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cute sneezes, here we come!!

Anon requested the boys’ reactions to adorable s/o sneezes

Shuichi Saihara

  • Was… Was that you? Oh my god, it was. 
  • He tugs the brim of his hat over his face to try and hide a quiet scream. Who knew sneezes could be so cute?
  • You ask if something’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong! Nothing! He just… thought of a case he had to work on later…?
  • He tries to cover up his bashfulness by offering you tissues.
  • You laugh at how weird he’s being right now, but you don’t think much of it
  • When you sneeze from now on, he always stops what he’s doing to just look at you and think of all the little things that made you so dear to him.

Rantaro Amami

  • He immediately gushes over it
  • He hugs you and goes on about how it sounded like a baby mouse.
  • You’re a bit embarrassed… It didn’t sound like a mouse!
  • Amami laughs and corrects himself. A baby bunny, then?
  • No!! It doesn’t!! It was just a normal sneeze, it wasn’t cute, stop making it cute!
  • You two go back and forth playfully about it for a while, and it becomes an inside joke between the both of you.
  • Whenever you sneeze, he just gives you a knowing smile and you end up pouting a bit, but happy nonetheless.

Kokichi Ouma

  • He laughs at you. Immediate side splitting laughter
  • That was a sneeze?! That had to be fake, no one sneezes like that.
  • If you just wanted to get his attention, you could’ve just said something, no need to be so dramatic. (Look who’s talking.)
  • You defend yourself. That’s… just how you sneeze. You don’t really know what else to say about it.
  • It’s soon forgotten in conversation, but once you’re out of the room, he’s yelling to himself about how cute it was. He’s yelling into the pillow, he’s covering his face while rolling on the bed
  • How is his s/o’s so cute that their sneezes are cute too?!
  • He starts trying to subtly get you to sneeze again. Feathers, dust, pepper, whatever he can do, and you’re starting to think you have allergies.


  • That’s… not how humans are supposed to sneeze, is it?
  • You don’t really know what to say about that. No…? You guess not? It’s not like people have identical sneezing patterns.
  • He’s immediately intrigued, and tries looking up if there’s a reason why certain human’s sneezes differ from others.
  • He keeps trying to turn this sneeze into an educational experience and you have to settle him down before he starts bombarding you with biology facts.
  • It’s how this human sneezes. It just kinda happens. 
  • “Oh! I suppose it must be because it’s you! After all, many things you do are cute.”
  • He says it so matter-of-factly that you blush. 
  • Kiibo realizes what he just said and he’s starting to blush too. He didn’t mean to be so forward!
  • Both of you are adorable messes.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • After a sneeze, you hear him make a happy noise, and when you turn to look at him, there’s tears in his eyes and he’s smiling so wide
  • That was… the sweetest noise Gonta has ever heard anything make.
  • He picks you up and hugs you because he’s so overcome with affection.
  • The person he loves made that noise!
  • Once he puts you down he talks about insects that make cute noises too, like caterpillars if you squeeze em just a little bit
  • He’s trying very hard to find things to compare that sneeze to so you can understand how!! cute it was!!
  • You think his reaction is cuter than the sneeze, and the both of you just spend time gushing about each other and giggling 

Korekiyo Shiguuji

  • He’s doesn’t make any noticable reaction to it, but behind that mask, he’s definitely smiling.
  • When he notices that’s how you sneeze all the time, he’s the most subtle about letting you know
  • It’s so subtle only he can understand it at first glance, but the gesture to him is what counts
  • When he picks you flowers, sometimes he adds white lilies, white roses, and pink azalea blossoms to the mix. Since you’re not as well versed in flower language, you look up what every bouquet’s meaning is
  • Once you figure it out, you find him and give him a little peck on the cheek
  • And sneeze again
  • He’s grinning like mad, even you can tell behind that mask

Ryoma Hoshi

  • You’re always the one calling him cute, even if it’s teasing most of the time.
  • So when he hears you sneeze, his first reaction is to go “aww” and pinch your cheek.
  • Of course, it’s still in his deep, deadpan voice, so it’s not as embarrassing as it should be.
  • You two have some light banter about it, and he won’t think about it for the rest of the day.
  • But when it’s nighttime and he’s in his room, doing nothing in particular, he’ll remember that sneeze for no apparent reason
  • And pull his hat over his face, even if no one’s watching.
  • How did someone like him end up with someone pure and cute like you?

