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Happy Birthday Michael Redgrave 20th March 1908 - 21st March 1985

For the real actor the only place where he is truly at home is on the stage - whatever kind of stage it may be. The true actor is in fact one who is ‘á l'étroit chez-lui’; in the spiritual sense, he is only at home when he is not himself. To be at his real home he will tear himself away from loved ones, lover, life itself. 'I am grateful’ said Joseph Jefferson in an interview after his retirement 'for this life of illuminated emotion’.

- Michael Redgrave, The Actor’s Ways and Means, 1953.

Pizza Time for Two ~ A Post 5x20 Fic

General | Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | Fluff | Read on AO3

A/N: I meant to write this earlier, but I’ve had a couple crazy days, so it’s here now. Hope you all like it!

He didn’t like hospital rooms. Hated them, actually. They brought back painful memories, and though there a few good ones, he wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. But according to the doctor, it would be another twelve hours. Which he couldn’t afford. He glanced around the room, eying the equipment. He could get out of here. Question was how far he’d make it.

“Uh-uh, mister.”

He caught Felicity’s gaze when she stepped into the room, carrying a big bag. “What?”

“I know that look. Way too well. It’s your I’m-considering-injurying-myself-even-more-by-getting-out-of-here look. And it’s almost sad that I know what that look looks like.”

No use arguing that one. He chuckled and gestured to the bag. “What in there?”



“Yep. The stuff that you put in your mouth and it goes into your intestines and―”

“Felicity, I failed every other class but health.”

“Clearly.” She closed her eyes and grimaced. “Yikes. You can put that on my top ten list of terrible things I’ve said.”

“Who said I was keeping count?” When she shot him a glare, he reached for the bag, wincing when the movement pulled at the stitches in his back. “Ow.”

“That should tell you that you need to stay in bed until you’re discharged. In the meantime, I brought pizza.” She pulled out two boxes and set them on his lap. Oliver laughed and opened the top one. “You got my favorite kind.”

“Pepperoni with jalapenos. I know what you like.” She winked at him as she pulled a chair up to the bed. “And I got my favorite kind for myself but I’ll eat yours too if you make fun of me.”

“You only eat cheese pizza. Plus, you hate anything hot.”

“Except for you. Oh, dear God!”

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I feel like prompt number 1 would be fun and different to read 😂

Okay I seriously love you for asking for this one because as soon as I saw the list I had a brilliant idea for this so yaaaay. Here we go, I hope you like. <3 

1. The skirt is supposed to be this short.

Even threw his head back, his entire body shaking from the laughter consuming him to the point where he couldn’t see anything but stars. He finally took a few breaths trying to calm himself down, as he looked back at Isak, red faced and tears shining his blue eyes. 

“Oh baby this is just. I mean I am flattered that you would dress up for me but-” 

He was cut off by the couch cushion hitting him square in the jaw which set off another giggle fit. 

Isak rolled his eyes and placed a hand on his hip which just made the entire situation even more amusing for Even who found himself unable to stop laughing again. 

Even calmed himself down and took in Isak fully. He was standing in front of Even glaring down at him wearing a red and white cheerleading out fit. Pom poms sitting right at his feet where Isak threw them when he came out, and Even whistled and told him to pick up his pen for him. 

“Stop staring at me!” the golden haired cheerleader groaned, crossing his arms. 

“Nice legs” Even just can’t help himself. 

“I mean it Eveeeeeeen” 

Even raised his hands in truce “Okay okay i’m done. would you like to explain why you are all dressed up for the big game Mr. spirit.” 

Isak shoot him daggers. 

“Last one I promise.” 

Isak rolled his eyes but a smile was hinting at his lips, as always when he was around Even. “Okay so…well…Jonas bet me that I couldn’t go a whole day at school without mentioning your name once..and-” 

Even grinned so wide he turned into one of those clowns you throw balls in at the fair. “Awwww you lost? looks like someone is obsessed with meee” 

Isak shook his head, his cheeks turning bright pink “shuuuuut up they tricked me! They asked me what I was doing after school when they knew I was hanging out with you.” 

Even nodded understandingly “So how did long did it take you to lose?”

He bowed his golden head in shame “5 minutes.” 

Even was gone again. laughing to the brink where he couldn’t even breathe “FIVE MINUTES” 

“You suck” 

“Hey come here.” Even tugged on his skirt and brought him close enough for Even to breathe him in. 

“So they made you wear this to the party tonight?” 

Isak tugged on the skirt “Yes! and I swear they made this shorter so I get blue balls or something.” 

Even smiled “You do know that’s not what blue balls means right?” 

Isak rolled his eyes. “I know Even I meant. There is no way i’m attractive in this, you can basically see my ass!” 

Even shook his head, his laughter consuming the room. “Firstly, The skirt is supposed to be this short.” he squeezed Isak’s hips, sending shivers up his spine. “secondly, dear god Isak you are hot.” 

Isak raised an eyebrow. 

“You are so sexy it’s taking all of my restraint and willpower not to take this really short marvellous costume off right now and showing you just how beautiful you really are.” 

Isak shook his head, his face bright red. “shuut up” 

Even raised both eyebrows “I am serious. Isak look at yourself! I can see every inch of your legs, and your arms and -” Even gulped “Okay we need to make it a rule that you wear skirts and dresses more often. it’s like the second best thing to naked Isak.” 

