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Seven years since show ended... how the hell fma fandom is still alive!?? I wish my current fandom were this strong. Why do you think this happens?

it really is amazing, isn’t it dear anon? i think it’s mostly because of 4 reasons:

1. FMA’S STORY. tbh if you ask any anime fan who’s watched fma what their favorite animes were, fma would would most likely be near the top of that list. its writing is just so so amazing and its characters are so well-written. there are so many symbolisms and metaphors and parallels and that makes it such a memorable anime. the story is so intense that it’s rly easy to get into it and you don’t forget that experience of watching it for the first time. the anime community has pretty much agreed that fma is one of if not THE BEST anime out there story-wise and character-wise. it’s so popular in the western AND japanese fandoms and that draws new people in to watch it.

2. New fans. like i said in the last point, there are so many new people coming into the anime community every day. fma is one of the first animes that people usually watch, and it’s because of how recognized it is as “one of the greatest animes out there.” it ranks #2 on myanimelist !!! when people are new to anime and they see that, it makes them want to start watching it, and new people are joining the fandom every day. they get invested just like the rest of us, and they want to see more content and create content. it’s a cycle that keeps going on and on when old fans die out and new ones come in.

3. No complete ending. one of the amazing things about fmab’s and the manga’s ending is that there technically is none. it gives a happy ending and a brief synopsis of what the characters are doing years after the promised day, but it still leaves SO MUCH up for interpretation, and that’s where fans and their creative abilities come in. there is so much you can do with fmab’s story and its after-ending in terms of writing fanfics and comics. there’s so much space open enough for fans to create their own headcanons and story lines and adventures with the brothers and the rest of the cast. there is so much you could write about the world of fma because it’s so diverse and there are so many lovable characters. content is so easy to come up with and get indulged in, and that’s why a lot of fans join the fandom after they’ve watched it. they want to see MORE because fma’s ending is satisfying but still not complete, and you could still do so much with it. fma also has such complex writing that you’ll notice new things every time you re-watch it, or you’ll read an analysis post and find out something you’ve never realized before. everyone loves talking about the anime and finding all those parallels and symbols that it has, and getting indulged in that gives so much more to explore about the anime’s life lessons and meanings for things.

4. NOSTALGIA. fma’s first anime came out in 2003 and the manga even further back in 2001. there are people of so many different ages right now watching fma and loving it. it is such a memorable and nostalgic anime that it’s so easy for people to come back into the fandom even after years of watching the show! and that’s because it brings such a huge wave of nostalgia and the anime is just so good that people don’t forget their experiences with it. you could join 10, 20 more fandoms and not really be into fma anymore, but trust me when i tell you, when you suddenly see a really cool fanart piece of edward elric or someone doing an intense analysis on a certain scene years after you left the fandom, all of those feelings just come rushing right back. i’ve seen so many people draw fanart for fma and in the caption say stuff like “watched this back in 2005 and now all the feelings are hitting me all over again.” it’s just amazing how one anime can have such an impact on people’s lives, and i really do mean it when i say that fma is one of those animes that really does change your view on life. it’s so easy to connect to others with it because everyone feels the same way about it. the fandom won’t be dying out any time soon

DianAkko Drabble

I like to imagine this to happen in the last or pre-last episode:

Akko is preparing to fight the evil monster that is destroying everything around Luna Nova - which is protected by a barrier and serves as shelter for all the witches and nearby townspeople - and an incredible danger for the whole world. As she had finished preparing and wanted to fly off with the Shooting Star and the Shiny Rod at her side, injured Diana came to see her off.

“You really want to do this?”

“Yeah… The longer I wait, the more dangerous it gets”, she answers.

“Nobody would force you to, what if… you died?”

“If I die, then only when I managed to kill this monster. I will try my best to come back to you all - alive and not in a coffin.”

Diana sheds a tear. “Can’t I come with you? I want to fight by your side!”

“No no no”, she denies without consideration. “You’re still hurt due to the poison, you could lose your life in this battle.”

“But if I’d fight with you, then I’m confident we would make it - together.”

Akko sighs and walks to her by now dear friend and Shiny Chariot fan: “Hey, you’re too precious to die on the battlefield I, however, am just a dork that nobody would really miss…”

“Don’t say that! After all this time you have got so much stronger, you are able to control the Shooting Star, you can use the Shiny Rod, you are the very first witch from a non-magical age line that gave me a new way of thinking!”

