dear hussie

dear mr hussie…
i want to draw for your cool game
reasons you should hire me
- i can draw i think
- i have 2000 followers on tumblr
- i cry about your comic every night
im 14 but age is just a number so i hope thats not a problem ok thanks
love regards,
rad raddical

Dear Andrew Hussie,
  1. Thank you for all 7 years. In 2011, my high school bff got me into Homestuck. If I went back and told myself that this entire ride would last me 7 years and that I would fall in love with the characters and make some great friends because of it, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. The me back then wouldn’t consider how passionate I would get about theorizing, making edits, drawing, making fantrolls, and writing stories for 7 fucking years. Even though the story you left for open interpenetration was maybe a little weak, I would still do it all over again, knowing what I know now. I’m very grateful for the work you put into Homestuck and for helping me create the circles of friends I’ve had in the past, and the ones I have have today.
  2. And you know what…?

I’m still a petty and bitter Davekat shipper at heart, so I’m gonna re-watch all of Legend of Korra at least eightfold just to spite you.

Dear Hussie,

Why? Why would. Wh. Wait. Hang on. I had something else to tell you besides how much emotional pain has been brought back into my life because of you. I was going to ask you something far more serious. Life-and-death, if you will. I was going to ask…

External image

Sincerely, One of the thousands of costumed children at your command

Dear Andrew Hussie,

It is 3 in the morning, pacific time. (okay well… now it’s later. But wwhatevver.)

You live in central time? Eastern time? idk. But that means you put this up at 4 or 5 in the morning.

You couldn’t have waited, I don’t know… a few more hours? Sleep is necessary man. I’m sure that you are sleeping pretty fucking peacefully right now, but I’m also sure that everyone in your fandom just died and had some miraculous fucking CPR or some revival shit that filled us up with over 9000 HP and energy (IP? EP? idgaf) so we’re bouncing off the walls while trying not to drown in tears. And not just our tears. Orphan tears. The tears of orphans, Andrew Hussie. Look what you have done. Not only have we thrown all of our irons into the fire, but we added some mercury and aluminum, too. Soon theres gonna be a whole table in the fire, Hussie. On top of all those orphans. I mean orphan tears. Yeah. Congratulations for getting all of your fandom to wake up and sob at the same time. You are truly something.


P.S. Thanks for the update. <3