Hey dear!!! Idk what has happened in your life or if you're upset but I hope everything turns out just right and that you're able to get over it!! I know you can and is completely ok to take a break!! Please take care and remember we'll all be here for you gladly receiving you with a tight soft hug!! -mexican anon

Ah, thanks. I am okay now there’s nothing to worry about. Just needed some time away from Tumblr, it was really depressing me. It might be a while before I post art again. Next week or the week after. I’m not gking to rush anything. But thanks for the nice messages, Anon. I’m happy to hear from you!❤

Nate Maloley Imagine - 3 Days

supermiraclemurphy Request: can u do an imagine that nate wakes up on a sunny saturday and when he tries to wake u up ur not breathing and nate gets really worried and he rushes u to the hospital and then 3 days after ur okay i love ur blog.

I had no idea what to call this so sorry for the crappy title. Hope you like it😁

Contains swear words (cuss/curse words)

— (Nate’s POV) —

Hangovers are the worst, they’re the devil’s gift to this earth. I roll over in bed, shielding my eyes from the sunlight that poured through the window. I stroke my beautiful girlfriend’s cheek, kissing her shoulder. “Y/N wake up.” I whisper, laying my head on her shoulder comfortably. She doesn’t wake up, she’s a heavy sleeper - especially after a night out. “Baby wake up, it’s already 11am.” I whine, kissing up her neck to her jawline.

She still doesn’t wake up so I tickle the pads of my fingers over the skin on her neck, her ticklish spot.


“Y/N?” I prop myself up onto my elbow, shaking her body. I nudge her, she’s not this heavy of a sleeper. I really begin to panic after trying to wake her up after a few minutes. “Y/N it’s not funny no more, wake up.” I frown, panic setting in.

As much as I didn’t want to come to this, I lean down and place my ear by her lips and part them…she’s not breathing. I put two fingers across her wrist and find that she still has a pulse. I begin to really panic, falling out of bed as I rush to pick up my phone and call an ambulance.

“Y/N if this is a joke then stop it because it’s getting serious as soon as I press this button.” I tell her, standing beside her side of the bed to wait for a response. But I hear nothing in return.

I call for the ambulance and they say they’d be here any minute but for the time being I had to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation but I couldn’t do it with my shaking hands and my heavy breathing from panicking. I left the phone after telling the operator I couldn’t do it, the ambulance has to hurry.

The paramedics enter after I open the door for them, still in only my sweats, and tell them where she is. They lay her on a stretcher and carry her out of our apartment to the ambulance. I quickly throw on a t-shirt and slip my feet into my converse before grabbing my keys and jumping into the ambulance with them, trying not to cry.

We’re rushed to hospital, I breakdown when she’s rushed into a room and I’m not allowed to follow.

“Mr…here for Y/F/N?” The doctor calls out, I stand immediately.

“Maloley, Mr Maloley.” I tell him, he sits down beside the chair I had been sitting on for three hours straight and pats my back. I sit back down again.

“Mr Maloley-”

“Is she okay? Is she breathing?” I ask, sitting on the edge of the chair in anticipation.

“Yes, she’s breathing again with help from the oxygen mask but she’s not awake. We put her onto a life support machine for the time being until she can breathe on her own again, she will wake up in a few days.” He explains, peering through his thick rimmed glasses.

“A few days? She’s in a coma?” Tears collect at the corner of my eyes. “But she’ll wake up for definite right?” I ask.

“Yes, her lungs collapsed so we’ve gave her oxygen for until she recovers.” He nods his head, laying a hand on my shoulder. “A few days Mr Maloley.”

I nod, letting water leak from my eyes. “Can I go see her?” I ask, he weakly smiles and nods his head.

I enter her room, freezing when I see her peacefully laying there asleep, still awake but asleep. “Y/N, please tell me you didn’t know about this,” I break down at her bed, grabbing onto her hand for dear life. “If you did then why the hell didn’t you tell me? Did you think I’d be mad? I’ll get so mad and leave you? You’re fucking stupid to think that. Baby please wake up as soon as you can, it’s only been a couple hours and already I miss you, it hurts Y/N.” I feel pathetic for talking to her when she can’t reply, assuming she knew about her potential condition.

I’ve been at the hospital for 3 days straight now, leaving to shower for only an hour or two. Friends and family have visited and each brought a bunch of flowers and gifts for when she wakes up. The guys have visited the most, along with her family. She’s still peacefully sleeping, in the same position as when she first arrived.

For the last few hours of sitting here, reading a book or rapping a few verses for her that I’ve written whilst here, debating on whether to roll her over into her favourite position to sleep in. But the cord on the oxygen mask isn’t long enough and I’m pretty sure the doctors and nurses would have a problem with me doing so. She always sleeps on her side.

The door opens in one swift movement, two nurses and one doctor strolls in. “Mr Maloley her breathing has increased since she was put on the mask so we’re going to take her off and see if she’s ready yet.” The doctors tells me, I nod and bite on my lip as I stand at the end of the bed next to him. The nurses take each side and fiddle around until the mask is off Y/N’s pretty face.

We wait a few seconds, anxiously, before Y/N takes a big intake of air. Sighing in relief, my heart beat begins to quicken and a smile lifts my lips. “I knew you could do it Y/N.” I mutter mostly to myself, walking around to her side after the nurses checked she’s breathing fine and left.

The doctor stands the other side, writing on his clipboard. “Okay so she’s not awake just yet but she’s breathing on her own which is great, she may awake in a few minutes or a few hours depending on how stable she is. If she wakes whilst I’m gone, tell another member of staff whilst I fill out some paperwork.” He instructs, I nod and pay close attention to Y/N.

“You’re okay baby.” I whisper once we’re left alone, kissing her delicate cheek.