Kaito Momota

  • He stares at you with these big ol’ eyes and just yells about how cute that was.
  • He’s so loud that you’re getting embarrassed, but man, he’s gotta gush about how adorable you just sounded
  • He wishes he recorded that so he could hear it over again
  • You keep telling him to pipe down, because everyone is looking at you, if they weren’t already looking at you because of the sneeze
  • He grabs you in a tight hug and points out to everyone, “Hey! You see this person? This person who made that stupid cute sneeze! That’s my s/o!!”
  • You’re covering your face and he’s smiling and hugging you so tightly
  • He’s so happy that his s/o is someone who can be cute even on accident.
Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken Part 2

“Part 2 to Taken “

“OH MY GOD!!! Part 2 of taken. Love the 1st part!!!!! LY”

“Part 2 to Taken?😊”

“ Can you do a part 2 of taken?”

“ You should do a part two to Peter Pan Taken imagine! It was SO SO good!”

“Is there ever going to be a part 2 to taken?”

Ya’ll asked for it, so here it is! Part 1 down below!

Peter’s point of view:

2 week’s, she has been away for two week’s,

I was becoming mad, simply, crazily, mad,

The boy’s were getting sadder,

The fairies were becoming less brighter,

The Indian became more temper,

The mermaids became more lonelier,

And Neverand,  Neverland was getting colder.

So, there I lay on my bed, looking at the spot where she use to sleep, thinking about the position she would always sleep in, thinking about how her hair always would tickle my nose because it was so long, thinking about how she would cuddle up to me when she had a bad dream,, thinking of the times I had made love to her, and the sweet sounds that would come out of her when I did, I missed her terribly, and I knew I had to get her back, I just simply had no idea how.

Back In StoryBrooke:

Y/m point of view

“Maybe we should give her back, Pan clearly isn’t buying the bait.” Emma said

That’s exactly what he wants, for us to give up.” Regina said.

“No,” I said, “No, I know Peter, he’s forgotten all about me, he never really loved me,” tears running down my face. almost couldn’t speak, I completely gave up, I thought Peter didn’t care, and didn’t want to put in the effort to find me.

“Don’t listen to her, if she is Pan’s girlfriend she is just as clever as he is, it’s clearly a trick.” Hook says.

“Don’t you get it?! I yell, “If Peter wanted me, he would’ve gotten me by now,simple as that.” i cry and try to drown out whatever they say next, I was miserable, tired, and hungry, and I had completely gave up on Peter.

Back in Neverand:

Felix walks in Peter’s cabin, with a concerned look on his face

“Peter, I-I don’t mean to sound mean, but being sad, and depressed isn’t going to bring her back, you ever think, maybe she doesn’t want to be found?”

Peter then looks up in shock, “What?” he say’s madly. “That’s insane.”

“You sure about that?” Felix asked.

I’m positive!” Peter yells.

“How so?” Felix says

“Because,” Peter looks outside his window “She’s the one for me, we got a love that a blind man could see, Felix, you don’t get it and you never will, I need her, I love her.”

“Then stop staying in your room all day and start making a plan to go find her.” Felix says

“I AM!” Peter yells.

“Oh yeah? Prove it, out of the 2 weeks shes been gone what have you done?! Huh? NOTHING! Because you don’t really love her, you never had, it was all a lie!”

“Jus-just shut up!” Peter use’s his magic and Felix goes flying against his wall. The tree’s in Neverland began to fall, the water made a ripple, the birds and fairy’s made run for it, trying to escape the madness, the mermaids swam deep under water, the Indian’s began to go hide in their tents.

“See, if-if you put that much anger into finding her, you will find her in at least 24 hours.”

“You did this on purpose?!” Peter yelled.

“I needed to get your energy up somehow.” Felix said with a smile.

Peter rolls his eyes and half smiles at him, Felix knew how to get Peter out of his mod and try to find Y/n.

So, Peter walks out of his cabin, looking at all the lost boys who are shaking and shivering, because Neverland was so cold, they were also shocked that he was even outside.

“We’re going to find her, do you understand me?” Peter said calmly

Everyone nods their heads. Henry just simply stares.

