dear future girl

Dear Future Girlfriend Pt. 2

Listen. If I’m in, then I’m all in. I’m not going anywhere. I don’t care if we fight or disagree on shit, or if you have to ask me to remind you every day that you’re the one I want. I don’t care if you have scars, or if small spaces freak you out, or if I have to be the one to call the pizza place because phone calls give you anxiety. I don’t care if you need to wake me up in the middle of the night because you had a bad dream. I don’t care if you need to call me while I’m at work because you just want to hear my voice. I don’t care if we need to approach new chapters of our life together slowly so that you feel more comfortable. I don’t care if things are a bit more complicated or if things take time. If I love you, I love all of you. I’m not just “putting up” with the things you ask of me, because you are not an inconvenience and your needs are not something that need to be “put up” with. You are a priority, you are important, and nothing that you need from me in our relationship will ever be perceived as too much. If we’re together then I don’t ever want you to feel like you are a burden to me. I want you to see me as your person, your safety, your comfort, your home. I’ll never judge you and I’ll never turn my back on you. You never have to be afraid around me. You never have to doubt my feelings for you. You never have to worry. Things will get difficult, but everything will always be okay. I promise.

Dear future girlfriend,

I promise to hold your hand through all your hard times, even though it’ll be hard for me to watch you go through it. I’ll love you even when I’m mad at you and I’ll kiss your forehead and listen to your words even when you slurring them, drunk and make no sense. We’ll get into stupid fights over ridiculous things and I’ll be a stubborn asshole but I promise to admit that I’m wrong when I am and hold you when tears are streaming down your cheeks in rivers of sadness, and tell you that it’s going to be okay. I’ll be there for you when you’ve just watched a scary movie and don’t want to sleep alone.. heck, I’ll even watch the movie with you. I’ll be right at the end of the phone for when you want to tell someone how awesome your day was and I’ll be right there when you’re lonely and want someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix. I’ll bring you up breakfast in bed when you’re too tired to move but too hungry to go back to sleep. I’ll be right by your side to remind how beautiful you are to me every single day and when nothing seems to be going right in your life, I’ll be there to give you a long, tight hug. I’ll try my best to make sure that you don’t feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, and even if I’m halfway across the world, I’ll make sure that you feel the weight of my love more. When you fight with one of your parents, I’ll help you sort it out because you take after both of them far too much and if they had not given you life then I would be without you. We’ll go to a train station and get a ticket to a random place and spend the day exploring every corner of that location. I’ll be a sarcastic little shit, and take our banter to a next level, you’ll playfully hit me and I’ll tell you that I love you and steal a kiss before you can say anything else. I’ll fight my way through my shipmates to make sure that I’m one of the first people off of the gangway so I can be one bit closer to you. I’ll skype or facetime you whenever I get the chance, or if none of those are working then a phone call or text will simply have to suffice, but I will make sure that whether I’m out in the Gulf, or in port at Birkenhead or Falmouth, you will know just how much I am in love with you. Whether it’s the best day that you’ve had or your worst, I’ll always be there for you. I promise to love you through it all.

Dear Future Girlfriend,

Look, when I tell you that I love can sure as hell believe it. I promise you that I won’t be going anywhere even If we argue over petty things and I can guarantee you that I will never treat you like a second choice, you will always be my first choice. I’m never going to let you go to bed thinking that you aren’t loved because I will make sure you know every single night and every single morning that you, yes you are loved. If you are having a rough day, I’m not going to ditch you because I’d rather sit and talk to you until you finally get a smile on your face because it’s worth it to me. I will treat you the way you’re supposed to be treated and I’d never want you to feel like you’re hard to love. If you end up having a nightmare, I’ll call you and make sure you know your safe. I’ll make shushing noises and tell you everything’s going to be okay until you can find some comfort in my voice. When you feel like the entire world is crumbling and you feel like you can’t go on, I’ll be there to support you and we can get through it, together. You are never going to be alone because I’m going to make sure to the best of my abilities that you have someone who actually cares about what’s on your mind. When I love you, I’m not going to just love the pieces that I want to, I’m going to love every single inch of you. You should know that you’re going to be my main priority and nobody else will come close to you. I’m going to try to make you feel loved, safe and comfortable. I’ll never judge you for anything you tell me and I won’t tell anyone, I’ll make sure you know that you can trust me. You should know that when I want you in my life, I do want you in my life. You aren’t going to be a burden to me and the thing is, I’m probably going to be excited everytime I get to hear your voice and I’ll get butterflies every time you tell me you love me. You aren’t going to have to doubt your feelings for me because I’m going to wear them on my sleeve.

