dear ezra


i swear to you, ezra is a gift <3

much love for our smol opera bb :’)

“I don’t need protecting!” -Ezra

“You can’t protect the boy forever.” -Temple Guard (Inquisitor)

This is…terrifying? Throughout this episode, there seemed to be a constant reinforcement of the idea that Kanan would not be able to protect Ezra, that he had to let him go or be dragged down with the kid.

And there was also the establishment of Kanan being surprised by Ezra’s power. He has stated many times before that Ezra’s power is growing much more quickly to a magnitude that Kanan had not even imagined. Off the top of my head, I can think of four distinctive moments before Shroud of Darkness where Kanan visibly and verbally is surprised by Ezra’s power. In SoD, Kanan expresses that surprise twice, once when Ezra summons the creature while hanging upside down off a cliff, and the other when he tells Kanan and Ahsoka about seeing Master Yoda.

I feel like these two threads of establishment have a strong correlation. Ezra’s power rapidly growing, and Kanan having the idea of not being able to protect Ezra reinforced…it does not bode well for a happy ending.

And now they’re going to a Sith Temple? It can only go downhill from here.

“I’ll become stronger. Powerful…I’ll make the Empire suffer for everything it did, for everything it took, my parents. I won’t be helpless anymore!” Ezra (Path of the Jedi).

The most terrifying part? Kanan never heard Ezra say this. Ezra was speaking to Yoda at the time. And Yoda didn’t really say, no that’s wrong. He just told Ezra that there was a lot of anger inside of him. Ezra never really got someone to sit down with him and explain why this was a dangerous thought process, especially with such raw power.

Oh yeah. We’re in for a ride, everyone.

  • Me: Ezra is 15. He is a baby. He is a tiny little child. He shouldn't even be able to drive the Phantom without a learners permit and a real adult in the co-pilot's seat.
  • Teenagers (and younger) on tumblr: He's so attractive/cute/hot/similar adjective used to describe appealing male lead in animated show.
  • Me: dear god, I'm old.

There’s really not much else to say about this one. As part of its own interview series with Barack Obama, BuzzFeed got our commander-in-chief to use a selfie stick (don’t knock it ‘til you try it). You can also watch Obama play imaginary basketball, draw cartoons, and try to eat cookies and milk. (Dear Ezra Klein: All I’m saying is, I’m just a little disappointed.)

And now a list of actual pull quotes:

  • “Thanks, Obama.” — Obama
  • “Can I live?” — Obama
  • “YOLO, man.” — Obama

I’ve been having intense Ezra Bridger feels lately….. Star Wars Rebels is ruining me. So here have a little drawing of this poor boy. I have a thing for him in padawan robe like things. I know his light saber is a little off so sorry about that. Also sorry to my few followers for drowning you in this new obsession. *sighs*

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