dear god i cannot


This is Xu Minghao, he’s ½ of the Seventeen’s Chinaline.

His stage name is THE8 which was once paired with “the cool cutie” to which he changed to “infinite possibilities”. 8 is a lucky number in China and when you flip it to the side, its the infinity sign.

He’s an adorable chinese boy who can’t eat cold noodles, isn’t fond of sweets and does b-boy. Any hairstyle fits him, any outfit works on him.

His korean accent is the most heart fluttering thing you’d here and his giggles would make you smile.

He has a side which we call Thughao where the cute side of him takes a break and out comes all the sassiness and the swag and the cool shades, and it all seems surprisingly natural.

He dances with so much style, you’ll be speechless and when he sings (oh dear lord when he sings) its like listening to the gentle wind.

He’s amazing.

This is Xu Minghao and I am madly in love with him.

my heart flutters around him.

Dear Nafs,
Today I sat cross-legged across from my Madrassa teacher and as she held my palms in hers, she introduced me to you.
I am sorry it took me so long to recognize you.

Dear Nafs, 
You are the embodiment of my desires and the mirror of my heart. Please be good to me. I’ll take us to Jannah.

Dear Nafs,
I saw a boy today. Why can’t I focus on my homework instead of his eyes?

Dear Nafs,
It’s hard not to listen to music. It’s even harder when your friends don’t understand.

Dear Nafs,
I saw him again and my heart stopped.
I should’ve looked away but my eyes wouldn’t let me.

Dear Nafs, 
Last month you convinced me to leave out my sunnah prayers which seemed fine until I realized the last time I prayed Fajr was three days ago

Dear Nafs,
Hassan completes me. He understands me.

Dear Nafs,
I am paralyzed by my sins. By what my eyes saw and by what my fingers typed on that keyboard.
I cannot go back to God.

Dear Nafs,
You said it was one time.
You promised.
Why do we keep falling into the same trap over and over again?

Dear Nafs,
I was lying in bed, drowning in music and the ocean of helplessness. 
My mother called from the stairs, “It’s time for Maghrib, go pray.” I only rolled over and changed the playlist

Dear Nafs,
I haven’t made Whudu in 17 days.
I don’t know why i keep track.

Dear Nafs, 
There is an emptiness growing inside of me. I think I am what would be called depressed.

Dear Nafs,
You’re not fighting on my side, are you?

Dear Nafs,
Please. Don’t destroy me.

Dear Nafs,
This is it.
I can’t take it anymore.

Dear Nafs,
They always said the most important part about winning a fight is distinguishing between the enemy and ally. I guess I’ve been losing since day one.

Dear Nafs,
I know this is not how you begin a usual declaration of war, but this is not a usual battle.



DK is your babo, The8 is your sunflower, Chan is your baby. Then Jisoo oppa is Jeonghannie’s ____ ?
JH: Deer

Credit: 趙依依 
Source: confretti
Trans: jeonghoonhao


“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for Peter O'Toole!” (x).

ED SULLIVAN: How about… you, as a visiting Irishman, for a visiting Irishman, singing me an Irish song?
PETER O'TOOLE: Well, i’m enchanted, but unfortunately, my voice is very hoarse… as you can hear. Why don’t you, as a visiting Irishman, sing us a song? [smiles]
ED SULLIVAN: Well, I– this sounds like a gag, but my–my voi– I have had a cold, but let’s have a go at it anyway, huh?

Me and My Sister
  • Me: *talking about how I'm excited for when Dan and Phil grow old together and have a dog and how cute it'll be*
  • Me: Dan and Phil need to get a shibe, like now
  • My sister: it'll be two memes under one roof!
  • My sister: I thought Dan said he wanted a hamster, though
  • Me: *thinks about hat fic*
  • My sister: oh, I know why
  • Me: *in my head* dear god no she cannot know why how could she know why
  • Me: If you know, why do I not want Dan to get a hamster?
  • My sister: because you're worried about his old one that ran away
  • Me: ....
  • Me: yeah, that's why...