Dear Future Girlfriend:

I felt for a long time that I was not capable of love, and I often still feel that way. But I can’t give up hope that one day I’ll meet someone who makes me melt upon hearing them say my name. Someone who makes me smile without having to try. Someone who makes me feel like I mean something to them; like they’re not only with me because they’re afraid of feeling lonely, but because it’s me that they want. Someone who cares about little things like holding the door open for strangers, and telling their parents they love them before hanging up the phone, and smiling at people for no reason because they know that that person could be having a horrible day and that two seconds of positivity might make them feel better. Someone who doesn’t buy into all of the hype surrounding things like popularity, looks and money because none of that shit ever matters when it comes to feeling truly fulfilled. Someone who would hold my hand in public, kiss me in front of strangers and family alike – someone who feels damn proud to be with me and doesn’t want to hide it. Someone who wants to open up to me, who trusts me enough to be vulnerable and will comfort me in doing the same. Someone who won’t shit on the things that make me happy, who won’t make me feel inferior to them for liking an actor that they hate or occasionally watching power rangers in my spare time. Someone who will want to share their interests and passions with me, who will want to include me in the parts of their life that bring them unspeakable joy. Someone who will stay up all night with me while we talk about life and ask each other endless questions that neither of us have the answers to. Someone who would write a song for me if they could. Someone who sees the value in a small goodbye kiss on their way out the door. Someone who would love me – all of me – unconditionally, and with their whole damn heart.

Maybe we’ll meet each other someday.

I expect people to hit on my girl because I know damn well she’s literally flawless. I mean let’s be real I’d kinda be insulted if people didn’t. But don’t get too damn comfortable.. Basically It’s like you can look but don’t even think about touching because I will drop your ass. But we appreciate the compliments :)

Mudlove - A Sirius Black Imagine

HIIIIIIIII! I’m sooooo sorry it took me ages to write it. But here it is. I changed the scenario a bit just because I believed that the reader and Sirius would have been dating in their last year at Hogwarts and Sirius had already ran from his parents so… yeah. :)

Ps: I apologize in advance for any mistake, usually I tend to read it at least twice, but I’M GOING TO BED since I’m working 12 days in a row! ;)


You were nervous as hell. You looked at yourself in the mirror. From head to toes. You were so uncertain that the outfit you choose was right for tonight. You thought about going for that black dress first. It was discret and sober, maybe a little too much. You’d have to add some accessories, at least. You choose the pearl earring that you mother gave you when you started your scholarship at Hogwarts.
‘I’m looking like I’m going to attend a funeral’ you said out loud to yourself.
'Well, it’s almost that’ said a voice behind you.
You turned around and smiled, tucking into Sirius’ arms.
'Anyway, you look stunning, love’ he added, kissing the top of your head.
'I look so drab’ you replied, trying to figure out a way to appear less boring.
'Nevermind, Y/N, it’s just a worldly boring blowout. Luckily, they won’t even notice us.’
'You okay going there? I mean, your parents…’
Sirius stopped you by shaking is hands.
'Hey, we’re going there to celebrate your achievements! You are the one who got invited there. It’s not every students that finishes their scholarship with honours!’
You blushed.
'Come on, you nerd, it’s time to go.’
You laughed, taking Sirius’ hand.
You thought he looked awkward, dressed too much in his suit. What was even funnier was the fact that he decided you would have to go to the party on his motorbike. Pure Sirius. 

When you entered the reception hall, you were amazed. Everything looked stunning. From the giant copper chandeliers hanging in the void just above your head to the beautiful room surrounding you.
'They really put everything into it’ you said to Sirius, admiring the whole thing.
'Yeah’ he replied, looking uncomfortable.
Those prestigious receptions were not his thing. He only accompanied you because he loved you, but you knew that deep down, he felt like he was out of place.
'Why don’t we try to find professor McGonagall?’ you asked, trying to distract him.
You looked all around, walked among the strangers to find a familiar face. Most of them were talking with each other, with a strange look on their faces at the view of Sirius next to you. They probably knew he was the disowned son of the Blacks. You sighed. Some other were sipping on their glasses, speaking about their work. You overheard a conversation.
'Can’t believe a half-blood is going to graduate with honour this year… where the very essence of magic is going?’ said the little man.
'Don’t ask me’ replied a taller woman that you saw only from the back, dressed in a horrible emerald gown. 'The honouring student from our Hogwarts is a filthy mudblood! A mudblood, Robert!’

