dear god what is this abomination

Goat Emoji Review

Such realism yet dull colors. Him fat. A squishy companion. His eyes however look soulless and void. Save him 3/5

Oh wow. A chibi goat. Big ol head friend. cute and to the point. Why is he sad tho? Someone hug him. 4/5

what the heck. This is no goat. This is an impostor. what is that on him chin. This is all wrong. Why only three legs? WHERE IS HIS NOSE. Start over 1/5

Such gradient. Who took his mouth? His hind leg is broken. Dear gods fix this poor guy…..where….his…..ears….?? 0/5

This is a prehistoric cave drawing of a goat. This is highly  acceptable for the circumstances. Very stylized. 3/5

WHAT TEH FOOK. NO THIS IS A SIN. THIS IS NOT A GOAT THIS IS SATAN HIMSELF. Why are his ears so PINK. That GAZE. My soul burns. Never Again -0.5/5

 The perfect boy. Look at that smug smirk. I wouldnt trust him with my kids though. So amazing. round boy too. Sinsational 5/5 

What. no. This is a…not goat. I dont even know what this is. This is an abomination. Give him more legs and EARS and NOSE and MOUTH why have CAT TAIL 0/5

CAT TAIL STILL, okay but this is upgrade hooves now included. need a face though. Missing key face parts. 2/5

No.png -5/5

I’ll Follow You Anywhere

Title: I’ll Follow You Anywhere

Rating: K+

AN: Some Peter Maximoff x reader fluff (one shot)

Warnings: Slight Apocalypse spoilers, but not really since I changed it up a bit.

Word Count: 1,222

“Alright everyone, today we’re going to try something a bit different,” Raven’s voice echoed through the room. Her boots clicked as she paced in front you and your suited-up team; Kurt, Peter, Jean, Scott, and Ororo. Training in the danger room was an everyday occurrence, so you wondered what your teachers had in store today.

The sound of wheels drew everyone’s attention to the door; Hank was rolling in something that looked suspiciously like a smaller version of Cerebro.

“This,” Charles gestured to the machine, “is a new invention of ours. Hank and I created a Cerebro-inspired machine that can be accessed by all mutants, not just myself. What is does, well, it will find your worst fear and then simulate it. What we wish to accomplish here today is to help you all take one step closer to conquering your fears; and doing so in front of us all will bring this team closer on a mental level.”

“We don’t want this to be an embarrassing activity; it should be one of self discovery and bonding,“ Hank continued, plugging in cords and flipping switches. After some tinkering, Hank turned with a sheepish smile, holding a silver helmet out to the young teens. "So….who want’s the first go?”

The group just looked at each other, wide eyed, until finally someone broke the silence. “V-vell, I guess I vill,” Kurt stepped up, voice wavering slightly. As Hank prepared the scared boy, you gave him a clap on the back and a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, Blue, we’re all friends here.”

The entire danger room went dark. As your eyes struggled to adjust, a spotlight shone down. It landed on a quivering body in the middle of an open ring. Jean gasped to your right, and then you saw it: it was Kurt. Not the real one standing in front of you, but an image of him. It showed him being laughed at, pushed around, being pelted with assorted bottles and cans. It showed his life in the circus. It showed him being exploited for his looks and abilities. Your blood boiled as the image faded and the room regained its normal look, and poor Kurt crumbled to his knees and ripped off the helmet. Charles moved to where the shaken boy sat and gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

“You did so well, Kurt, you did so well. Don’t let this define you. Don’t let your past prevent you from reaching the future you deserve, and by God don’t ever be ashamed of how you look, because you are not an abomination.” Charles looked at everyone. “Mutant and proud.”

It went along like that for hours. Someone would go up, reveal and endure their worst fear, then you all would help console each other. Jean feared losing control of her powers. Scott was scared of losing those he held dear. Ororo feared being manipulated again, like she was with Apocalypse, and Peter was scared the most of simply not being fast enough.

Finally, all eyes turned to you. Up until this point, you had yet to pinpoint what you were truly afraid of. It seemed so far  everyone’s was different, so as Raven placed the helmet on your head, you couldn’t help the uneasiness you felt. As the machine lit up, you closed your eyes and let it search your mind.

The room dimmed, and when you opened your eyes, nothing seemed to be there. You looked around you at your friends, then all of a sudden an explosion sounded overhead. The room had turned into a war zone, but a very familiar one. Your blood ran cold as the X-Men’s fight with Apocalypse unfolded before you, and if felt as though you were right there on the battlefield again.

