dear god so good


So, the fic I wrote when I was 16, Shadows of My Heart turned 6 years old today, and well I just had to celebrate with something that’s just as lame as that fic was.  

Highlights of that fic include me: demonizing Keith to the extreme, making Kate nothing more than a bubbly airhead, making Rhythmi a broody child, and my personal favorite, the Friend Zone™

Jefferson: So what I believe you are trying to say, is “thank you”.

Hamilton: “Thank you”?!

Jefferson: You’re welcome!

Hamilton: N-no that’s not what– i mean, why would I ever say–

Jefferson: I know it’s a lot. The hair, the bod..

Hamilton: oh my god

God fucking dammit Jesus Christ Jesse McCree holy fuck who even did this to me he’s so good Jesse fucking McCree oh my god dear Christ I love Jesse fucking McCree so much he’s a good noodle let him live he’s trying his damn best god damn Jesse fucking McCree holy shit

“Take a moment remind yourself to… take a moment and find yourself.”

These lyrics are wonderful and the imagery is so beautiful an OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SO GOOD.


Dear god…. the butterflies and the expressions and everything is just… breathtaking.

Who would’ve thought this show would get so beautiful.

At least for me, how I deal with my anger is I isolate myself and wait for it to burn out.

It’s not the best way but… it’s the best I have for now.

Also props to everyone for makign someone so expressive with only one eye.


“I’m here”

That’s about the exact words to describe this.

I am here.

like I just cannot get over this okay, i really feel like the show missed a Great Opportunity when it comes to clary and alec’s relationship and I am Bitter

major spoilers for season 2 below

okay so clary – i talk a bit about her here and how she’s my favorite little blossoming general – but she’s really big on forgiveness, right? which seems odd, considering how completely ruthless she can be at times, but it’s true. it’s one of my favorite qualities of hers, the dichotomy of how readily she forgives and moves on from past hurts against how completely and thoroughly she’s capable of hating and cutting down those who stand in her way

like her mother – her mother had betrayed and handicapped her in this new world, lied and stole from her. clary seems ready to forgive her and move on – except that jocelyn keeps doing it. only when her mother refuses to accept her, refuses to see her as an equal and listen to her does clary dig up the past and say that it’s her mother’s fault they’re in this situation to begin with. she’s upset by her mom’s current actions, which is the only time she brings up the past

clary basically forgives everyone who’s ever lied to or wronged her – she doesn’t hold a grudge against magnus for taking her memories in the first place, against raphael for any of the actions he’s taken against her, never holds onto any hurt or resentment for any of the cruel things alec has said to her. jace ignores her for weeks and she doesn’t take it personally, only wants him back in any way she can have him. when luke abandons her in her time of greatest need she doesn’t blame him, is only happy to have him back. when luke’s sister returns she insists that they give her a chance, and even after cleophas has proven herself to be a betrayer and a liar, even when clary has every reason not to trust her – she does. when cleophas says she’s changed her mind, she’s ready to betray valentine even tho moments before she would have declared herself one his most faithful servants – clary believes her. clary believes and trusts a murderer because that – that’s part of clary too, i think, even her positive qualities circle back to her ruthlessness.

holding onto grudges and hurts will only hinder her, so she doesn’t. she has a goal and she has enemies and those are immutable and unmoving but everything else is negotiable.

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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


race to the edge week - day i - favorite dragon

This elusive creature is highly secretive, it is known to ride lightning bolts. Found only during electrical storms that can shoot bursts of white fire.

anonymous asked:

how did you come out? i want to come out to my dad but i'm so nervous. are you out? did it go okay?

anon, i think the fact that you know you would like to come out is huge. that thought alone can mean a lot, no matter how long it takes for you to do so - you may do it tomorrow or six years from now or never. and all are 100% okay. it’s whatever makes you feel good and comfortable and most like yourself.