Isak laughed “You are such a weirdo, you know that right?” 

Even pulled Isak onto his lap and kissed him “Yeah but i’m your weirdo” he said against his lips. 

and then he was pushing Isak off and standing up. 

“What are you doing?” Isak asked, confused. 

Even shrugged. “I’m gonna see if Noora has any dresses I can borrow. You didn’t seriously think I would let you have all the fun did you?” 

Isak smiled as he watched him walk away. Because he knew Even was really doing it to make Isak feel safe and less self conscious and right then all he could think, was that he never imagined ever being this loved in his whole life. 

Even came back out. “So Noora had nothing, but Eskild did.” 

Isak laughed “of course.” 

“We are gonna be the hottest people at this thing.” 

“For sure” Isak said gazing at his beautiful boyfriend and the tiny sparkly dress he was holding which will definitely be way too short for giraffe Even. 

“I’m suddenly looking forward to this party now.” 

Even raised his eyebrows and kissed his lips. “Good.” 

Okay this was so silly but I hope you enjoyed it <3 

Thunderstorm Hcs

Here ya go, anon! So sorry it’s so late, it took me a while to be pleased with it.    -Emma

- So California is actually having a thunderstorm?? 

- They never have thunderstorms??

- And of course it starts in the middle of the night

- Ethan had just fallen asleep when hella loud thunder woke him

- Like it seriously sounded Zeus manipulated thirty octopi to have mighty octopi powers and hit 240 pans together 

- Poor bby Eth is freaked (he’s not too fond of loud noises, especially thunder, by himself. he gets overwhelmed) 

- Back home in Maine his dogs always snuggled him during storms

- They didn’t like thunder, but together they felt safe

- But he’s not in Maine anymore

- So he just curls up, hugging a pillow, hoping the storm will pass soon

- It doesn’t 

- After a particularly bright flash of lightening and loud clap of thunder, his ceiling fan slowly came to a stop

- His lamp next to his bed won’t turn on either

- yay power outage!¡!

- Now there is no way he can go to sleep again

- Because let’s be honest, this is probably the best time to murder somebody

- And my man isn’t gonna be murdered tonight

- So he does the next best thing (compared to sleeping)

- Which would be lying on top of his comforter, squeezing a pillow, trying not to do anything that will wake Tyler up

- But the thunder increased and got heavier

- Just like Ethan’s breathing 

- Then there was a sharp crack of thunder, unlike the others, which caught him off guard 

- “Jesus fucKING christ!”

- Cue Tyler being at his door like 30 seconds later 

- “Well I couldn’t find Jesus, I hope I’ll suffice. Whoa, you okay? By the way, the power is out.”

- “I’ve noticed. And I’m just not big fan of thunder.”

- Concerned!Mom! Tyler mode activated 

- “Well how did deal with them back home?”

- “I had my dogs. They would always lay with me. It would be like a giant dog pile” Eth explains, his body tensing up as thunder boomed after every few words

- “Dog pile? I can do dog pile.”

- “Tyler wai-”

- He lays on top of Ethan

- “Like this?”

- He hears a muffled “I can’t breath”

- He rolls onto the bed next to Ethan 

- “Well you said dog pile”

- “Not what I meant”

- “Well would you rather this?”

- He pulls Ethan into his chest

- “Ty, you don’t have to do this”

- “Oh, and why not? If it helps you calm down, I don’t care”

- It stays like this for a few minutes, but the body heat plus the lack of AC makes it hotter than Leo DiCaprio in Titanic 

- “Dear god Tyler, why are you so hot?!”

- “You think I’m hot?”

- Ethan can hear the smirk in his voice

- “Not what I meant”

- “Is it though?”

- Conveniently timed thunder 

- Ethan nuzzling his head in Ty’s neck

- “Hush”

- Tyler ! Kissing ! Ethan’s ! Head ! 

- Happy boys cuddling and falling asleep despite the thunder 


- Somebody def not mark or amy bc they would be terrible friends if they did this tripped their circuit totally not in hopes of getting a certain two people together even though they had no clue if they’d even be awake during the storm or anything

Jacuzzi (’Incidents in Italy’ Part 1)

So, I was watching Chris Kendall’s (Crabstickz) video “Hot boys swimming!” and I was like wow I would really love going swimming with them but you know I would also really like to make out with Dan in a pool/jacuzzi.

Side note: I have a thing for 2012 Dan, so this actually takes place during PJ, Chris, Phil, and Dan’s trip to Italy.

Here’s the link to Chris’s cute video if you want to see: x

Dan Howell x Reader

You first saw him at the hotel. He was eating breakfast with three other guys, who were all incredibly cute. You made your family sit at the table behind theirs just because you couldn’t keep your eyes off him. Once you sat down, you noticed his eyes dart up to yours before you looked away, acting like you didn’t notice. You made a silent promise to stop staring before he got creeped out, but then you realized that he wouldn’t stop looking at you.

Why does he keep making quick glances towards me do I have something on my face is he freaked out am I really that unattractive or do I look good right now is he planning my murder dear God he’s so hot what’s happening

The second time you saw him he smiled at you, and your heart fluttered. You were walking back to your room when you passed him and his rowdy friends in the hotel entrance.