Your face became scarlet. You were glad Sirius had gone grab you a glass of champagne and that he didn’t heard. He would have caused a scene. You were not going to let two stupid people ruin your night. You had worked so hard during your years at Hogwarts. You were top of your class all the time and you never let yourself down.
'Professor McGonagall!’
You looked at the tiny woman, wearing a beautiful long-sleeved blue velvet dress. Even thought she wasn’t that young anymore, she looked simply stunning.
'Y/N, dear girl. How are you feeling?’
'Nervous’ you replied, putting back a lock of hair behind your ear.
'Don’t be’ smiled McGonagall. 'You deserve to be here, you made all of us really proud at Hogwarts.’
She looked at your boyfriend who had just joined you, and smirked.
'Looking rather good, Mr. Black.’
'And I can say the same about you, professor.’
She laughed lightly.
'May I present you to the other honoured students?’ asked McGonagall.
You nodded. You were exited to meet other hardworking people from all around the world.
You followed your old teacher, followed by Sirius.
'Mr. Finn, I’d like you to meet Y/N, our honoured student at Hogwarts.’
The young blonde boy smiled and shook your hand.
'Nice to meet you’ he said with an American accent.
'Mr. Finn is from Ilvermony’ added McGonagall.
'Nice to meet you too’ you replied.
'Ah! Miverna!’ said a voice from the back. You turned around and saw a tall man with a white distinguished moustache, kissing McGonagall’s hand. 'Is this your honoured student from this year?’ he asked with a french accent, looking at you.
'She is. This is Y/N Y/L/N.’
The man bended and kissed your hand as well.
'Very nice to meet you’ said the tall man. 'Minerva told me a lot about your exploits, especially the research you did in Potions with professor Slughorn. Extraordinaire!’ he said, smiling widely. 'You have a promising future, dear girl. A very promising one!’
'Thank you’ you replied, blushing again.

You tilted to your right, feeling Sirius hand grabbing you. He kissed your cheek.
'I’m so proud of you, love’ he whispered in your ear.
As he was finishing his sentence, he froze. You felt his body become stiff and for a moment you thought he had been petrified.
'Sirius?’ you asked, seeing the mortified look in his grey eyes.
You followed his gaze. In the back of the room, a pale woman was staring back at him with pure disdain on her face. Her grey hair were tied in a tight chignon and her thin lips were coloured with a vulgar scarlet shade, which made her look a lot older. Around her neck was a huge necklace, showing the Slytherins colour. It was so big it almost looked ridiculous around her neck. She was curved like it was to heavy for her frail body. It was inconspicuous but you could sense a familiarity in her face. She had silver eyes just like her son. And this proud expression, you had seen it a lot of your boyfriend on multiple occasions. You recognized the emerald dress that you saw earlier. 

'Sirius?’ you repeated.
His whole body was crisped. You tried to shake him.
'It’s her’ he said, almost spitting the last word.
'I should have known’ you said more to yourself.
'Why is that?’ he said, suddenly looking at you.
'Nothing’ you replied, waving your hand. 'Come on, let’s go away. Do not let her ruin our night, please.’
'Did she say something to you?’ he asked, not following you.
'No, she didn’t say something to me. I just overheard a conversation. It doesn’t matter. I heard it a thousand time.’
'She just said I was a mudblood, nothing new here, come on Sirius, let’s go.’
But your boyfriend didn’t listen to you. Instead, you saw him turn his back and walk straight to his mother. When she saw him heading into her direction, you could have almost believed that she smiled nastily.
'Sirius!’ you shouted, following him.
You stopped when you saw him standing at two inches of his mother’s face. He was taller than her and looked threatening.
'So I heard you called my girlfriend a mudblood?’ he shouted.
She pushed him back and laughed.
'Your girlfriend?’ she looked at you. 'Did you think dating a pureblood would make you less filthy, young girl?’
Sirius growled. 

