dear fendi

imaginary-cat-979  asked:

To be completely honest 'Fendy dear, that's the case for a lot of your fans Come for the Smexy, Stayin' for the Arc That said, welcome back! You've been AWOL for a while, though i know its because Arc's been busy. Still, i was starting to think the some force finally took you out (possibly with holy water) and the universe was down a predator. Way to disappoint. And just when i was thinking of buying myself roses to decorate for Valentines Day. Back to paper hearts for me.

Don’t know why people keep thinking that holy water has an effect on literally anything, let alone me.

Its literally just salt water that’s been blessed by a priest.
Only thing dangerous about it is if you got it out of a river or some shit without filtering or boiling it first.

You’d be better off trying to make a voodoo doll out of me, and those aren’t even a real thing! they’re just a racist caricature that grew out of tourist industry during, like, the 1930′s.