There sit two lovers
Ones eyes intently chasing the others
She doesnt love him anymore
But he’ll stick it out till the end
This he had sworn

Lying awake in bed
Feeling the spot on my chest
Where you used to where you used to rest your head

You see loves a funny thing the way it lingers in the mind
No matter what you do or the passing of time
That ember still glows for those lovers behind
No matter if its well remembered
That light still shines
Good times take precedent over every incident
No matter how poorly spent
So we put on these ridiculous fronts
Like we were just fooling around
Our love was only childish fun
Yet we know different
That it meant something to us
And that piece still lingers in each one that weve loved
So we pick up the pieces
Try and make a half a whole
But in the back of our minds
Theres quite a different story to be told
That Love has kissed our lips
That Love has touched our eyes
And no matter how sincere
Love has changed our lives
And even if all love has flown
Well have a few scars to proudly show
Cause at the end of our lives
We can say, At least we tried

Lying awake in bed
Feeling the spot on my chest
Where you used to where you used to rest your head


See this is the problem with queueing time sensitive posts damnit.

mrsmorrison6 said:

 And where the heck is her wedding ring!? She doesn’t look swollen to me and it is still missing in the photo with baby Meredith. I love to think she’s giving Josh nothing but an icey attitude.

wesayso-foundation said:

wow I didn’t notice that, keen eye, though a lot of women remove their jewelry, even with home births

Isn’t Meredith a beautiful thing to see in all the horrible mess. I wish her a wonderful life and Anna all the best in her new child and her current struggles.

rnfromva said: 

Well Meredith Viera got her wish.

wesayso-foundation said: 

OMG I forgot about that, Dear G_d I pray they did not do that as a ridiculous pr attempt. But that baby is gorgeous. So All of you that have been saying I am posting anti Duggar campaigns when i talk about Izzy can see that is the furthest from the truth. That baby is tooooo cute. I could just stare at her all day.

deniseosstuff said: 

Maybe poor Anna had to hock her ring to help pay the midwife now that Josh is unemployed.

I’m trying my best to be a better man
Despite all my fears, I really am
I write these things to remind myself
That amidst this darkness, there still remains
Light, Hope, and a perfect plan
For the first time in my life
I am writing for the sake of writing
Living for the sake of living
Loving for the sake of loving
And I’ll live
—  Being As An Ocean, “Dear G_d”

source: tovag

I may have thought that at one time, but I think he is so taken down by all of this, not being able to put it behind him because of his father’s inability to see what is wrong and what is right, and making a living off of his demise, I think he is through. How much more of a father like this could any one person take?

I swear, if Jim Bob had been accused of molesting one of his daughters, Jim Bob would be selling the sex tape right now. as a lesson in what not to do, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ amen.

rnfromva said

Oh no not the sex tape

katyj22 said: 

Who’s to say he hasn’t molested his daughters? With the power they give to men in their cult, I wouldn’t be surprised.

wesayso-foundation said:

Oh Dear G_d NO!

This needs to wait for another reality show.

Though I did think that he and Michelle told the premarrieds that if they are curious about what happens on the wedding night, they would leave the door ajar that night.