Then you saw him a third time at the outdoor swimming pool–where “Dan” kicked you in the face underwater. It was an accident of course, but he felt horrible. And it didn’t help that your nose bled like crazy, either. The tanned boy ran to get you a first aid kit and almost fell on his face in the process. He was so kind to you; he sat with you while your pain subsided. He introduced himself and his friends, Phil, PJ, and Chris. Dan was hilarious, not to mention extremely attractive. You two got along really well–maybe a little too well. Before you knew it, you had already snuck out of your family’s hotel room to see Dan again, and now you’re furiously making out in the hotel’s jacuzzi at 1:00 AM.

Your wet hands grip Dan’s hair as his mouth sucks on your bottom lip. Christ, his mouth. His lips are too perfect it makes you want to scream. As soon as you saw them you could tell he was a good kisser. He pulls away for a moment, and you let out a disappointed whine at the loss of his perfect kisses.

“Y/N, I just want to say that I really don’t usually do things like this,” he says, slightly out of breath. You look into his eyes and whisper, “…Yeah, me neither.” Barely a second passes before you attack his lips again and he moans quietly. You’re only half-sitting on his lap, but Dan changes that in a second by gripping your waist and pulling you on top of him. He grabs your thighs to push you closer to his body, and you can’t resist rolling your crotch against his. Your name falls off Dan’s lips multiple times in between kisses. You gather from the sound of his voice that he liked that, so you do it again, and again, and again.

Your hands feel up his smooth, bare chest while he attaches his lips to your collarbones. With all your moaning, he finds your weak spot within seconds. You never want him to stop; all you want is to be stuck in this moment forever–sitting on Dan’s thighs in hot water with his wet lips brushing your neck, your hands in his now thick, curly hair, and his glorious low moans flooding your ears.

God damn, this boy will be the death of me.   

Your bikini-covered crotch continues to grind slowly on Dan’s lap, and you can feel him, rock-hard, underneath his swim shorts.

“You like that, Dan?” You say in a low whisper, sucking gently on his earlobe. He grunts in response, then moves his hands from your waist up to your bikini top. His fingers hover hesitantly over your breasts until you grasp his wrists to bring him closer, giving him permission to touch you. As soon as he has his hands on you he squeezes them playfully. You let out a small yelp, and Dan smirks at your reaction. He leaves a trail of kisses and licks down to the valley between your breasts as he continues to massage them with his large hands. You throw your head back in pleasure and pant his name. Fuck. Why is he so perfect?

There’s pressure building in your core, and you need to relieve it. You can tell Dan feels the same because his kisses are getting sloppier, but his hips are moving harder against yours. He lifts his head from your breasts to look at you, his hand tucking back a wet strand of hair from your face. Both of you try to conceal your moans, and Dan gives you one last passionate kiss before you hear a familiar boy’s voice above you.

“Shit,” Dan swears and looks up the side of the hotel building to see Chris leaning over the balcony connected to the boys’ room.

“Found him!” He calls into the room, and Phil and PJ come running out.

“Fuck off, mate!” Dan yells, but you just laugh and hide your face in feigned shame. Dan uncovers your face and pecks you on your cheek before apologising.

“It’s okay, Dan. This just gives us an excuse to see each other again, right?” He grins and strokes your cheek with his thumb.


The End <3

I know it was a short one, but I guess it was more of an “imagine” idk. I didn’t want to do full on smut or anything, just something short and sweet and kinda funny, you know? Thanks for reading!

P.S. I may or may not write a whole story about Dan and a female character in Italy with PJ, Phil, and Chris. I kind of started one, but we’ll see…message me if you’d be interested! I’ve never done something like that before. :)

I keep thinking about Mettaton going to the beach and all the problems that would entail but what haunts me the most is that because he’s a robot and his shoes are pretty much attached he can’t walk well on the sand and has to wear sandals like this

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Gom+kagami+takao playing basketball shirtless with their s/o

omfg /fans self/ YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME imagine aomine omg fck

AKASHI: Akashi had never been ashamed of his body so, when he stripped down to just his basketball shorts on the court, he did it with confidence. You gawked at him for a second, the ball dropping from your hands and rolling away. He smiled at you with ease, knowing exactly what he was doing. “Damn you, Akashi.” And you knew that you wouldn’t even be able to get past him with those goddamn abs of his.

AOMINE: His large frame plus those Greek god abs made a terrific and absolutely distracting combination. You couldn’t help but stare as he ran across the court, his back muscles contracting and his arms practically pulsing. Afterwards, he walked over towards you, wiping his face with his shirt and could not let your staring go by unnoticed. He smirked, “Like what you see?” You called out, “Ahomine!” before hitting him with a bottle.

KAGAMI: Despite his amazingly, perfectly toned body, Kagami wasn’t one to brag about his appearance. Your eyes followed him as he dashed across the court, as he dunked the ball into the hoop, and as he threw up his fist in joy. Dear God, that kind of body should be a crime. “You look really hot,” you bluntly said and he blushed. He turned absolutely red and started stammering, “Well, I think you’re hotter and you know, I’m not comparing you to me because we’re different but you’re hotter.”

KISE: “Ehh, ___-chi, are you staring?” Kise teasingly wiggled his eyebrows at you. He poked your side when you refused to face him because you were too embarrassed. Kise was ripped and that so wasn’t fair. “Kise,” you groaned when he continued to poke you. “I bet you look better than me when you’re shirtless,” Kise grinned brightly at you and you blushed, smacking him.