“This is the most important mission you boys will ever do, I have no idea who took her or why, but we must get her back, we train for 2 day’s, then we move out, in the meantime, I will find a way for all of us to leave Neverland.” Peter then takes Felix hand makes him fly with him. 

“Oh hell no I don’t do heights Pan!” Felix yells.

“Oh come on laddie, I need your help after all.”

Felix holds on to Pan for dear life, but it doesn’t take too long for them to get to their destination. They get to a cave, a big, huge, scary looking cave.

“What the hell is this?”  Felix asked

“It’s my secret place, nobody knows about it, not even Y/n, she shouldn’t see stuff like this.” Peter say’s as he walks inside the cave.

Felix in panic, “Shouldn’t I not see this stuff either?!” he over reacts and yells.

“Oh don’t be a baby.” As Peter voice becomes less harder to hear.

“But Paaaaaan! I don’t do caves!”

Peter walks back out the cave, “Is there anything you can do?” 

“I do a lot of things of things that don’t involve me dyng.”

“”Fine, stay out here, where it can find you.” Peter has a twisted smile on his face as he walks into the cave.

Felix eyes open wide, “IT?” he says , but Peter doesn’t answer, “Hey wait Peter hold up!” as he runs into the cave, so far into it he see’s all the stuff Peter has, he has so many weapons, potions, traps, ect. It was a very dangerous place to be.

“So what is all this stuff?”

“It’s thing’s that I have been collecting over the years, and one of these potions, will take us to Y/n, we just have to find it.”

“That’ll take days!” Felix said,

“That’s why I have the lost boys training, by the time their ready we will be as well, now lets get started.” Peter says as he walks towards the potions.

“Hey so what do you mean by ‘it’ ”? Felix asked

“Mmm what?” Peter stops focusing on the potion’s and looks to Felix.

“You said that ‘it’ will get me, who or what are you talking about?” Felix said

“Oh! Yeah right, nothing I just aid that to get you in here” he says as he focuses back on the potions.

Felix rolls his eyes and starts looking with Peter.

Back In StoryBrooke:

“Hey, is it okay if I eat something? “ You asked

“Why should we give you anything?” David said

“Maybe because I wasn’t the one who kidnapped your damn grandson and I need to eat.” you say.

“You have crackers.” he says rudely.

“That isn’t even enough!”

“No, but it will hold you at least, we want you alive, not dead.” 

And with that you just sat and ate your stupid crackers, with your stupid water.

Just then the group walks in.

“Get anything out of her?” Emma asked.

“Not a damn thing can we please take some action and go to Neverland and kick this Justin Bieber wanna be ass?”

“No David, that will just give him a better advantage, we must be patient.” Margret said calmly.

2 Days Later: Also back in Neverland

Peter and Felix walk out of the cave, they have bags of weapons, potions, and pretty much anything that they could get their hands on, if this was going to be a battle they might as well go all out. They get back in Neverland, with the lost boys up and ready, some where still training, some eating breakfast, and some just sitting around. Henry was one of those boys.

“Ready?” Peter asked

They all nodded yes. Including Henry, secretly happy to see his parents again.

“Good, here are your weapons, choose wisely and only carry what you can handle.” Peter puts down the bags and the lost boys get to digging out the bag looking at all the deadly equipment.

“You really trust us with this stuff?” a lost boy said

“I trust that you miss Y/n and you’ll do anything to get her back.”

The lost boy nods his head in agreement.

“Now boys, make way.” the boys spread out and Peter drops a potion on the floor forming some type of portal, it was StoryBrooke.

Peter then walks into the portal holding Henry as hostage,, and the lost boys follow, scared of course they slowly follow one an other, once they were all in the portal closed, Peter made sure to keep the potion in his pocket for when they go back.

“Let’s get her.” Peter said.

The lost boys cheered with their weapons in their hands.

So there they go, walking down StoryBrooke, The lost boys, and their leader, and when people saw who they were, they quickly ran and screamed for their life, everyone knew who Peter was, he was the King of Neverland, and he was not to be messed with.

The gang eventually heard all the yelling and screaming and notice that they were yelling the name “Peter.”.

“Oh man, he’s here.”Emma said.

Your head shot up with shock, “Wh-who’s here?” you asked.

“Pan. Peter pan.”

Peter walked down StoryBrooke looking and searching for any sign of you.

“This is it! Untie her so we can make the trade!”  Regina said.

“Right.” David said, untying you so roughly, giving your rope burns on your wrist.

“Could you be anymore rough?” You said with sass, hoping he’d get the message, but of course, he didn’t.

He grabbed you behind the arms and pulled you outside, there you see Peter with his fist around some guys shirt yelling at him, scaring the living daylight out of him.

“It really is him.” Your eyes began to tear up.

Just then as he seen your face, his eyes almost sparkled, it was like the two of you were in your own little moment , but then everything snapped back to reality when Peter was suddenly hit on the head, he then falls to the ground.

“PETER!” you scream in panic, tears coming down your face.

“Oh he’s fine!” Regina says rolling her eyes.

She picks up Pan with her hands holding him from his neck, “Now give me my son!”

Peter is choking and turning red, so he uses his power to push her away as they both fall to the ground, both shaking and moaning in pain.

You try to run to Peter but David pulls you to the ground , with that you land on your back. “Ahhhhhhh” you scream in pain.

Peter tries to go get you but then quickly grabs Henry by his two arms.

“Owe!” Henry yells.

“Henry!” the group yells.

“Give her back to me or he dies.”

Your head shoots up, you knew Peter was serious, you could tell in his eyes, he would do anything for you, even kill for you.

Peter then puts a knife to Henry’s throat, before anyone could say anything you’re the first to say it.

“STOP!” you yell at Peter.

Peter looks at you confused. So does the group.

“Peter, please, don’t! You’re better than that, just let him go.”

“Why should I?” he says

“Because you’re better than them.”

Peter looked at you, he knew what you were talking about, he made you a promise that he would try to be a better person before you left, less violence, and more happiness you told him, he agreed.

So with that, he let Henry go, he pushed him to his mother Emma and Henry cried in his mothers arms, you thought it was over, you thought peace could be finally restored between StoryBrooke and Neverland, until you felt this sharp pain in your side.

You gasped in the midst of it all and what felt like slow motion, you fell to the ground, gasping for air, and crying because of the pain, but who? Who did this? You turn and see Rumple with a knife with blood on it.

You then see Peter and the lost boys run to you, Peter holds you in his arms and starts to cry, nobody has ever seen him cry, not even you, until this day.

“What the hell?” Emma asked Rumple.

“She gets what she deserves.” He simply says.

Regina uses her power and pushes him into his shop and locks the door so that he is stays in their.

“I’m sorry kid we aren’t that kind of people we’re the good guys!” Emma tries to explain

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Margret asked

“You helped enough! Leave me and my girlfriend alone!” Peter yells with much anger.

With that the group backs up and watches from afar.

“Peter, I’m not going to make it,” you whisper

“No no no no” Peter yells a he holds you in his arms, “You can’t do this to me, not now baby! Please.”

“Peter, you - you know I’ve always loved you,” You say almost gasping for air.

“Don’t say things like that, You’re going to make it Y/n!” Peter yells.

You close your eyes and stop breathing,and with that Peter holds in his arms, sobbing ,yelling, and rocking you back and forth in his arms.

He then rubs your face, and runs his fingers in your hair.

The group comes forth and try to apologize but then Peter quickly speaks before they do.

“She is my all, my everything, she is my season, she is the reason I live, she is my summer, winter, spring, fall, my all. You, you took her away.”

“I think we can fix this.” Regina said.

“I said I don’t want your help!”

“Hey do you want your girlfriend back or not?” Emma asked.

Peter nodded, sniffling.

“Okay give her here.” Emma said opening her arms

Peter then picks you up and hands you to her, you then lay in her arms, Regina waves her hand over your body, looks like purple glitter smoke, Peter watches carefully, afraid something will happen to you.

*Cough cough* you gasped for air

“Baby girl!” Peter almost screams bringing you into his arms, holding you so tightly that you might think he will never let you go, you didn’t mind that. You grabbed the back of his shirt and held on tightly to it.

 Back In Neverland:

You lay with Peter in his bed, with him stroking your hair ever so lightly, almost not even touching it.

“Wanna know something?”Peter asked.

“Of course Peter.” you smile turning your face to him.

“You’re the women of my dreams, you’re the one for me. I promise I’m going to become a better king for you, I’ll do anything for you”

You blush and just smile, Peter kisses you on your forehead, and you lay down with him on his bed for the rest of the night.