dear god whyyyyyyyyy

(Not) Keeping it Together

These are my reactions/thoughts to the episode in question and not a rating on the episodes quality. So the newest episode of Steven Universe in the Steven Bomb 2.0 and… OH DEAR GOD. (SPOILERS BELOW) 

The episode was great but OH GOD the nightmares I’m gonna have. So… in the episode Steven and the Gems go to the Kindergarten and find Peridot and as awesome as that would be what happens next isn’t, so Steven and Garnet go underground and find what is essentially PIECES of lost Crystal Gems FORCED into fusion. 

These gems whose physical forms are what would happen if you decided to make a body out of nothing but humans odds and ends are HORRIFYING 

especially for Garnet seeing how Garnet herself is a Fusion, and her reaction is rightfully disturbing to the point of breaking down. 

Garnet after defeating the gems is scared and angry reflected in how she speaks as Sapphire

and as Ruby 

and it is quite heart breaking seeing how she is so at odds with herself when most of the time Garnet is at peace and for lack of better term whole. 

Later on Garnet goes on to tell Steven how Fusion is a matter of choice and that those gems didn’t have a choice, how it was wrong of homeworld to force “fusion” and that because these gems had no choice it wasn’t true fusion. So as I’m watching this a thought comes across my head “How horrible it must be to be forced into being one being, god it reminds me of… of- 




So yeah I’m gonna go lay down in a security blanket and look at pictures of kittens and flowers for about 2 hours. Oh man we still have two more episodes We’re all gonna die.