'Apologize now’ said Sirius.
You saw him reaching for his wand slowly. Walburga looked at his hand moving into his pocket.
'Are you going to hex me, son?’ she asked, not scared at all. 'You should hex the little rat behind you instead, it would do the world a favour.’
You saw Sirius throwing his hand in the air but you ran to him.
'Come on, let’s go’ you said, feeling every eyes on you.
Sirius’ mother bended to say something in your ear. You felt her disdain even if you couldn’t see her expression.
'You don’t deserve to be here. You don’t deserve my son. You’re no good without him. Go away.’
Sirius pushed her from you.
'I swear, if you ever talk to her again-’
But you just started to run from the ceremony. You felt ashamed and felt tears at the edge of your eyes. You just wanted to leave the city and never come back again.
'Y/N’ shouted Sirius behind you. 'Y/N wait!’
You stopped, panting and turned around to face him.
'Was it worth it?’ you asked. 'You wanted to fight with her so bad that you had to do it to my detriment?’
'I’m sorry, love’ he said, frowning his eyebrows. 'I’m really sorry. She just… I saw her looking at you and whispering into this man’s ear and they laughed and I just… I snapped!’

'You could have ignored her! That’s okay, you know I’m used to these stares!’
Sirius’ expression changed. He looked sad.
'But I’m not. I can’t be used to people calling you names, Y/N. You deserve so much better. You’re surpassing everyone of them. You can’t let them call you names. I can’t let that happen.’
You shook your head.
'Listen. I’m going to defend you every damn time somebody wants to hurt you. I won’t let anybody be mean to you. Never.’
He squeezed you in his arms.
'Now, let’s get inside and celebrate the fact that you’re a badass witch, alright?’

If we’re up at 3 am talking about how we’ve always wanted to go to Italy or Spain or someplace else and you suddenly pull a backpack out from under the bed and say “Dude. Let’s just fucking go”, I will pull out my phone without hesitation and buy tickets for the next flight out.

My Dear Future Girlfriend,

It is 2:07 pm here and I’m wondering if you’ve gotten any closer to me.
My muscles are tire and I want to be held. My hair is brushed and calling for sweet raking fingers.
My chapped lips rub together like twigs but they stay cold without the spark of your fire.
I want to look harder for you, I swear.
I’ve just gone looking before and gotten hurt. I need to be careful this time or I can catch flame and burn out this time.
So instead I wait for you and dream about what our life could be.
A cozy apartment with large open windows to let in the smell of the rain. Large sweaters wrapped around us that never stay on for long anyway.
Waking up in the dark in our soft bed to scoot back closer into your arms that wrap tighter around me.
Sleeping sighs and the smell of mint and hair on the pillow.

I imagine many things.
And they all begin with me and you.


Dear Future Girlfriend,

Today I bought a thermos and I have this weird habit of naming the stuff I buy. For example my water bottles name is Douglas. Well today I told you that you could name my thermos. You got excited and within a matter of seconds you said, “Her name will be Uma. Uma Thermos”.

God, you are perfect.


Dear Future Husband..... or not

Alot of my friends do this thing where they write letters to their future husbands. Some have special little boxes where they keep all the letters they’ve been writing since 7th grade. Some even seal them with a red lipstick kiss stain. The idea is to give these letters to your husband as a wedding gift on your wedding day. It all sounds lovely and cute right? I think so. At one point I even tried to write a few (only to give up because lets face it, that’s alot of work). 

      Over the past couple long years of puberty I went through the relationship struggles every teenager goes through. The whole mystery game of who likes who. The endless nights talking with friends about our dream boyfriends, The depressing thought that I’ll never be good enough for any boy to like me. I’ve had my fair share of purity talks and relationship sermons. All this I thought was leading me up to having the perfect relationship.

       Then reality came knocking on my dream land door (completely uninvited mind you). That lovely little concept of what the church likes to call “The gift of singleness”. What if God doesn’t have that perfect 6′2, dark haired, British accented man all picked out for me? What if instead He has 12 cats and a fish tank laid out for me in the future? It’s hard to even imagine that. mostly because I don’t particularly like cats, but also because singleness has never ever been in my future plans. 

        The thing is the Bible tells us that singleness is an opportunity. An opportunity to completely focus on God and serving Him. ( 1 Corinthians 7:32-35) I have complete faith that if God does want me to get married He’ll bring the right person into my life ( and I into theirs) but I also have faith that if God wants me to never get married He’ll give me the strength and heart to be content with that. God’s will always works out for the better.  That’s why I don’t want to waste my single days fantasizing and daydreaming about boys. Writing letters to a husband I might never have. I want to give this time to the Lord and to building myself up in Him.           

