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ID symbolism: Even did reveal parts of his identity, his true self, in that bedroom and Isak fell for each one of them….  ❤

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Dear Jiary | 161003

The Best Bad Day | Dear Jiary (Jackson)

Genre: F

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dear jackson

it’s a little late but Happy Birthday. thank you for being the greatest most kindest human being. even if it’s not in everyone’s eyes it’s in ahgase’s eyes. i hope you live a long and healthy life full of cherished love. thank you for always looking out for us and worrying about us; just know that we worry about you too. and before you even think about saying ‘don’t worry about me’ just know that it’s impossible for us to feel that way. so please just accept our worry as love and take care of yourself. don’t fall sick, mentally or physically. we love you. 

happy birthday King Jackson !

can we just talk about how jackson/yuggie’s got2day was literally just a yugyeom dancing and talent praise fest that ended w/ jackson calling yugyeom got7′s pure crystal and the entire fandom crying for 34 hours wow all i gotta say is happy friday y’all what a time to be alive

Dear Jiary | 160926

Coffee In Bed | Dear Jiary (Jackson)

Genre: F + M

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Dear BTS hate speech-ers,

Why is it so hard to realize that just because you like another band/group, that you should still show respect to the rest?
BTS isn’t EXO. BTS isn’t GOT7. BTS is BTS.
And they are absolutely wonderful. You don’t need to compare them others. You don’t need to compare others to them. If their popularity grows, it does not affect the popularity of other groups. It shows their talent and continued dedication to bringing new and amazing music into the world. They have EARNED it.
There’s no need to start rumors about them. That’s not right. In fact, it’s downright childish. Trying to bring them down will not lift your choice group up. Especially when you make it personal with your accusations. You should realize that they way you are acting is reflecting on your choice group as well. You’re making them look bad. If you care for them so much, you should have nothing but love and respect for them. You should care and respect them enough to know that they can gain popularity on their own, fair and square. Without any hateful ‘propaganda’ about other groups from you. Spreading false rumors about a group doesn’t just hurt their reputation, it hurts them - as people. How can you stoop so low as to attack people that you don’t even know?
Spreading false accusations isn’t going to do anything but hurt them. If you think for one second that the group you 'support’ would be proud of that, then you don’t even really know the artists that you claim to be such a huge fan of.

ARMYs everywhere

ask-maskythepandakingandfriends  asked:

What would the 2p's reactions be to their crush in a maid dress....?

((how would they even get in that situation–

oh yeah, halloween’s coming up))

the 2Ps seeing their crush in a maid dress

2p!america: *jaw drop* hhhhhhoooooOOOOLLY SHIT DOLL YOU LOOK GOOD IN THAT *slides in, catcalls* gonna go break some hearts or what? *whistles approvingly* ;DDDDDD

2p!china: *nOSEBLEEDS* I-I-I– *turns away, blushing like crazy and whisper-shouts to a friend* dUDE SHE FOUND OUT ONE OF MY FETISHES I KNOW IT

2p!england: *grins* you look absolutely precious, my dear!~ er… *frowns a little* however… the skirt is a tad short, don’t you think? *glances at you worriedly*

2p!france: ………..,, take me

2p!russia: *coughs, looks away to hide his flushed cheeks* aren’t you a little old to be dressing up in costumes

2p!italy: *looks you up and down* ……. so does this mean i’ll be going as your master?

2p!germany: *winks at you* hot.

2p!japan: *stares* ……this image of you is giving me fantasies,,

2p!canada: uh….. u should like, put some clothes on *hides his annoyed looks at other dudes checking out your costume*

2p!romano: *gasps* you look fabulous, my darling! *slides in and snakes an arm across your shoulders* we’d make a gorgeous couple, yes?~

2p!austria: oooooh, how precious~ i love the outfit, i do! your grace is an absolute work of art, miss~ ;)))))))

2p!prussia: oh……. *doki doki* you look nice as always…. *squirms nervously* i mean… *unable to look you in the eye* er, you look nice *cue him mentally facepalming bc he already said that* um nice job

Vernon Dursley Was Not the Problem

I don’t really like it when fanon acts as though Vernon was pushing Petunia into behaving as she did, or that Vernon was abusive/controlling toward Petunia.