KUROKO: Although Kuroko’s muscles weren’t as defined as the other Generation of Miracles, he was still incredibly fit and of course, you loved that flat stomach of his and his smaller shoulders. Kuroko blinked a few times when you became unresponsive because you were too busy staring at that ‘V’ of his. “___-chan, are you alright?” He sounded concerned but deep down he knew and was happy of what you were thinking of.

MIDORIMA: You smirked at Midorima when he had shrugged off his shirt. He was in the middle of the court, preparing to shoot, when you yelled out, “Shin-chan, you look super hot!” He stumbled slightly and nearly missed the shot. After the shot sunk in, he sputtered to you, “Don’t yell out embarrassing things like that, idiot!” He then proceeded to march away to hide his tomato-red face.

MURASAKIBARA: Staring back at you, Murasakibara wondered why you were spacing out. He wiped his bangs away from his face and asked, “___-chin, what are you looking at?” You instantly blushed and shook your head, muttering out ‘nothing over and over’. When he realized that you were staring at his abs, he smiled and took your hand, placing it on his stomach. “You can touch, you know.”

TAKAO: No one could ever deny how dashing Takao looked whenever he played basketball. And no one could ever, ever deny how terribly hot he looked when he played basketball. Shirtless. He noticed you ogling him and grinned brightly, “Ne, ___-chan, let’s do something fun after this!” His eyes twinkled mischievously, promising the dirty deeds to come.

Badass girlfriends? Yes please

I was feeling super inspired and remembered your kickass post and so I wrote a little thing for it :’D


God, she hurt.

Her arms ached and her legs felt as though she would collapse any minute, her shoulders were heaving with the strain of breathing and her hands were slick with blood.

She brought a palm to her face and wiped fresh crimson from her nose, icy eyes darting from left to right, surveying the situation.

A soft metal clunk sounded behind her and she smiled. Her skin was broken and torn, her clothes ripped and stained, but she had her back to the person she trusted her life with more than anyone else, and no amount of lethal beasts circling the two girls was going to break that trust.

They were at a standoff. Black corpses littered the clearing like trash and the grass was stained red with thick scarlet liquid oozing from gaping holes in obsidian fur. The smell filled the air.

Weiss watched one half of the wall of claws and teeth while Ruby covered the other, her light panting carrying to the heiresses ears over the low drone of hundreds of Beowolves growling at the backs of their throats. She had half a mind to tell them to shut up, but any provocation could signal their end.

Ah, who gave a damn about that? If she was going to die here the least she could do for herself was to make sure she had no regrets.

Weiss spun on her heel and grabbed her partner by the shoulders, whirling the younger girl around to face her without a word. The cry of surprise died on Rubys lips the second she saw the look in Weiss’ eyes. Red streaked down once-perfect skin and her usually pristine ponytail was a mess, her lip was bleeding and her cheek was scratched and bruised. And yet, there was nothing to show she was exhausted in the kiss she planted against Rubys lips.

Grabbing her partner by the collar, Weiss pressed her mouth against Rubys own and pulled the girl closer still, reveling in the heat sending waves through her battered body. She kept one eye barely open to see silver orbs first widen in shock and vanish beneath their lids as Ruby fell into the embrace, fully reacting to Weiss’ advance in the best way possible. It felt incredible, both physically and otherwise and she loved it.

She loved how Ruby tasted in her mouth and how the hand around her waist clung to her tightly as if she belonged to her leader, the sheer notion of being owned by a girl of all people sending thrills down her spine. What would daddy say?

Her lips curved into a smirk at the thought and she parted slowly, catching the lingering pleasure in Rubys eyes and feeling the strand of saliva still linking them together on her lip.

Weiss shuddered internally at the liberating feeling and turned back to face their enemies, a sly smile painting her face all the while she launched herself at the waiting Grimm.

Ruby took just a second to watch her partner begin to resume the slaughter before she raised her scythe to join the massacre.

She chuckled under her breath and powered her way towards the charging beasts, a single thought resounding in her head.

God, she felt good.


Marvel High School

Part 1

“Welcome to Hell School.”

“Yes, sir,” you sighed, pressing the phone to your ear. “No, sir. Okay, sir. Yes, sir, we’ll be on the lookout. Okay, sir. Good bye sir.” you hung up, sighing again, and rubbing your eyes. It felt like every moment since you joined S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of last school year, you were getting a phone call from your boss, the Director, Phil Coulson. He always wanted to know if had seen anything out of ordinary, if you were practicing your fighting, if you were ready for your first day of school, if… BLAH BLAH BLAH. He had basically become your third parent, but you loved your new team.

Daisy Johnson, a senior and your team mate, chuckled besides you and you slammed your locker shut. “Is DC getting on your nerves?” she teased, her brown eyes bright with amusement. The older girl was the leader of your team based at the Lee High School, called the “Secret Warriors”. You had three other kids on your team. Lincoln, a newbie like you and a senior, who you thought was in a secret relationship with Daisy. Jemma Simmons, who along with her best friend Leo Fitz, were two seniors who were two of the smartest people you’ve ever known. One of the older agents, Melinda May, posed as the AP Government teacher, and your coordinator with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. And you? Well, you were the scared junior on your first day who didn’t quite know where you fit in yet.