The scene flickered and changed to one more chilling, and you felt your heart stop. Apocalypse had Peter trapped. When the speedster’s leg was broken was when you snapped. “Turn it off,” you croaked, turning around to see everyone’s shocked and terrified faces; no one looking more confused than Quicksilver himself. Sparing a glance back at the horrific scene, you audibly gasped as Apocalypse barreled down on Peter, hitting him again and again and again and you couldn’t take it. Your chest squeezed and you couldn’t breathe. You tried to rip the helmet off, but Hank shouted.

“The simulation is still running! If you take it off…. w-well, I’m not sure what could happen, but that’s the point!” He looked at you with a saddened expression. “It has to finish. I’m so sorry.”

Apocalypse threw Peters limp body to the ground and you screamed, falling to your hands and knees. A gush of air was felt, and the real Peter appeared at your side. He held your head to face him.

“Look at me. Don’t look away from me.”

“I can’t do this,” you cried, gripping his arms. “Turn it off!! Please, make it stop!”

Peter held you as his simulated counterpart cried out before being turned to dust.

Hank stumbled over apologies as he unhooked you from the machine. Charles and Raven remained speechless, as the vivid images still stunned them. Kurt prayed, Ororo held her head in her hands, and Scott held a shaking Jean.

Catching your breath didn’t come easy, but soon you were able to look Peter in the eye without taking large gasps of air. His mouth open and closed for a minute, before choosing his words carefully.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Was what he finally decided upon.

“In all honesty, I’m just as surprised as you are. But…figuring out you mean the world to me is not so surprising.” You mumbled the last part.

Pulling you away to arms length, Peter stared down at you. His head was tilted, eyebrows knitted together, and it seemed that for once in his life he didn’t know what to say. Suddenly he tilted his head back and laughed. His eyes betrayed him as he started to cry. Looking at you with a teary-eyed smile, he wiped a rough hand over his face.

“Y/N, God, see what you do to me?” He reeled you in for a hug, and squeezed you like he would never let you go. “I, never in a million years, thought that I would be able to score a chick like you. Don’t you ever worry about me, okay babe? Because I’m never going anywhere. I’ll always be here, alright? Because once you have me, I’m never leaving your sight.” He laughed, grabbing your cheeks and pressing your foreheads together.

“I don’t care if you’re on a mission, walking down the hallway, taking a shit, I don’t care! I’m following you forever, babe. You’re stuck with me now,” he smiled, blinking away the rest of his tears. “Is that okay?”

“Yes,“ you cleared your throat, grabbing the sides of Peter’s face, nodding frantically. He grinned, picking you up and in a fraction of a second you both were in his room. He laid on his bed, prompting you to do the same.

Getting cozy next to Peter, you both looked into each other’s eyes. Fiddling with your fingers with one hand and the other weaving its way through your hair, he flashed a lopsided grin.

“You know I wasn’t kidding about the bathroom thing, right?”

anonymous asked:

I need some advice? I was raised religious and still believe in said religion but the people are not very queer friendly. I personally don't feel like queer people are sinning and everything else they say, but for some reason it believe that about myself. I feel like I'm an abomination and going against God. I feel like I'll never be happy because I am non binary and pan. They don't believe I exist. They think I'm confused. Because I'm polygender no matter what gender I'm attracted to its (1/2)

gay which means I’m going to hell. I hate myself and I hate being queer. I wish I could be their straight cisgender child. Yet, for any other lgbtqia+ person I don’t feel like this. I view them as natural and right and good by God. Why can’t I accept myself? (2/2) 

My dear pan polygender child, 

I understand how you feel, i’ve battled with the same problem for a long time. It’s much easier to accept others than to accept yourself! 

While religious and homophobic are often seem as synonymous, it is my utmost belief that God, no matter how the individual religion may interpret Him, loves all His children equally and that religion is based on love, never on hate - and i’m not the only one who believes that. 

In fact, every big religion i can think of has lgbt+-members and lgbt+-friendly members and those lovely people created resources. You didn’t state which religion you believe in, so i’ll write down several ones:

Christianity: I love  @queerly-christian here on tumblr, they’re great at explaining things! @queertheology is another great blog. Here you can find an affirming church and here’s a list with more resources

Islam: islamandhomosexuality and here’s a list with many others

Jewish: jqyouth and jewishlgbtnetwork

Buddhist:  Gay Buddhist Fellowship

Here’s a list with more resources (Multi-Faith)

Internalized hate and lgbt+-phobia aimed at oneself can be hard to get rid of but it is certainly possible. It may sound cliche but little exercises for self-love may help, such as: When you catch yourself thinking negatively about yourself, stop and imagine you were talking to your best friend. Would you talk to them that way? No, this won’t help immediately and yes, it’ll feel ridiculous at first but over time, it can really help. 

I hope you’ll feel better about yourself soon, you deserve to love yourself <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom