dear everyone who thinks no one notices them

even though dean winchester doesn’t have to be bisexual, it would really honestly help out thousands of kids like me who don’t get enough support

you spend too much time on the media and you think everything is fine but the moment you go out in the real world you remember just how little people know and understand and accept bisexuality

and you just feel so alien and anxious

and i’d never EVER pressure the writers to CHANGE a character in any way, but i think stating dean is bisexual or maybe that cas is pansexual

would help thousands of kids find some sort of solace and role model and comfort that they aren’t alone and they’re normal and they can find love and family and be a hero

and that their life doesn’t have to be drastically different from anyone elses and it doesn’t matter what sexuality they are, they’re still a person just like everyone else

i’d never send hate to the writers or pressure them into that but

i really wish they could see that it really isn’t a queer fetish, not to me anyways

and i think adding in that a main character is bi would mean the world to me

and definitely please not just some random minor character who dies in one episode

because it’s not like i can look up to that and hold them dear to my heart

i think it would be harmless and would only do good

maybe a scene where cas notices some guys as well or is seduced by one for a moment and nobody really questions it

or maybe a small moment where dean admits he likes guys, too, and sam is kind of confused at first but then sees how vulnerable dean is and says “hey, it’s okay. i love you and hey i don’t care if you’re bi, you’re my brother and i’ll always look up to you, you know that right? we’re family”

that’d be really nice, really really nice.