“Just a little bit. It’s like he’s my third parent,” you joked, leaning against the wall, as Daisy dug in her locker.

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” her voice was muffled, as half of body was stuck in the locker. She suddenly popped back out, a triumphant look on her face as she pulled out her Pre-Calc book. “Are you nervous for your first day, (Y/N)?” she asked, shutting her locker, and stuffing her text book into her backpack.

You groaned, biting your lip. “And you just had to remind me.” the other girl laughed, and you sighed. “A little bit, I guess,” you admitted. “It’s such a huge school, and my other one was only a 1A.”

Daisy gave you a sympathetic look, and gave you a hug. “Hey, it’ll be fine. Just keep a look out for some of the more troubling students. Like Pietro Maximoff and Remy Lebeau.” there was an annoyed tone to her voice, and her face scrunched up.

“Oh? What do they-” you were interrupted as the bell rang, signaling five minutes to the start of first period.

“Well, you better get to class!” Daisy gave you one last hug, before walking away. She suddenly turned back, and devious smile on her face.  “Oh, and before I forget, welcome to Hell School!”


As you stood outside your first period class, you could feel your heart beating wildly in your chest, and whole body started to shake. Calm down, (Y/N), you scolded yourself. Just take a deep breath and walk in there. Doing just that, you pulled the door open and stepped in right before the bell rang.

Immediately, all eyes were on you as the teacher paused in taking role. He was a bigger man, with large glasses, and glassy eyes.  “Ah, yes,” he said, his voice tinged with a slight British accent. “You must be (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I presume?” he raised a hairy eyebrow, annoyance clear in his voice. You could tell you weren’t going to get along.

“Yes, sir,” you replied, sarcasm clear in your voice. His eyes narrowed at you, and you could hear some snickering in the back of the class.

“Well, welcome to AP Junior English, also known as the hardest class you’ll take in your whole life. My name is Mr. Rowan, and I’ll be the hardest teacher you’ll ever have in your whole life. At the moment, we are on our Shakespeare unit, and are currently reading Julius Caesar. You can get a book at the school library, and you can sit with-” he stopped in his rapid speech, and his eyes scanned the classroom. He finally settled on someone in the very back of the classroom, and a smirk spread across his face. “-Mr. LeBeau.”

Oh no, you thought, as a feeling of dread spread through you. This was one of the troublemakers Daisy had warned you about just moments ago. Oh dear God no, you thought again, as a sleepy head stirred. He’s hot. This Mr. Remy LeBeau had tousled brown hair with a goldish hint to it, and bright brown eyes that were visible, even in the gloomy light of the classroom.

“Yes?” came a sleepy, and equally raspy, voice, tinged with a New Orleans accent, that matched his handsome looks.

“Very kind of you to join us, Remy,” the teacher answered dryly. “I was just explaining to our new student, Ms/Mr. (Y/N), that you will be helping her/him catch up in this class. Now, you’ve already taken up enough of my time, so please sit down (Y/N), and pay close attention.” Mr. Rowan turned away from you, as if as soon as you were introduced and taken care of, you disappeared.

“Of course, teach,” you muttered under your breath, as you shuffled towards your seat at the back of the class. A few students sent you a friendly gaze, and a girl with short bright red hair and dark brown eyes stood out.

Throwing your backpack on the table, you sat down with a sigh and turned towards your sleepy table mate. “So, what’s the deal with Julius Caesar?” you asked, getting right to the point, and trying to ignore his devastating good looks.

Remy raised an eyebrow, leaning closer to you. “Do you usually open a conversation like dis, cher?” he asked, his voice dripping with honey. Up close, he was even more breathtaking. A chiseled jaw that was speckled with brown hair, and collar bones that stuck out of his loose fitting red shirt.

Mentally slapping yourself, you rolled your eyes. “Just tell me what’s going on in this class, so I can get caught up, fly boy.” your eyes flitted to the clock, and as you realized you still had forty-five minutes left in this class, and you groaned.

“Fly boy?” he questioned, letting out a little laugh. “So you must be a nerd, then.” His brown eyes flickered with amusement, as the teacher drolled on in the front of the classroom.

You huffed, and crossed you arms. “Listen here, LeBeau,” you made it quite clear you had no intentions of ever calling him by his first name. “I’m tired, stressed, and all I want to know is where we’re at in this stupid, bloody book. Got it?”

Remy sighed, and leaned back in his chair. “Well, you ain’t gonna make dis fun, are you? But soon enough, you’ll be beginn’ for old Remy to talk to you.”


As soon as the bell rang, signalling the end of first period, you bolted out of there. For the rest of class, Remy had made a sarcastic comment after everything Mr. Rowan said. You had tried to at least get down a couple of sentences of notes, but damn it, that Cajun was chatting loud enough to distract you, but quiet enough so that Mr. Rowan couldn’t hear. Sighing, you walked down the hall towards your locker.

Just as you were about to walk around the corner to grab your AP Calculus book from your locker, you mowed down by a boy, running faster than anyone you had ever seen. He stopped right next to where you fell, a shocked expression on his face. “That wasn’t supposed to happen,” his voice thick with an accent, and he peered down at you. His blue eyes were wide with shock, and his mouth parted. “I wasn’t supposed to stop.”

