dear kennedy

Resident Evil Vendetta so far

- Creepy mansion in the middle of nowhere, with design similar to Spencer Mansion, again
- A team came on helicopter to investigate the mansion
- Chris and his team
- Leon alone (shorta)
- Zombies
- Things are not going well with Chris and crew
- Evil guy in long coat behind the trap

Things to be expected

- Rebecca
- Rebecca in the mansion before Chris
- Rebecca running around helping Chris
- No mention of Jill
- No mention of any other BSAA members whatsoever
- Leon and Chris fighting
- Leon and Chris communicate with eachother
- Mention of Wesker
- Wesker himself
- Bike
- Leon riding the bike Leon crashing the bike within 30 seconds
- Leon got help from local guy
- Leon got help from you-know-who
- Chris loses his team, Chris grieves at his team’s death
- Explosion
- T/G/C/Veronica virus, Plaga/Uroboros
- New villain
- Villain inject the virus/drug and turn into monster
- Umbrella

"Dear American Beauty"

Laying atop the dew covered grass,
The night sky dazzles above me.
My eyes scan the heavens looking for answers,
But I doubt that’s what I’ll find tonight.
I know as a lay here the world spins below,
Children are born as others may die.
So much in this world I don’t understand,
I’m just looking for my share of the good times.
Laughing along with strangers in a dim light bar,
Stumbling out at last call to loved ones an wives.
But not me my feet fall lonely onto the streets,
Tripping onward to the comfort of a bench.
Thinking over every interaction we share,
My heart enjoys getting ahead of me.
You will leave me broken and bent,
A wreck of a man before you say goodbye.
But I run after you like a moth to a flame,
You’re the only one to understand.
I know you’re always around to listen,
But I don’t want you to tear out my heart.
Don’t you know you are a soothing presence,
No matter how poorly I do at showing you.
American Beauty someday you will destroy me,
Swaying on my feet with a heart torn in two.
Only then will I finally understand,
How such a celestial temptress graced my life.

Re: Let's Talk About Chapped Lips


Is Carmex really that good? Last winter I used a lot of Baby Lips, which is garbage. Specifically, I used this one:

Mostly for the packaging and colour combination, which tends to be a huge factor for me in regards to buying shitty things.

It basically creates a grease layer on your lips, making them oily and wet without being sexy. Plus it has a weird, soapy taste. And, growing up with Lip Smackers, as soon as I apply lip chap I want to lick it right off. 

I am lip balm trash.

- Sofie