i’m 27 (yes, yes, i know, so oooold) and i only came out to my family about a year ago. not even, actually. i didn’t realize i was gay until i was much older. i came out after i had moved out of my parents house and was across the country from them - they are the most understanding people, but i was still nervous as hell. for me, it was more comfortable to be able to exist completely on my own before i told them, even knowing that they would probably be cool with it (they were) ((i’m just a worrier)) 

when i came out, i called my mom and had written a letter which i intended to read but then scrapped, and cried through my coming out as i attempted to paraphrase it. my mom then told my dad. then they both told the rest of my family. i’d already told my friends and siblings so after that, everyone knew. 

i also have to tell people usually 4 times a week that i’m gay. most times i’m delighted to. its great. i love being gay. 

i love being me. and, for me, i feel more myself after coming out. 

if you would like to and feel safe, i think any way you come out will be the right way. however, if you think you have to in order to be a “real” gay person, know that is not the case. coming out should be for you and you alone. and if coming out makes you feel good, know i’m with you 100% and hoping the best for you.

thank you for asking me about this. i’m not sure what i did that compelled you to ask me, but it did give me a good think about it. i’m proud of you for seeking information and i encourage you to ask other people too. 

i’m just one girl. there are millions of people who have coming out advice. if you ever need someone to talk to though, know i am here. good luck, anon. 

Tvd 8x13

Hahha Hahha. This is so shit. Tvd is so fucking bad. Dear god, it has made me want every good tv show to end quickly just so I don’t hate it by the end.

Ok so the only good thing that this episode had to offer us was Kai. I fucking love Kai. And I feel the writers just fucking ran with him. Legit this episode was pretty funny and Kai was fucking brilliant. The heart on the window. The stumble out of the car. The fucking brilliant one liners. I missed him so much.

Bonnie is still crying and shutting out everyone. TBH I still don’t give a shit. I still feel like enzo is gonna come back. I mean she already saw him this episode. And I literally felt nothing. Whoops. Was I supposed?

Alarics unsatisfying try at redeeming is dead “fiancé (technically)” was shit. Like, pretend you give a fuck.
Obviously Damon isn’t gonna give a shit about anything if it means he can get Elena back. Like his thinking is so clouded by her it’s ridiculous.

Damon calls bonnie. Not to say hey, how’s it going you know, now that your boy is dead and all??? But no. Instead it’s “hey do you think kai (won’t say his name tho) could bring Elena back?? Hypothetically speaking of course.

Stefan got kidnapped by Dorian. Ffs. This kid makes a huge speech and then runs to save Stefan after he shoots him. Like I’m a total Stefan fan. But fuck dude you gave up easy. Kind of as easy as Stefan giving up on his relationship with Caroline. Rip.

Also Cade is petty as fuck. Lmao

I love Caroline actually yelling at Stefan. Like girl, stick up for this relationship. Don’t let it die out. And fuck Stefan, you do not get to decide when this relationship ends.

Damon totally gets fucked over by Kai. Thank you Kai once again. Like as if Damon thought he could get Elena that easily. Like fuck no, this is Kai Parker, he doesn’t t do good deeds. And I love him for that.

I would be excited by the fact that Kai stole Elena, but we all know she is coming back. Shame.

Anyways. This episode fucking sucked, except for every single time Kai opened his mouth. And god damn Chris is one sexy mother fucker.

Also. Why has Stefan almost died like four times being human in 2 days. But matt is still alive after 8 seasons? Please explain this to me.

Another fuck you to Julie Plec for only caring about Damon and Elenas relationship. Because apparently steroline benzo and every other ship doesn’t matter at all. Yeah FUCK you.

he is just too damn cute 

literally the worst thing about facetiming my best friend is the fact that whenever i hint at being frustrated and lonely and depressed, she always just rolls her eyes because she….kinda seems to think that it’s annoying ?? and my mum does the same ?? and i think i might be the problem lol 

Okay so @turbofan1808​ and I made a headcanon that Larry really, REALLY likes glitter pens.
Story goes that Larry is a very classy man, asking Tom for a pen, and when Tom then gives him a glitter pen, he is downright amazed, and from there he just makes it his hobby to get a huge glitter pen collection.