Vernon wasn’t a positive influence on Petunia’s priorities, but when it comes to Harry, Vernon took his cues from his wife.

In the very first chapter, Vernon worries about even mentioning the Potters to Petunia, saying that Petunia got upset at any mention of his sister. 

And when Vernon does bring it up:

Mrs. Dursley came into the living room carrying two cups of tea. It was no good. He’d have to say something to her. He cleared his throat nervously. “Er — Petunia, dear — you haven’t heard from your sister lately, have you?”

As he had expected, Mrs. Dursley looked shocked and angry. After all, they normally pretended she didn’t have a sister.


Mrs. Dursley sipped her tea through pursed lips. Mr. Dursley wondered whether he dared tell her he’d heard the name “Potter.” He decided he didn’t dare. Instead he said, as casually as he could, “Their son — he’d be about Dudley’s age now, wouldn’t he?”

So right away, we see that Vernon is more afraid of his wife’s reaction than anything else. He and Petunia have an unspoken agreement not to mention the Potters, and when he breaks that agreement, Petunia is “shocked and angry.” Vernon probably wouldn’t have been keen on magical people even without Petunia’s influence, but a lot of his dislike is centered around Petunia’s feelings.

Vernon loves Petunia, Petunia hates magic, therefore Vernon hates magic.

This continues through the books. Though Vernon is nearly always the aggressor, Petunia never fails to back Vernon up.

The two of them have different personalities, but they’re in complete agreement when it comes to Harry. Vernon is the enforcer, but he’s enforcing on Petunia’s behalf as well. Vernon knows that Harry’s mere existence is upsetting and a burden for his wife, and he treats Harry accordingly. Everything he does to Harry, he does on Dudley/Petunia’s behalf. I would argue 

It’s notable that Vernon displays an instinctive need to protect Petunia (and Dudley) from wizards, which undermines claims that he’s abusive toward his wife and son.

Aunt Petunia shrieked and fell backward over the coffee table; Uncle Vernon caught her before she hit the floor, and gaped, speechless, at the Weasleys,


He moved toward Uncle Vernon, his hand outstretched, but Uncle Vernon backed away several paces, dragging Aunt Petunia.


Aunt Petunia staggered upright again and hid behind Uncle Vernon.


Uncle Vernon clearly thought Mr. Weasley was mad too. He moved ever so slightly to the right, screening Aunt Petunia from view, as though he thought Mr. Weasley might suddenly run at them and attack.


Dudley fidgeted a little. Uncle Vernon said sharply, “Don’t touch anything he gives you, Dudley.”


Uncle Vernon roared. Pulling Aunt Petunia and Dudley into the other room, he cast one last terrified look at Hagrid and slammed the door behind them.


“HOW DARE YOU THREATEN DUDLEY!” roared Uncle Vernon, pounding the table with his fist.


“THERE IS NO HARRY POTTER HERE!” he roared, now holding the receiver at arm’s length, as though frightened it might explode. “I DON’T KNOW WHAT SCHOOL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN! DON’T YOU COME NEAR MY FAMILY!”

Petunia tends to instinctively look to Vernon when faced with a magical problem, and Vernon takes charge. Vernon focuses on offense and Petunia on defense. For example, in the scene with Dudley’s tongue, Petunia is focused on taking care of Dudley and Vernon is focused on shouting at Mr. Weasley. We see this pattern repeated on several other occasions.

However, it’s clear that Petunia does support Vernon’s actions. She will readily agree with him and insert her own accusations into the conversation.

For example look at this exchange:

“What the devil do you mean by it, boy?” asked Uncle Vernon in a croaky voice that trembled with fury.

“What do I mean by what?” said Harry coldly. He kept looking left and right up the street, still hoping to see the person who had made the cracking noise.

“Making a racket like a starting pistol right outside our –”

“I didn’t make that noise,” said Harry firmly.

Aunt Petunia’s thin, horsy face now appeared beside Uncle Vernon’s wide, purple one. She looked livid.