#1 (our official first!)

sent by Anon (inspired by Margaery’s seduction of Tommen)

“You’re my King now and I want to make sure I can trust you in handing over the running of my castle so I’ll sneak into your chambers and seduce you with my charms so you’ll love me and only listen to me and.. oh my, you’re so gorgeous and so gentle and nice to me and dear gods, I just cannot get enough of you kissing me down there, nobody has ever done that before.. All I want is for you to make me scream your name all through the night and all I can think of is you and all I want is you and it wasn’t meant to be this way” AU


for me, being aroflux kind of looks like this:

kind of like one of those swinging ship rides, only one side is “ROMO” and the other side is “TOTAL ARO” and you don’t really know when the ship is going to swing, just that it does it quite a lot, but when it does, you just kind of end up screaming and clinging on for dear life…. you know?

The weirdest thing is when you’re up on that “ROMO” side it’s kind of hard to remember what it’s like to be on your “ARO” side. You’re like “oh, cool, this is nice. There is probably never a time when I truly do not want to hold Chris Evans’s hand. I WOULD PROBABLY ALWAYS BE UP FOR A LITTLE SMOOCHING ON SCARLETT JOHANSSON.”

And then, suddenly and without warning after an indefinite amount of time, the ship swings, and you white-knuckle the sides of the boat and you shriek until your lungs hurt and you end up, comfortably, on the other side.

And then, SUDDENLY, you cannot, for the life of you, remember what romantic attraction is even like. “Eurgh,” you think, “dear god. I have no desire to hold hands with any cuties. I cannot fathom romantic attraction in the slightest. Still wanna go to Disney World with Tom Hardy but only as friends. No romo. I am the least romantic being to walk this earth. I am so aro that it would be physically impossible to date me. I AM UNDATEABLE.”

And so you’re super comfy in your neat little aro headspace and you’re just getting really used to it, you’ve brought a pillow and everything, YOU’VE ORDERED PIZZA TO BE DELIVERED THERE, EVEN, when the ship swings again and you’re back to screaming and clinging to the sides of the boat because even though you cognitively know that this happens, a lot, it’s still a fucking shock because every time you end up at one end of the goddamn swing your brain, despite your strongest urgings, thinks AH YES. PERFECTION, THIS IS WHERE I SHALL ALWAYS REMAIN.

…Well, that’s how I experience being aroflux. Your mileage may vary.


2017 needs us.


Day 1 of my tongue split.

First of all, yes. Yes it does hurt. I had my tongue cut and stitched.

Second, there is an unspeakable amount of saliva being produced in my mouth. I’m co constantly spitting it out. And by constantly, I mean every few seconds my mouth is again full.

The procedure was extremely professional and I was really impressed with the amount of information provided to me, especially covering'worst case scenarios’, what to expect, what I could possibly expect etc etc.

At the moment I can feel these types of pain:
Where it was cut
Where the stitches are
Where the clamps were
My glands in my throat
General tongue ache

The pain came on and it was very intense and unbearable, but it came in waves of fuck me this is fucking painful, and moved on to dear god I cannot deal with this what the fuck.
It burns and stings and hurts.

My tongue is not as swollen as expected. Perhaps this is due to following samppas instructions and taking arinca pills.

I have to spoon the soup I pre-made (blended) into the back of my throat, which I made myself eat a good amount so I could take pain killers.

Parts of my tongue are numb, as he said can happen. This will clear up within 2ish months or maybe not.

So much more happened, but I’m tired and sore and going to attempt sleep.

Really thank ful for Michelle for coming and taking these pics. Who I cannot seem to tag and I’m sorry.

Before the procedure I was very very nervous. And scared. I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t anything to do with possibly not wanting it done. I think it is just such a change.

Anyway. I’m very very very happy.

So much saliva.


