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Lords reaction to caught mc playing with her and having an orgasm and moaning their name? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nobunaga : - *smirks* “What a view we’ve got here.. What? .. don’t stop.. go on.. yes…just like that…!”

Mitsuhide : - “MC…? Oh. I’m.. sorry… No i mean.. you shouldn’t… uh I……” *gulps* *heavy breaths* *clears throat* “After you’re… d-done.. Would you mind joining me in my room for some tea ?”

Yukimura : - “Oh my God…”*blushes* I’m s-s-s-… Nuuu don’t stop… huh? Uh no I mean… I… I mean Iamsosorry…" *takes a deep breath* “I should take r-r-responsibility for interrupting you”

Saizo : - “Dear oh dear being naughty in here, are we little lady?“ *smirks* *comes closer* “Well how about sensei teaches you some more techniques?”

Masamune : - *eyes widen* *runs out of the room* “I.. I… I’m sorry… I didn’t see anything… I… I promise I didn’t even notice that your two fingers were inside… Oh shit damn” *runs away*

Kojuro : - *stares* *resembles mantras* “Damn these stupid mantras! MC can I join you?… please?”

Ieyasu :- *eyes widen* “What the… tch tch at least next time try to lock the damn door first…” *glares* “…………… uh umnn anyway you’re looking sexy in this position… *blushes* Um never mind.”

Shingen : - “Ooh… *comes nearer* *sits besides her* Spread you legs a little more, then it’ll feel better. Here let me help.” *helps her spread her legs* “Insert one more finger, it will add more pleasure… yes…like that… move them faster.”

Inuchiyo : - *blushes* “You….. MC……. What the hell… Who… Who taught you this? Tell me who? I’m gonna slice that idiot….” *glares*….*looks down* *blushes furiously* “N-N-No MC p-pull your fingers out from t-there…”

Hideyoshi : - *eyes widen* *blushes* “S-S-So-Sorry I… I… erm.. I disturbed you… I…I’ll be back later…” *runs out from the room*

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Hello! I absolutely LOVE your artwork. What's your opinion on the wings and tail?

Hello dear! First of all: thank you so much, I really appreciate that! <333
My opinion on the wings and tail…OH WELL…here we go :D
I really really like the idea of Simon being able to cast a spell that can form wings and a tail and stuff, I think this is a very cool, interesting spin on the whole “flying with magic” thing that I have never read before. Simon having to LIVE with the wings and a tail after all his magic is done feels like a cruel reminder for him that he once WAS magic but isn´t anymore, if I´m honest! Also I can´t help but imagine my boy bumping into stuff literally aaaall the time because let´s face it, he´s not the most elegant. Sleeping with them must be hell as well (ANY normal mundane activity, really) so I like to imagine him getting rid of them at one point or another!

Want my opinion on them as an artist? I hate them :DDDD
(because I can´t draw wings and the lack of skill is clearly visible :D)

Thanks for sending me this dear, and lots of love to you! <3

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As someone who's posted some metas, I'd like to say that while I am 99% certain of Jonsa being endgame, I am less certain about the undercover thing. It could be that Jons birth drives them apart (as in the fic Weirwood Wife), or it could be that D dies, then Jonsa after. The issue is, George and D&D both foreshadow things in their own ways, and BOTH foreshadow Jonsa many times. The reason why its believable, is that the romance could be ineptly done, as in Dorne. It's doubtful, vs impossible.

Dear nonny, I’m with you there. I am 99% convinced that Jonsa is endgame, and I’m not sure about undercover lover, or rather sacrificial or ‘political Jon’. I see multiple outcomes, but what makes me favour the ‘political Jon’ is not only that Kit has said that Jon has learned things from Sansa and that he is going to manipulate people. Now, we have to take anything the actors say with a grain of salt, but he also said, that he is proud of his acting this season. Now with the media making fun of Kit how the chemistry does not work and how he does not act really in love, what is he proud of? I’d say he is proud, that he managed to convey the ambiguity of it all. So weighing bad writing, as shown in fucked up Dorne story line against the visual imagery of how Jon€rys is depicted, how Kit acts and how there are still hints of Jonsa, I slightly tend to believe the ‘Political Jon’. I’m about 60% convinced.

I still think Jon will try to stick to his alliance with D, nevertheless, but his heart might not be into it. And it might never be explained in the show, because in the show we don’t see inside Jon’s head.

And although I’m sure that D will throw a tantrum when she learns about Jon’s parentage, they still might work it out. I doubt it, but I tend to dislike D and I might be wrong there. What I’m sure off, is that D will die. These are scenarios if Jon did indeed fall in love with D and they simply made a mess of making it believable.

Anyway the writers’ ineptitude should not stop us to do metas and to think about the show. If we give them too much credit, so be it!

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Dante + Driving headcanon

Forgive me for the lack of format, I’m on mobile.
Tbh, I’m actually really surprised that Dante probably has a driver’s license. With how he treated Lady’s bike in 3, I’m surprised he’s even allowed near a motorized vehicle.
When hes driving by himself, he probably drives a little more reckless than when he’s with other people. Cause he’s always short on cash, though, he probably won’t go too over board unless demons are involved. He’d probably have a blast driving through a hoard of demons. His car would be done, but what mattered is that he had fun.
RIP poor car.
When he’s with other people though, he actually behaves. For the most part anyway. With Trish or Lady, he’ll let loose more. With Nero, he don’t give a crap. Making Nero hang on for dear life is very satisfying. As we’ve seen with Patty, though, he stays pretty chill. So considerate.

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23 and 24 with LivBucc :3c

Some call it art

My dear, it is finally done :D

And just let me say thank you, because this one was so much fun and the possibilities were endless^^ I could hardly decide what to do and feel like I’ll be going back to it one day. These two just lend themselves for fics like that, Olivieer/LivBucc a ship that’s fun and serious and, in his case, so very sobby.

I really hope you like it <3

This fic on AO3

“We bet, and you lost, so you have to do it!”

He looked too smug, way too smug about this whole deal.

“Can I at least choose by myself?”

Saw him shrug, watched when she walked past the walls of the parlour, taking in the wide array of choices. It ranged from cheesy to classic, though she’d not seen the right thing as of yet.

“You can’t draw this out Liv, so don’t try.”

Threw him a look, big mouth stretched to a grin. Huffed, not because she’d have tried to, but because he dared to question her.

“Already decided, Ma’am?”

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Exo reaction #53

(¬‿¬) chens-princess Hehe okey as you wish. + I’m so sorry cause this took so long ;__;! Enjoy my dear ;D  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Baekhyun; You can do bed scene with him, but not with me!?


Chanyeol: … That’s it. I need to change few words with your director

Chen: I-I think that i…i should go..


D.o: *After you have done the bed scene*  okey now let’s edit this shit.. and Place it to the video what we did last night*

Kai: Oh! no girl.. no you don’t..



Lay: …

Luhan: Bed scene?… on Tv…

*5 Minutes later *… DON’T DO IT!!! _____!!!

Sehun: You gotta be kidding me…!

*At the studio* OMG! Look how ugly he is! You can’t do bed scene with him!


Suho: If he touches you, his death..

Tao: oh you don’t want this body than *takes off his clothes*

Xiumin: … (<– You can find more exo reactions in here ^^)