dear kirsty



My Open Letter to PTX

Dear its-sup3rfruit, Kirstie, Kevin, and Avi,
I don’t even know where to begin, I found you guys when I felt sad and alone, where I felt like no one loved me.
Then I found Evolution of Music, you guys were amazing. I was amazed by your voices and I quickly fell into a Youtube binge of watching all of your YouTube videos. PTX vol II was out by then and I begged my parents to let me by that one and PTX vol I, they quickly fell in love with your music, but to me? You were my own little secret.
Then I saw you were going on tour, and man oh man I wanted to go so bad, I talked to my dad about it but he said we didn’t have enough money. This was around November of 2013. I continued on with my life struggling to find who I am, as well as who the people around me were.
Christmas Day 2013, we have these Mickey Mouse ornaments that you can put candy inside of to count down the days to Christmas. After my family had all opened presents it was time to open the last ornament, now I wasn’t really in the mood for candy. But what I got, was 3 VIP passes to the April 9th PTX concert in Buffalo, NY.
Oh my gosh, I broke down in tears. I was so happy, I would be able to meet you guys, the people that brought so me and so many others happiness. I couldn’t wait.
April 9th rolls around, and we got to the venue about 2 hours earlier than we were supposed to, nothing could keep me occupied. I had so many things I had planned on saying to you, but when I got up there all I could do was compliment Mitch’s new cicada tattoo, I was awestruck and that’s when I got hooked on you guys.
One more tour and concert I got to go to later and I now refer to you guys as “my babies” as well as “my eternal source of happiness.”

So why am I writing this now? I’m sure you guys don’t know me since I’m never on Twitter and I’m not some insane artist, but I’m always there. Cheering you guys on, and with the documentary coming up I’m overwhelmed with happiness. I’m so proud of you guys and everything you’ve accomplished, every time I listen to your music I cheer up even though I’ve had the worst day ever.

I never understood obsessions with bands, or how they could change people’s lives. Until I found you guys.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely love you guys and I’m so amazingly overwhelmed with happiness as you guys get to live out your dreams.

Even though you’ll probably never see this, I love you all.

-A dedicated pentaholic (aka Amanda)