TAEKOOK SERIES: if taehyung was a fanboy

in which kim taehyung has an instagram account and is way too in love with rising idol, jeon jungkook!

“oh my dear god, jesus christ, oh my… mom, I just!? oh my god, this ain’t happening, this ain’t happening. THIS IS HAPPENING, OH DEAR LORD, JEON JUNGKOOK IS, OH MY, HE IS FOLLOWING ME, AND I JUST?! CAN I TAKE A, OH I CANNOT DO THIS, DEAR GOD IM GOING TO CRY, I JUST NEED A… I need a minu-”


“Abort mission, he will find my blog.”

She will never know
how much I owe her.
I’m afraid to tell her
that it is all of me.
Every minute
of every hour.
From the first kiss,
to the last.
I hope it has been enough,
my dear.
My god,
I hope it was enough.
Ten Songs That I May or May Not Be Quite Fond Of

Tagged by @thecarmillageek so let’s do this

1. Okay so the first one is Dust and Ashes from Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 because dear god that song is just beautiful, the lyrics are amazing, and I cannot stop singing it.

2. You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen because those harmonies and the ensemble like my god I love pieces like that.

3. The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire) from Be More Chill also because of the ensemble and it’s just a cool song like do I need another reason.

4. Still Not Giving Up from Steven Universe because it’s just a song that I could listen to on repeat for hours.

5. Full Disclosure from Steven Universe as well because that song is the best from the soundtrack fight me.

6. Everything Stays from Adventure Time because it’s from Adventure Time like you already know it’s great.

7. I Will Be There from The Count Of Monte Cristo Musical because it was the first musical that I got into and my favorite song from it.

8. I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Soundtrack because that song may be instrumental but it holds so much emotion and I cannot listen to that song without getting immense nostalgia and crying.

9. No One Else from Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 because it’s a nice song and it’s great and I love it.

10. Die Anywhere Else from Night in the Woods because it’s a cool song and it’s one of the few songs that I can actually play on the piano.

Y'all don’t gotta do this but I tag @animarto @cactus-cryptid @goshikih and @elementalawesomeness

reibertx  asked:


✖️- 5 things you hate


1. Self-centered people. I cannot stand people who make everything about themselves.
2. People relying on me,,,,,
3. Close-minded people !!! I understand having an opinion and feeling strongly about something, but like see a situation from a different POV geez.
4. Extremely “patriotic” people :))))
5. Green peppers

This sentence was a wild ride from beginning to end

So I got Blue Exorcist 16 and I read the part in the back where fans write in to ask questions, and dear GOD this sentence, I am speechless, I cannot BELIEVE, how DARE

Anyway there is a truly amazing bit of Japanese grammar in there and I want to share it, but first I need to make sure everyone understands the phrase はずがない so…

~はずだ It’s probably~, I expect that~, it’s supposed to be~, as far as I know it’s~

はず is a noun that isn’t really used by itself–it’s a little grammar word that means something like “my expectations” or “the way I assume the world is.” If you say “It’s はず that (…) happens” that means “I’m PRETTY SURE that (…) happens.”

  • もうすぐ来るはずだ。 They should be coming soon.
  • そこにあるはずだ。 It should be there. (are you SURE you looked hard enough?)
  • やすいはずだ。 It should be cheap/ I would expect it to be cheap.

~はずがない There’s no way that ~, It can’t be~, there’s no reason to expect~, why would you even think that

If you negate はず by saying “there is no はず that (…) happens” it means you would never ever expect something like (…) to happen in this situation.

  • 彼女は死んだ。ここにいるはずがない。 She’s dead. She shouldn’t be here./You can’t expect her to be here.
  • 彼が仲間ををうらぎるはずがないThere’s no way he’d ever betray a friend.
  • そんなはずが! It can’t be! (I have never had that kind of expectation before! I am in such total disbelief at this completely unexpected thing that I can’t even finish my sentence by saying ない!)

…And off we go! This sentence is rated PG for suggestive content and R for TERRIFYING LENGTH:

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