dear god be mine


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She’s home. The way my heart pounds when I see her, or a thought of her pops into my mind. Her quirkiness makes anyone feel better. The way she calls me baby melts my heart, and has me feeling some type of way. I love how she feels safe enough with me to let herself go. How she can just let everything out. The way her eyes sparkle, or the way her hair falls perfectly on her shoulders. We are young, but dear god please don’t ever let me lose her.



(AGAIN) (for day 7 of @omgericzimmermann​‘s 13 days of halloween!)

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lucy-on-art  asked:

Voltron pjo Au. Is Zeus now angry or furious on the monsters for hurting his son Shiro. I know he is! Including Hades?!

[Voltron PJO AU] One of the rare times Hades visits Mount Olympus to do some business with Zeus, he got to see something terrible. In front of them on screen was Hephaestus TV once again and on the channel that showed Shiro and Keith saving a demigod. 

Zeus’ stopped whatever he was doing when he heard the scream that was coming from the son of Hades. He saw his son, Shiro, get his arm ripped out of his body in such a barbaric manner. Then the son of Hades released his powers that obliterated everything.

Everyone was quiet at the scene unfolding in front of them.

“Oh my poor handsome brother,” Apollo said to break the silence, looking at Shiro on the screen. “Did you know your son could do that?” Apollo asked Hades.

“He wasn’t supposed to unlock it until such a later age,” Hades hummed. “Keith keeps surprising me. He killed 6 chimeras on his own at the age of 11.”

“Six? A demigod could hardly handle one!” Apollo gasped.

“He’s my son,” Hades smiled proudly.

“Of course. The Big Three Kids a.k.a. The Big Shots.” Apollo rolled his eyes fondly, as if he wasn’t one of them.

Zeus was too quiet until everyone noticed he stormed out of the room. Apollo was about to follow his father when Hades stopped him. “I’ll handle this.”

Hades found Zeus overlooking the camp, his fist clenched as if ready to murder someone with his own hands.

“If you’re that concerned of your Golden Boy, you could always visit him,” Hades said softly. 

Zeus just scoffed. “Please, I’m not that concerned. This happens all the time to demigods.”

“True,” Hades agreed without missing a beat. “Demigods die all the time. They get hurt all the time and gods could always just have a new one to replace the ones who died. Like clockwork. As if their lives mean nothing.” He paused to look at his brother who loosened his grip. “But that’s not the case for us and Poseidon now, is it? Big Three children are rare, even more so Big Three’s who survive and reach the age 18 and 20.”

“Where are you heading with this, Hades?” Zeus sighed exasperatedly.

“Visit your son,” Hades simply answered, as if it was that obvious. 

“I can’t do that. We’re not allowed to do that.” 

“True, but I still visit my little bat—monthly,” Hades smirked. “I know you’re the god of the gods, dear brother of mine. If the other gods see you break your own rule, you’re going to lose their respect. I get that. That’s why I don’t care about those rules. I rule the Underworld, I have my own rules. No gods even go there, aside from Hermes and Persephone and her mother, so no one to actually put a face on for. But you see, Keith, my precious boy. He’s the only one I have now in a while and as much as possible I’d like to be the father he deserved.”

Zeus didn’t say anything so Hades continued. “Our children don’t get to live long, Zeus. You know that very well. Your son could’ve died today if it wasn’t for Keith. You could lose him tomorrow for all you know.”

“I haven’t seen him since he was five,” Zeus finally said.

“All the more reason for you to visit your boy, don’t you think?”


Keith was sitting beside Shiro on the bed, his arms around him as they read a book. He was trying to make Shiro go to sleep when suddenly someone joined them in the Zeus Cabin. Keith looked up and was shocked to see the god of the gods himself.

“Lord Zeus,” he whispered, as he nudged Shiro’s shoulder, the human one.

That made Shiro look up to see his own father right in front of him. He opened his mouth and closed it again, gaping like a fish. 

Then Keith noticed dark shadows in a corner and he saw his Dad materialized, his finger on his lips to tell him to hush it. He detached himself from Shiro but not before he whispered “Good luck,” then with a gentle kiss on his cheek, Keith joined his father in the shadows. 

“Hi, Dad,” Shiro said, sounding so bewildered that finally his wish came true.

“Son,” Zeus said.

Keith smiled so wide upon hearing that and he gladly took Hades’ hand in his and they both were swallowed by the shadows after Hades gently kissed him on the forehead.