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About that Junkrat anon about phantom pains, Can you do a scenario with S/O comforting him or, if not S/O, a fatherly roadhog?? Please?

oH I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE THE ASK BEFORE THIS ONE!!! oh god i feel so terrible now here you go dear<333

Sometimes, Junkrat wish he was more careful. A life of not risking things would be so much better than the pain he felt in his arm and leg. He was okay with missing his limbs, he’d accepted it. But the days he had those phantom pains, he hated them and he hated his choices in life. 
He always found himself curled up in a ball under a blanket, his tears staining the pillow his head rested on as he hugged his stump of an arm to his chest. His breathing was fast and ragged, he was actually sweating from this. All he expected that day was pain and his own self-loathing, not his s/o crawling into the bed next to him and wrapping their arms around his torso with their chest resting on his back. 
“ Ssh.. “ They’d coo softly to him as the reached up to wipe away the tears on his face. “ You’re going to be okay, Jamie. I know it hurts, it’ll go away. “
And in that moment, Junkrat didn’t hate all of his life choice.

aaaaa i hope you like this, i’m sorry it’s a bit short but i’m writing this as i’m extremely tired!! again i am so so sorry i didn’t see your ask before, thank you for the ask!!! i apologize again <333

I love Shimada brother comics because dear god, I feel like Hanzo 100% of the time I hang out with my sister. This girl. She is Genji. 

She goes about in “GENIUS” crop sweaters and (not matching) yoga capris with neon blue stripes on the side, spends forever getting ready, stacks shit all over her desk, literally does whatever she wants, claims my bed once I’ve made it, and sometimes surprises me with “Aww, you look so pretty today~” 

And she’s so forgiving and patient… How on earth does a person do that? 

I’ve always feel weirdly detached from paleontology vs geology and been somewhat guilty.when people wave their t-rexs around with their megalodon teeth. I get why they’re super cool, but nothing holds my attention more than a nice series of faults. I just- just- just-

Or some folds

Dear dinos hold me

s s s s


As the years go by

I race the clock with you

But if you died right now

You know that I’d die too, I’d die too…

You remind me of the times 

When I knew who I was

But still the second hand will catch us, like it always does

-Until The Day I Die by Story of the Year

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Sherlock. While you were walking around in the park, you saw Irene dining with a man in a restaurant. They look cozy, sweet, and quite couple-y. Then, the man bends on one knee and proposes. Irene kisses him ardently and says yes. What would you do?

Sherlock Holmes
I’d walk straight over to them and shake the man’s hand firmly and congratulate him because he had just became engaged to a wonderful human being. And I’d kiss Irene’s cheek because if she was so quick to say yes she clearly would have to love him, and I’d be happy for her. I only want the people I love to be happy.