“Well,” you grumbled, rubbing your head, as you picked you backpack off the ground. “You weren’t supposed to run me down either.”

“Oh,” his face started to color, as he realized he was just staring down at you as you tried to get up. “Let me help you,” he offered you a hand, hiding his shocked expression, with a charming smile.

You had to admit, he gave Remy a run for his money. The speedster had shockingly blue eyes, paired with thick lashes that any girl would be jealous of, and delicious looking pink lips. He was tall, very well built, and, the most shocking thing about him, was his hair. It looked like a bad dye job. It was mostly white, mixed in with bits and pieces of brown. Shaking yourself out of your lusty daze, you grabbed his offered hand, pulling yourself up. “Thanks. I guess I can forgive you now for nearly running me over,” you joked, and he blushed again, his whole pale face going pink.

“Oh, I, eh, I’m sorry about that,” he admitted, as you let go of his hand. “I’m Pietro. And you are?”

The same sinking feeling you had felt when Remy had introduced himself, was felt doubled. This was the other trouble maker Daisy had warned me about? you scoffed. But he’s so sweet. “(Y/N).” you replied, and he took your hand again. Instead of just shaking it, he brought it up to his lips, and kissed it. Your eyes went wide, and he let out a wild laugh.

Ah, so here’s the trouble making side. “Well, I hope we see more of each other. You won’t be able to get enough of me, no?” And with that, and a wink, he sped off, leaving you dumbfounded as the bell signalling second period rang.

What is wrong with this school?


Sam Winchester Smut- Stars View

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      Walking into some fancy 5 star restaurant, yours and Sam’s muddy boots and flannels didn’t fit in. Sam’s arm around your waist, you tried not to laugh at all the pretentious rich people in the building.

****     Embracing the stares you got from the rich, you and Sam sat and talked, eating your steaks in peace. Laughing at the mocking tone he used to describe the elder men and women in the restaurant, you tried to hold in giggles. Failing, you busted up laughing, the tables around you staring.

   Sam laughed along side you, enjoying your mere existence. “You know..” Sam began, looking up from his plate. “Yeah?” You asked, looking him in the eyes, your tone completely comfortable. “I’m just-I’m just so glad you picked me. I mean, all the guys that watch you at bars and when we’re in a town, I just. I’m so lucky…” Sam spoke sincerely, his eyes smiling like his lips. A huge smile came across your lips, your eyes starting to form tears. “I love you..” You said, reaching over the table and grabbing his hand. It was the only way you knew how to put all your feeling in a short way.


   Sam’s thumb was running over your knuckles while you laid on the hood of the Impala. Parked on a dead end gravel road, you and Sam were watching the star filled sky. “Hey Y/N…” Sam whispered, the night still and silent. “Yeah, baby?” You asked,  looking over at his profile. He looked flawless, his face barely lit by the moon. “Will you..” Sam paused to pull a red velvet box out of his jacket, sliding off the hood and dropping to one knee. As you sat up, your hand flew to your mouth. “Will you be my wife?” Sam opened the box,  revealing a small silver ring. Your breathing got heavy as you started to cry. “Yes…” Your voice was shaky as you held out your hand. Sliding the ring on your finger, Sam opened your legs, holding your hips as he kissed your lips.

   Leaning back slowly, Sam pulled you down to him. You felt your hips meet his as he leaned over you, grabbing your jaw with his hand. Holding you sweetly, he wrapped an arm around your waist, slowly pulling you up. Leaning into his familiar soft lips, you gripped the back of his neck, pulling him into you harshly.

    Sam’s hand started to slowly roam down your side, one holding you up. You kissed his jaw, slowly traveling down to his neck. As you kissed and sucked on one place, Sam’s hands flew up your shirt holding your sides harshly. The way his fingers dug into your skin was euphoric, but also agitating. “Sam please touch me..” You moan breathing as Sam got close to your ear.

     Kissing the sweet spot right behind your ear, Sam’s voice was low and seductive. “Baby girl I’m going to do much” Sam pulled you so close it hurt, his grip on your thighs bound to leave marks, “more than touch you.” Sam bit down on your earlobe, pulling at the skin before he pulled away, kissing you in a lustful way you had never seen.

      Continuing to kiss his neck, you began on his collar bone, unbuttoning his flannel. Trying not to be distracted by your hands, Sam was unbuttoning your jeans. “S-Sam…” You moaned, wanted him to touch you. Wanting him to drive you crazy like he knew to. “I got you baby girl…” Sam reconnected your lips before quickly pulling away and moving your panties so he could swipe your folds with his index finger.

   "Now baby.. “ Sam said as your back arched. He used his fingers to spread your wetness, devouring the knowledge that he was the cause of the glossy liquid. Your hand gripped at his forearm that was holding you up as he placed one finger at your entrance, pushing it in slowly. "Good girl ..” Sam said, his finger going at a medium pace. You scratched at his arm, moaning loudly. “You’re not cumming yet…” Sam said, holding his thumb against your exposed clit. His pace sped up as he smiled down at you, your walls getting tighter. “That’s my girl…” He said ass you came, juices flowing down your thigh.

   Embracing the hot liquid as it slid down your leg, you pushed your pants down, pulling Sam closer to your core. “Sammy… please just bury yourself inside me..” You were fiddling with his belt as he smiled down at you, watching you struggle in anxiousness.     

       As you pushed his jeans down, his manhood stood tall and thick, dripping from the tip. You laid back, opening your legs completely for him. “Dear God..” You groaned as the cold night air met your hot core. Holding his cock in his hands, Sam pumped himself a few times, before he spread you wide with his fingers, rubbing his tip up and down your hot folds. You were moaning harshly, trying to find something to grip as he continued his action.     

      As Sam glided in with ease, every inch stretching you a bit more, you grabbed his shoulders, scratching down the sides.  Sam began to thrust, slow but hard. He pushed in fast, stretching you out quick then slowly letting you get smaller again when he pulled out.      

       Sam pulled out as you whined from the loss of contact. Slowly, he spread your slit with his tip, running it up and down, circling your clit. Finally pushing back in, Sam started to pound into you, as if his emotions were being transferred through sex. Raking your nails down his back, you came hard, your whole body shaking as you try to come down.              

       Sam came right after you, holding you close, trying to get you to calm down. Your breathing had slowed but you still felt a need for him. As you laid there in his arms, your body wrapped around him, your shaking finally stopped. “I love you.” Sam said sweetly, pulling you in by to your jaw to kiss you.

Food and better things (Harry)

*Warning: Smut

There is something settling and not, at the same time, about the idea of crawling into his lap and finding home. Like a bad day isn’t so bad anymore if he’s waiting on the end of it wearing that smile that you love so much. His hair is pushed off his face held by, by as far as you can judge, your sky blue scrunchie. However seeing as there are more pressing matters at hand you let his little theft slide by as you crawl over and snuggle up to him.

“The world is a terrible place.” You say, into his neck and you hear him giggle at that. “I’m never going out there.”

“Good thing I have the fridge stocked up then.”

“You know that I love you, don’t you?”

“Because I bring you food. Very flattering, sweets.”

“No, it’s because,” you pull back, untangle your legs from around his waist and sit on your calves as he open his legs so you are on the couch, no more on him. “Because you’re willing to hide me in here. And bring me food.”

“So the food’s still the priority.”

“Always.” You laughed feeling the weight lifted, only if by a little, off your shoulders leaving you complacent now although insignificantly. “But if you have a better offer..”

He pinched your cheeks with his forefinger and thumbs each side to smile genuinely, pecking lightly on the nose. “This better?”

“No where near.” You bared your teeth only to poke your tongue out and he was left with nothing but to squeeze your tiny face in his hands and lick you back. Boy he was quick. You burst out laughing at that and he didn’t have another option because yes your laugh is contagious. Perhaps even the best sound in the world to him.

“I love you.” He says back to you. Just as you look around your brain for a response to that sparkly eyed boy staring at you, he slips his hands to the back of your waist, intertwines his fingers holding you firm. His warmth seeping in through your flimsy gym top and ‘those darn yoga pants’ as he himself likes to call it. “That’s a reason good enough.”

“I just had something else in mind.” You exhaled loud feigning discouragement and laying your head back on his chest.

His silent laughter does not go unnoticed, increased heart rate is an give away. That and the deep rumble in his chest at your sexual innuendo.

“You’re sex mad.”

“Whatever.” You say back, too tired to give him a proper comeback. Too lazy to shove playfully him either. While you think strolling into the kitchen to grab yourself a bottle of water is a good idea, your amusing boyfriend finds three more of the said items and start juggling. Why you find his actions turning you on is a mystery to you.

“Too bad those hands could have been doing some better work.” You taunted him.

“They still can. You like my hands.” Although he adds the latter part of his speech as a question, it’s more of an assertion.

Quietly he settles the bottles down and hugs you from behind, slowly dragging his lips over the shell of your ear going lower and breathing heavy. And hot. Dear God he’s too close for you to be thinking with any clarity.

His hands are splayed over your stomach rubbing delightfully slow until he slips them inside and starts to bunch the material of your top higher and higher over your front. In a matter of second you’re about top half naked seeing as you can’t even remember when he snapped your bra off, too consumed by his occasional kiss, bite, pull mantra at your ear lobe. He finds his way to your chest and the way he’s working to elicit any sound or indication of pleasure from you, you resent your previous comment about his hands. They’re not just good, oh no no, that’s an understatement. His hands are sin.

He squeezes and pulls on your nipple while his lips move just an inch lower, behind your ear, on your pulse point and he’s leaving little wet kisses all around. That’s it, the breaking point. Your hands fly up, a meagre attempt at covering his large ones, as tiny as yours are in comparison. You egg him to be as rough as he knows you can take and you’re moaning until you turn around and kiss him. Kiss him to make him feel the ache, the passion, the fervour. You pull him close to you running your fingers through his hair only to release an exasperated sigh at his stupid, if you may add, manbun.

You snap the hair tie off his head and before he’s had a chance of complaining about it, you’re kissing him again. Nibbling and sucking on his lips until he has to pull back, breathe.

“Are you smoking something I don’t know about?”

“No.” You were beyond mad at him for that’s twice now that he’s joked about you wanting to have sex with him.

You huff, turn on your heels easily forgetting about the little scene of raw emotions that you just went through. Or that your chest was flushed with embarrassment and you didn’t even have a tshirt to cover yourself. You settled with mentally bashing yourself up over it and walked into your room. Stripping out of what was left that you were wearing, you fished out one of his freshly laundered snug grey tshirt to slip on. Nothing underneath. He walked right after, seeing you cover yourself up with his clothes and there’s just a tiny fleeting moment of joy that swells his heart with love for you, although he may never admit that.