“You may be right with all that… But I still believe it’s better for me to fight…!”

“Please reconsider to withdraw, I really don’t want to lose you…”

Akko chuckles provocatively: “So you really have loved me after all?”

Diana doesn’t blush, but smiles instead to counter her friend’s provocation attempt: “Well, maybe the love-bee still had its effect on me?”

Akko smiles too and snatches a little kiss from the other’s lips: “Maybe I’ve got stung as well?”

“Then, will you come back for me?”, she looks at her crush with a slightly flustered expression on her face.

“I will”, she turns around and walks a few steps forward. “Because I want to taste these lips of yours again.”

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Leon shielding Kamui from a lethal attack. If you could incorporate the nohr siblings, that'd be icing on the cake! (i see a lot of angst-fluff requests on kamui getting hurt, so I thought...why not switch it around, haha. Thank you so much, I love your writing lots!!)

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

They were finally beaten down. Leon’s Brunhilde smote countless enemies, endless throngs of soldiers that didn’t deserve to fight on the battlefield. His merciless judgement destroyed battalions. Yet it still couldn’t help him protect everything he was fighting for.

Your dragonstone was broken from so many uses, you resorted to fighting with the sword. Not a fond move for your husband; he preferred you in the more indestructible, terrifying form when you fought. This presented too much room for danger.

“Aren’t you going to leave any for me?” You called to him, your blade having missed another soldier thanks to a blast from Leon’s hand. The prince simply shrugged, taking care of anything attacking any angle near your flanks.

“I told you, it’s worthless trying to battle like that. If you can’t be a dragon, I’m not letting you fight.” He told you, “It’s too risky, remember? You’re much more vulnerable. …Fighting barefoot doesn’t help even the odds, either.”

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Just a Few Words

For all those who watched last night’s episode (I didn’t, but I skimmed a recap) and were disappointed or saddened for all the wrong reasons…

Just remember.

Rickon is still away from Winterfell, Shaggydog is roaming the cannibal isles of Skagos free and wild, Osha is tending to Rickon like a mother wolf tends to her cubs and Davos is going to sail there, get freaked out by possible cannibals and “unicorns”, before getting licked by Shaggydog because Direwolf stamp of approval.

None of them are dead in the novels that we hold so dear to us… and the remaining Starks are coming back home soon. Alive and well. They will.

And for all you Sansa fans (like myself)… I can only say this after trying to command some dull fury: that is not our Sansa Stark. Remember that brave girl who would endure domestic abuse and refuse to break. Remember that girl who is now taking care of the Eyrie and making friends with Myranda Royce and Mya Stone. Remember that big-hearted girl who would have nightmares over Joffrey’s death and could never relish it because vengeance does not revive corpses, does not unmake graves, and begets blood with more blood.

Remember what our Stannis Baratheon would hammer into us through Theon’s breathtaking The Winds of Winter sample chapter: Roose’s scion is Ramsay Snow. Not Bolton. He is still a bastard, no matter the name he was given. Don’t let the fact that the show’s Lady Stark is named Sansa Stark fool you. A name does not make her the true steel that Sansa Stark is and will always be.

*hugs all you disappointed fans* You deserved better. You will get better soon.

SPOILERS A Comprehensive Guide to Why Glenn is Alive.

********SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 3 OF SEASON 6**********

Hey gals, guys and everyone in-between. Hey Glenn fans! I just wanna start by saying I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Team Delusional. You’ve probably heard that we’re insane and crazy and we think Beth Greene is still alive. Well, we’re not insane but we do think she’s alive.

You’re also possibly aware that a LOT of people think Glenn is still alive, too. And most of Team Delusional does. I’ve seen a lot of people say Glenn’s death is obviously fake, and yeah it kinda is, but I’ve also seen loads of fans distraught because they think it’s real. This is for you my dears! Now, maybe you don’t like Team D. Okay. I just wanna extend my hand and say we’re in this together now. We think Beth and Glenn are connected. Read this by @bethgreeneishopeunseen for more on that. This here is mostly what me and my mother thought about this episode and Glenn’s “death”. A lot of the ideas here have also been said by countless others too, not just Team Delusional members but all sorts of viewers. Here we go.

It’s hard to know where to start with this one, so I’ll start with the scene itself and work out.

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