Dear Future Girlfriend, As of right now, I don’t know who you are. And I don’t know when we will meet. Maybe it will be next Tuesday. Or maybe we’ll meet three months from now. I don’t know if you will live close by, or even in the same state. I know nothing about you. But I’m waiting for you.

Please know this before you say you want to be with me: I have dealt with my fair share of heart break. I’ve been lied to and cheated on by someone who I thought loved me as fiercely as I loved her. So there are days where I’ll need some extra reassurance. Days where that random “You know I love you right?” will mean more to me than I’ll ever be able to describe. Because my trust was broken before, there will be days where I fear love. Days I feel unlovable or not good enough. Please, I beg of you, on those days do not let me push you away. No matter how hard I try. Pull me in close and let me know you aren’t going anywhere.

And let me just say I cannot wait to meet you. Some nights I lay awake, wondering who you are. Will you be blonde or brunette? Are your eyes crystal blue or the warmest brown, or even a mossy green? Do you prefer coffee or tea? Maybe you like both, like me! Will you laugh until tears find their way from your eyes when I make stupid faces? What’s your favorite color? These are only a few of the questions that often keep me up at night. Sometimes I wish you’d hurry up and get here, ya know? But I know real love likes to take it’s sweet time. That way you’re one hundred percent ready when it arrives. So even though I’m a little impatient, take your time love. I’ll be waiting for you.

I can’t wait to finally meet you though. We’ll binge watch all of our favorite shows, take walks in town and talk about our childhoods. I’ll introduce you to my family, and grin like an idiot when my nana tells you “welcome to the family”. We’ll go on adventures and take pictures/videos every step of the way. I’ll surprise you on our anniversaries and your birthday. And I’ll let you know every single day that you have my heart. Because I want you on the bad days just as much as I do on the good. We’ll have our fights, I’m sure of it. Every couple does. But I won’t let that get between us. I know how to admit when I’m wrong. And I know I can be stubborn. So I’ll try to always apologize when it’s my fault, and hear your side of things.

I don’t know when we’ll meet. Maybe it’s tomorrow or maybe it’s a year from now. But when we do, and I’m certain it’s you, I’ll show this to you. And I’ll tell you about how I was writing about you before I even knew your name.

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Dear future me,

Dear future me,

Ay girl how u doin?! I hope you’re still laughing loudly and laughing often. I hope you remember how smart you are and how you can literally do anything you put your mind to. I hope you continue to do whatever the fuck you want to do and don’t ever let anyone tell you to stop it. I hope you never lose your sense of self and future me when Meg and Sar tell you something is a bad idea - they’re always right. Carry the first baby like Sarah wants. And while on the topic of her, never lose your long distance love. The obsessive, touchy/feely, cuddly, take advantage of every second together kinda love. It’s been almost two years and you haven’t but I want it to be 22 years down the road and still grabbing her ass at the grocery store when nobody’s looking. Love her, constantly remind her how pretty she is and how wonderful and smart she is. You are so fucking lucky to have a forever with that girl, you better remind her every day. I hope you and Meg are still laughing as loud as possible. Still turning heads in public places because you’re always causing a scene. Remind her everyday how smart and successful she is. Always cheer her on. She’s your rock, always be hers. 

Stop giving so much. You give until you have nothing and it’s always to the wrong people. I know you feel like everyone has to like you, but they don’t!!! And if you have to give to get them to like you, fuck them. Never let anyone manipulate you or make you feel stupid. Never work for someone who makes you feel like you always have to second guess yourself. If you want to be CEO Kate, go fucking get it. Stop worrying about what everyone else wants you to do, follow your heart and go for it. 

Continue loving like you love. Current me wants future me to know how lucky we are to have been given a heart that cares so deeply. Continue helping people, continue learning about people and continue being open arms for those in need. We can change lives if we continue to love. Remember that.

Never let the world change our inner hippie. Never forget to find your serenity and inner peace. Never forget to go outside barefoot and feel the earth between your toes. Never forget to step back, take a a breath and thank mother nature and the universe for everything you’ve been given but SPECIFICALLY this earth you had the chance to live on.

most importantly, remember to be proud of yourself. you are enough.