“Why were you lurking under our window?”

“Yes - yes, good point, Petunia! What were you doing under our window, boy?”

“Listening to the news,” said Harry in a resigned voice.

His aunt and uncle exchanged looks of outrage.

“Listening to the news! Again?”

“Well, it changes every day, you see,” said Harry.

“Don’t you be clever with me, boy! I want to know what you’re really up to - and don’t give me any more of this listening to the news tosh! You know perfectly well that your lot -”

“Careful, Vernon!” breathed Aunt Petunia, and Uncle Vernon lowered his voice so that Harry could barely hear him, “-that your lot don’t get on our news!”

“That’s all you know,” said Harry.

The Dursleys goggled at him for a few seconds, then Aunt Petunia said, “You’re a nasty little liar. What are all those -” she, too, lowered her voice so that Harry had to lip-read the next word, “- owls doing if they’re not bringing you news?”

Even though Vernon is the aggressor, Petunia readily jumps in to verbally berate Harry. And notice that when she shushes Vernon, Vernon immediately lowers his voice.

Or watch how Vernon backs Petunia up here, despite his visible shock at her sudden shift in attitude:

“The boy - the boy will have to stay, Vernon,” she said weakly.


“He stays,” she said. She was not looking at Harry. She got to her feet again.

“He… but Petunia…”

“If we throw him out, the neighbors will talk,” she said. She was rapidly regaining her usual brisk, snappish manner, though she was still very pale. “They’ll ask awkward questions, they’ll want to know where he’s gone. We’ll have to keep him.”

Uncle Vernon was deflating like an old tire.

“But Petunia, dear –”

Aunt Petunia ignored him. She turned to Harry. “You’re to stay in your room,” she said. “You’re not to leave the house. Now get to bed.”

Harry didn’t move.

“Who was that Howler from?”

“Don’t ask questions,” Aunt Petunia snapped.

“Are you in touch with wizards?”

“I told you to get to bed!”

“What did it mean? Remember the last what?”

“Go to bed!”

“How come -?”


Petunia  is the day-to-day point-of-contact, she orders him around, sends him to work in the garden for the day, etc. And yet when Harry needs a ride to King’s Cross in PS, a signed permission slip in PA, and a trip to the World Cup in GF, he approaches Vernon, not Petunia. Harry considers Vernon to be more approachable of the two, and easier to negotiate with.

 Harry choses to speak to Vernon about a ride to King’s Cross in PS, a signed permission slip in PA, and a trip to the World Cup in GF.

And Vernon is motivated in part by his desire to protect Petunia from having to deal with Harry. 

So  anyone who thinks that Petunia is abusive toward Harry because of Vernon’s influence is kidding themselves.

I’m certainly not excusing Vernon’s behavior, he’s still a horrid man who abused a child. But he’s not the instigator or the biggest reason why Harry suffers at the hands of the Dursleys. Harry didn’t suffer at the Dursleys because Uncle Vernon hated magic. He suffered at the Dursleys because Aunt Petunia hated him.

Mary Pinckney to Elizabeth Hamilton, undated

Newark 5 Nov(er)

Dear Madam,

Had I never before regretted that I was a coward I should certainly do it now as this weakness has prevented me the pleasure of paying you my personal respects in New York, & thanking you for the favor of your visit to me at Newark.  It is the fate of wanderers who are so happy as to make agreeable acquaintances to know the misery of being separated from them, & I shall long regret being so near you without being able to see you more frequently.

I hope the illness in your family has entirely subsided, & that you have nothing to fear for your sons.  

I learnt with pleasure from Mrs. _____ that Philip Hamilton is entirely recovered.

Gen. Pinckney desires to present his best respects to you, & he unites with me in offering them to the General.

