dear god.

  • FNAF 1:check blind spots, close doors, check cameras.
  • FNAF 2:Check giant gaping hole in front of you, wind up music box, check cams, check vents, put on mask, flash animatronics with flashlight.
  • FNAF 3:Go into labor, sing the bible, make a 30 tier wedding cake, get married, rollerskate to the moon, make a 100 hour movie trilogy, do the cha cha slide, find true love, count how many stars there are, make a novel, and buy some gold fish. Extra points if you dance the salsa for a month and play I am a pirate on the kazoo. And summon the Illuminati.
Not Cool, AB+

So I was wondering why my Twitter feeds, my Google searches and Tumblr had suddenly flooded with ads again. It happened, quite suddenly, yesterday afternoon.

Turns out AdBlock Plus had pulled a Facebook-style stealth settings change, enabling the “allow some ads” option. No, AB+, I did not tell you to do that.

If you’re also an ABP user and have had this problem, here’s what to do. To sort this out, go to the ABP icon (red hexagon with white lettering, top right of the screen on Firefox), click on it, select “Filter preferences…” and look carefully for the subtle and easy-to-miss checkbox at the bottom of the dialogue box.

The problems are twofold. First of all, it’s arguable whether there’s even such a thing as ‘unintrusive’ advertising - at an absolute minimum, I’ve had some of my brain’s processing cycles wasted on goods and services that I very likely don’t even want. Secondly, the bar for what they’re now classing as “unintrusive” appears to be “every ad that exists, ever”.

(Relatedly, I have a low opinion of the ad-based revenue model, but that’s a rant for elsewhere. I will observe, though, that ad-based revenue means that the ‘balance’ between content and advertising will always have to favour advertising. This may have some relevance to Tumblr’s ongoing update-fail cycle.)

so my manager said i have a sales floor shift this week. which i thought was tonight, but online it says it’s cashiering. and it says that for every shift this week. so here’s hoping i’m actually cashiering because after going through hell being a salesfloor person at my last job, i have had enough salesfloor hours to last me a lifetime.

  • me:ooh, FNaF3 is out! and Mark's playing it! let's watch!
  • me:*turns on all the lights in the house*
  • me:*puts children's television on TV in the background*
  • me:*builds makeshift blanket fort of protection*
  • me:*gently positions laptop on opposite end of coffee table*
  • me:*lowers Youtube volume as far as possible*
  • me:*tabs out to cat videos every 5 seconds*
  • me:ah yes perfect

Why “Foodfight!” Cost $45 Million And Was Still Unwatchable

This is the worst thin i’ve ever seen.