dear girls today

  • Phsycic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: On tHE outSIDe alwayS LOOkinG in Will i ever be MORe thaN IVE alwaYs bEen cauSe Im TAP Tap TaPpIng on The GLasS WAving throuGH A winDO-THE DEMON QUEEN OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS DECREED IT, MONDAY 8AM I WILL BE DELETED THEYLL HUNT ME DOWN IN STUDY HALL STUFF AND MOUNT ME ON THE WALL 30 HOURS TO LIVE HOW WILL I SPEND I-So sO so SO thIs IS what It feeLS lIKe tO matCH WiTS with SOmeone At YOUr LevEL whAT the HELL iS ThE caTch ITs the FEEling oF FREeDom of sEeIng thE liGHt itS BEn FranKlin WiTh a kEy anD a KITe- *Mii theme song spontaneously starts playing on a loop*
  • Physic: What the fuck.

OnoD & HiroC in DGS EXPO today! 

Photo courtesy of @onagadaisuke ->

They said that there were approximately 40,000 people attending the DGS EXPO (what, more than the capacity of Saitama Super Arena itself?? ∑( °д°᷅))

And thanks to HiroC and OnoD who loves to purposefully spell the venue and even the SPONSORS name wrong, now other performers and DGS fans refer “Saitama Super Arena” as “Saitama Supa Nanina” X’DDD