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2 for Bogo and Gazelle!

2. things you said through your teeth

“It was good to see you, dear Idris.”

“And you, always.” Bogo did his best to smile through his frustration. It was so good to be back in touch with Gazelle, gods knew he’d missed her. They’d gone to school together, fallen out of touch after he went to the police academy. But after that concert after the missing mammals case, they had reconnected.

Of course she could never seem to go anywhere without her tiger bodyguards and gods, he was so tired of seeing them. For once, could he not see his old friend alone? Was that so much to ask?

“We should do lunch next week.” The gazelle smiled warmly at him, reaching out to pat his arm gently with her hoof. She was so small compared to him…she was still an angel in his eyes, that had never changed. He’d always known she would be a star.

“Gazelle, we should go.” One of the tigers tugged gently on her arm, making Bogo seethe silently. She could do whatever she wanted, she didn’t need them tugging at her, damn it!

“Just one moment, Pierre. I’ll be at the car shortly.”

The tiger nodded and walked away, giant paws clasped behind his back.

Before he could protest, Gazelle had leaned up and pecked Bogo’s cheek. Soft, light. A butterfly’s touch. He could only stare stupidly at her before he quickly shook if off, clasping his hooves behind himself. “Yes, well, um, I will, ah, see you later.”

“Lunch, Idris. I’m going to call you to confirm our plans.” She smiled at him before turning and walking off. He fought with himself to not stare at her tail.

Damn it, he needed to control himself. No way would an angel like her ever go for a brute like him…

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Starter Meme [1]

*Note: The pronouns now are simply ‘they/them’ from what has been said originally. Simply change it to whoever you’re sending it to, or keep it gender neutral. Feel free to change the quote, add on to it, or whatever you need to suit your character when sending!

  • “Wow. I definitely did not see that one backfiring.”
  • “Help me get this mini fridge past the security guard.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve been there my friend.”
  • “This doesn’t make me like you any better.”
  • “Well, with a regular (person), it’s bad. With (Name) – Oh, dear God!”
  • “We will give you ten dollars.”
  • “Wow, you’re good! After this, we should solve crimes.”
  • “I am better than great, I’m good.”
  • “I like being on my own, I’m, uh, better off this way. I’m a lone wolf. Y'know, a loner. Alone… All alone. Forever. What’s a wolf gotta do to get a hug around here?!”
  • “I won’t be speaking with you for several weeks.”
  • “Honey, I wish you’d get over (them). I hate seeing you like this. Is there anything I can do? Do you want to look down my top?”
  • “What the mother crap is up with this stuff?!”
  • “You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get in my sweats and eat in bed.”
  • “I’ve dreamed about this for years! *Nervous laughter* Why have I not been preparing?”
  • ‘Okay, I’ll give you one chance to change my mind. You got one minute.”
  • “Well, maybe you could date (them), then. That would save me the trouble of killing (them).”
  • “Yeah I know. You’re a bit of a drama queen.”
  • “Oh, hey, (Name). I’m so glad someone’s here. Could you zip me up?”
  • “Oh my God, I want to trade lives with (Name)?!”
  • “Uh, look, I don’t normally ask out (people) that I meet in coffee houses.”
  • “I’m an idiot.”
  • “I always knew there was something weird about that dude.”
  • “Okay, so, all right I haven’t been in a relationship that lasted longer than a month.”
  • “You know, I’m trying to remember the last time I opened a door and you weren’t there.”
  • “I just think there’s somebody better out there for you.”
  • “I think I can make you happy.”
  • “In fact, I’ll close my eyes to make it less awkward.”
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “Well, let’s see – the first one is, I don’t want to, and the second one – I’m not going.”
  • “You need to learn some new slang.”
  • “You have to do something. Knock that door down!”
  • “I would, but I bruise like a peach.”
  • “I guess they’re not coming. Want to just order?”
  • “That’s a great story. Can I eat it?”
  • “If you were bigger, you’d hit me, huh?”
  • “They are without a doubt the funniest (person) I ever met!”
  • “Have you not talked about it yet?”
  • “To be honest, I think I’d prefer the five dollars.”
  • “Why do you care so much?”
  • “Oh, I forgot how hot he/she is.”
  • “Oh, I forgot how hot (they) are.”
  • “(Name), why did you lie to me about working here?”
  • “Because I was ashamed, okay?”
  • “I sold out for the cash.”
  • “I’m sorry, too.”
  • “We’re going to figure this out.”
  • “But… you suck.”
  • “Are they still looking for us?”
  • “You know, we as a group, are not the coolest.”
  • “I mean, you just went out with my best friend.”
  • “You’re a pain in the ass, (Last Name or Name).”
  • “Damn it, man, pull yourself together!”

Dear Harriet, 

I send in my demand notes with the brutal regularity of the income-tax commissioners; and probably you say when you see the envelopes, ‘Oh, God! I know what this is.’ The only difference is that, some time or other, one has to take notice of the income-tax. 

Will you marry me?—It’s beginning to look like one of those lines in a farce—merely boring till it’s said often enough; and after that, you get a bigger laugh every time it comes.

I should like to write you the kind of words that burn the paper they are written on—but words like that have a way of being not only unforgettable but unforgivable. You will burn the paper in any case; and I would rather there should be nothing in it that you cannot forget if you want to. 

Well, that’s over. Don’t worry about it.

My nephew (whom you seem, by the way, to have stimulated to the most extraordinary diligence) is cheering my exile by dark hints that you are involved in some disagreeable and dangerous job of work at Oxford about which he is in honor bound to say nothing. I hope he is mistaken. But I know that, if you have put anything in hand, disagreeableness and danger will not turn you back, and God forbid they should. Whatever it is, you have my best wishes for it. 

I am not my own master at the moment, and do not know where I shall be sent next or when I shall be back—soon, I trust. In the meantime may I hope to hear from time to time that all is well with you? 

Yours, more than my own, 


–Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night, Chapter XI, 1935.

this has probably been said a million times but just think about it. wheres Lydia going to go after they bust her out of Eichen?

Is she going to go back to her moms? probably not since her mother is the one who thought Eichen was the best option and she would most likely send her back.

this leads me to think she’ll go and stay with one of her friends for a while at least. and whether its stiles or not (DEAR GOD PLEASE JESUS PLEASE) i’m excited because it’LL BE SO CUTE. like think about it

think about lydia and malia sharing clothes and lydia helping her with math (they’re both my style icons dear lord). 

or think about lydia and kira staying up late and talking about boys like scott and kiras relationship and kira recounting her favorite dates they’ve been on and lydia admitting that she is madly in love with stiles and kira tells her that stiles actually still likes her.

or think  bout lydia and scott and mama mccall all sitting around and eating dinner together.

or (!!!!!!) think about stiles and lydia sitting on stiles bed and coming up with new theories and connections about the beast and the Argents.

i can’t wait this give it all to me now.