I remain, Dear Madam

Your most Obedient Servant

Mary Pinckney

Source: Columbia University, Hamilton Papers Publication Project

Oh, it was a funny joke
  • Moon: Can I have a word with you, Sun?
  • Sun: Any time you like, Moon.
  • Moon: Well, look. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was wondering, if you wouldn’t mind, possibly, just… backing off a bit.
  • Sun: From you?
  • Moon: From me, and from the Earth.
  • Sun: Okay. Might be tricky, er… why, though?
  • Moon: Well, i-it’s just, the earth and I are getting on really well at the moment.
  • Sun: Oh, yes?
  • Moon: Yeah, we’ve got this shared interest in… tides. Thing is, when you come round every day, it’s making me look a bit bad, in comparison.
  • Sun: Oh, right.
  • Moon: Yeah. There I am, shining my hardest, illuminating everything, and you know what they call it? Night!
  • Sun: Oh dear, er… so let’s see if I’ve got this straight. You want me to back away from the Earth, leaving the Earth where it is.
  • Moon: Please.
  • Sun: And you want me to stop coming round the Earth so often.
  • Moon: Would you mind? I, I just think it would make me look better.
  • Sun: …leaving aside certain practical difficulties, better in what way?
  • Moon: Well, you know, brighter.
  • Sun: Oh, I see! You want me to go further away so that your light, the light you shine, will seem brighter.
  • Moon: Yes! Is that so hard?
  • Sun: It’s quite hard.
  • Moon: It’s just when I’m compared every day with a vast miasma of incandescent plasma like you, I can’t help feeling a bit—
  • Sun: Eclipsed?
  • Moon: I knew you weren’t fine with that! How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?
  • Sun: No, I am fine with it, it was funny, “Hey! Earth! Look, look, I’m as big as the Sun!” oh, it was a funny joke.
  • Moon: Yeah.
  • Sun: Because it’s so untrue. Sooo untrue.
  • Moon: Yes. I know.
  • Sun: But anyway, look, I’d like to help, I’d be quite happy to move away, leave you and the Earth where you are and let you beam forth your powerful moonlight in peace—
  • Moon: Thanks.
  • Sun: —I just don’t think it’s… possible.
  • Moon: Not possible?
  • Sun: No, sorry.
  • Moon: Right. Fine, no worries. …Stuck up sod. Thinks the world revolves around him.

Also dear prospective PhD-ers: you will have days taken up by e-mailing, trawling through online catalogues, and writing conference proposals. THEN comes the post-doc applications, which again, same thing, but on a scale so intense I’m not sure I can even fully comprehend it yet. Forget the romantic image of spending days leisurely in an archive or library. You will be stressed. You will be worked. You will spend most of your time writing, writing, writing. I have probably well over a hundred thousand words of writing I will never use because of my topic changing, or having to butcher things to make them work stylistically.

 Then there are the wine receptions, where you have to balance a level of sycophancy to senior academics whilst trying to leave with your dignity intact. Oh, and then there’s the funding applications, because you’re poor and, no, you can’t just travel to that archive across the world on a whim. It’s emotionally exhausting, if not physically exhausting (because you have no 9 to 5, so, yeah, gonna be honest, you can get up at 10 or 11 and still get a good day in, because your evenings aren’t yours’ anymore. A PhD has no set hours. It doesn’t end. Prepare for feeling guilty for relaxing!). 

Oh wait it is physically exhausting if you’re teaching, in which case either a) you’re American, and your institution is evil and has decided teaching is part of your scholarship, which is just pure theft, and yay, these type of programmes are starting to appear in the UK!! Wonderful!!! or b) You will be severely underpaid. I get paid for one hour of prep a week for teaching. One hour. For maybe 4 articles to discuss & a lesson plan. I get paid below minimum wage, effectively, for students who are paying 9 fucking grand to attend here every year. 

BUT if this still doesn’t scare you, my advice:

Best thing to do? Define a research question early on. Prepare for it to change, but yeah, try and pin it down as early as you can. Write early, write often, write, write, write. Learn your 30 second PhD pitch. Prepare for careers outside academia. Find a library buddy to stave off the crushing loneliness. 

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Dear Galavant-ers, I’m not going anywhere. I will still do my best to up-date you guys on the future of the show and what the cast is doing.

You guys have always been nice to me on here and I thank you for it. Without any of that, I doubt I’d stay with this blog.

On a funnier note: Somewhere, Galavant is having a terrible musical number dream.