dear followers; please watch this series

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can you please ask your followers to go give a good rating to "Dear White People" (the series) on imdb (if they watched it)? It currently has a 4,9 because white people can't handle being called out... It's actually really good and funny, but also needed and I hope it gets a second season

I was literally writing a post about this now! I watched the whole series yesterday and i loved it!

So followers, take 10 seconds of your day to vote for the show! You can vote just for the general thing, but if you have a little more time (one minute really) vote also for the individual episodes!



Only 2 episodes left. The situation of saving Constantine is urgent! Act now or never!

I made some #SaveConstantine pictures. It would be my great honor that you’d like to use them somewhere.

I only have 550 followers in Tumblr and Constantine is not my main fandom. As being neither an American nor a native English-speaker, except making some GIFs and these silly pictures, I feel so powerless T T. So dear friends, especially those who live in the northern America, please recommend your friends to watch Constantine live at 8/7c Friday on NBC! I think at this moment only live ratings matters.

Thanks very much ahead!❤

Dear Shadowhunter fans


even if the show is crap, doesn’t follow the books, messes up characters, has bad acting, or a hundred other things it could do wrong, please watch it anyway. 

because the gif makers and editors of the fandom really want more footage to make cool art with, and you guys are probably tired of seeing the same stuff over and over again

so please just watch the series and keep the ratings up to help the rest of us out!