“I’m sorry, kitten.” He tells you. His eyes dance with mischief replaying the moment from a second ago from when he saw your naked bum until his baggy shirt covered it. “Come here.”

He lets you sit on the bed while he kneels on the floor and you smile back at him knowing all to well what’s to come. Yet he takes your hands in his and kisses your knuckles allowing his lips to linger just a second longer than necessary. He then opens your palms to him and rewards them a kiss each.

“Harry -” Before you’re allowed to finish a sentence that took a lot of self control to form, he shushes you and pushes you back on the bed. He opens your legs to him, your modesty hidden under the gray fabric still.

“So about the better offer,” his charming grin is back, in full swing too. He drags the tshirt up, only slightly so he has a view, a treat for his eyes, one that makes his mouth water. He shifts closer, running his hot, wet tongue torturously slowly over first until he takes the clit into his mouth and you fall into the bed hard. He is sucking and licking and it’s all a combination of the right sensations that are flooding through you. You’re on the edge, both literally and metaphorically, moaning and his name leaves your lips in a chant. It’s the only thing you know and feel in the moment. His mouth on you, eating you out as your thighs are gripped harshly by his long fingers. Your hands are thrashing around looking for something, anything, to hold and they’re yet again comfortably tugging his hair. It’s at a time that you just happen to pull at him hard and he groans against you. You could swear you almost jutted off the bed into another dimension and that’s all it took, to push you over your edge. Your moans are heavier, louder and he’s faster and then you’re everywhere. Your legs tight, your hair haphazard over the pillow, your feet on the bed and well, your climax dripping.

When he pulls back he’s smiling like the devil he is, wiping his lips and kissing his way to your lips. When he’s close the base of your neck, somewhere around your collarbone you hear him.

“I didn’t even use my hands.” When you look down and him, up he’s smirking that cocky one and your yank on his hair to pull his lips to yours. Tasting yourself on his tongue, lips is unbelievably hot. And twisted, in some universe but not this. Here you can be as unholy and filthy as you could want and he’d satisfy you if it was the last thing he had to do.

“It’s not you.” You kept the banter going. “I’m just awfully easy tonight.”

“Is that so?” He smiling into the kiss and there go the butterflies. Funny how that turned out! He gave you an orgasm and yet a kiss gets you all these funny feels in the stomach.

“Yes, very much so.” As distracted as you are by the gymnastics in your lower belly, he finds the perfect opportunity and slips his two fingers in. Your climax makes it easier for so and the fullness that comes with it, it’s satisfying. His thumb finds your clit and he’s easing his way in and out and rubbing you still. The tension starts to build up again, quicker than before and it’s before you can comprehend that you’re moaning his name loud again and coming for him, for a second time now.


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{ hella weather with a hella man }
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AU: Summer, Water Park
Pairing: Aomine x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1425
A/N: I got carried away with my second hubz, but enjoy!

The things you would do for some extra cash for a new fall wardrobe. At this moment, even wearing your ratty and torn old t-shirts sounds just fine. You huffed as you once again faced your unbelievably lazy ass, but also undeniably hot, boss. Dear God. “Aomine, couldn’t you at least help some of us with cleaning the kiddy pool? It’s a tiny thing.”

He didn’t even glance up from his magazine when he yawned, “Nah, I’m good here. It’s a managerial perk, babe.” His eyes flicked upwards for a second when he didn’t hear the sound of the door closing. “Heh, you’re pretty cute.”

Rolling your eyes, you marched out of there. You knew what a ridiculous flirt Aomine could be and was not about to get involved in his bullshit. Sure he was hot and all — okay maybe he wasn’t just hot, he was smoking, boiling super goddamn hot — but he was still a lazy-ass jerk. He never did anything during the day and refused to help any of you. Hence, along with your coworker, you scrubbed that kiddy pool squeaky clean.

You hated the water to be honest. You’ve always been afraid of it. Maybe it was due to the fact that your mom had forced you to swim when you were younger, when your legs barely had any length, which caused you to drown. Now, just the thought of going into a filled swimming pool scared the hell out of you. So God knows why you decided to work at a freaking water park with a freaking boss who wouldn’t do shit.

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-Dr. Deaton

Kira omg

Isaac doesn’t have any family … but he got McCall’s

“its me I swear to god its me” no no no it not him Scot don’t trust him

Scot showing his alpha….  AWESOME

 Peter talking to Lydia mom, leave them alone you ass

Derek and Argent ..dear god so hot

 Danny: “what the hell are you doing’‘  twin: ” I missed you’' 

 coach shot

Derek and Argent cuffed together

 ’’ I’m the spark that lit your fire sweetheart’’ … HOW TO EXPLAIN MY EMOTIONS FOR LYDIA AND PETER

 bomb craziness

 Alison protecting her girl

 ’'your not just an uncle’’

 bomb in the station  no no no Derek no Argent no

 Derek protected him even after saying he is not going to

Malia  is Peters daughter yes yes yes…  Jeff I love you

nooooooooooooooo Scot noooooooooo

 no stiles don’t do that no please

and one more thing …. advice on how to survive this show !!!