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                                             December 1st 2013
                                HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY JELSA

Inspired by Hiphip_hurray’s breathtaking fanart ♡ 

I found this from facebook and well I ofc don’t remember what page but… I love these edits. They also bring some fanfiction to my mind…

The first one is clearly from ‘r9kelsa is suffering’ I mean damn look at it.
Second is of course from 'A snowflake in spring’
The third could be from 'You are’ or 'Anna Summers PA’
And well the last one is a bit difficult but well there is one fanfic called 'Dear Elsa’ and it could fit here in some ways.

Credits to owners :3

suzie-guru  asked:

Shame on me for only just discovering Norman and Elsa! They're adorable! I'm curious - if you could choose anyone at all for their voice actors, who would they be?

Ahh, as ever, you’re so sweet! I guess, for a long time, based on how they started life, I figured Vincent Price and Emmy Rossum, but now that I’ve mulled it over, for Elsa, I might say maybe an Amy Adams, or the like. Something very upbeat.

For Norman, he should sound older, formal, and more gravelly (and pretty Phantom-y - he’s musically inclined), so something along the lines of, say, Norm Lewis or Kelsey Grammer. 

Or @lordjazor. Yep, definitely @lordjazor

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Dear Queen Elsa,

How dare you

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be so f*cking

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and dorky

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you are the 

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Tis extremely rude, ma’am. 

But also, I love you dearly. 



thearendork  asked:

ube@keso = Filipino? XD Also, love your art. I think you raised a great point with the Elsa and Anna pic you drew. I'd love to see more from you!

Yeah, I’m running out of substantial ideas…

Mabuhay! You know, it’s messages like these that make my day… er, night, or.. whatever! They just make me happy! Thank you so much! And I just love the lessons from Frozen. I’m glad you agree.

Plus I love Ube and Keso <3 

Was actually inspired by taidstick when he draws all of the Elsas and Annas in one group scenario and them interacting with each other! XD

So basically its the r9k, A Snowflake in Spring, You Are, Anna Summers P.A, and the Canon ones interacting.

The Elsa’s would be awkward as fuck. While the Annas would be smiling and eating chocolate donuts LOL. 


“A woman cannot run a business, Elsa dear- we’ll find a nice fellow who’s good husband material to take over from your father." 

here it is that 1920s America!Frozen AU i kept talking about :D (I just LOVE the roaring twenties-it’s so flamboyant and interesting)

Elsa and Anna are Norwegian-American and heiresses to Arendelle, a department store chain founded by their family. Elsa is restless and disillusioned, because the 1920s was an era of women’s emancipation, but her parents don’t believe a woman should be running a business empire and want to marry her off. Anna meets Hans at a party, and foolishly agrees to marry him. Elsa is furious and thinks it’s stupid, because she herself is being badgered into marriage and worse still her parents think it’s a good idea. Hans is the son of a major Prohibition-era mobster and is trying to weasel his way into gaining control over wealthy businesses like Arendelle. Kristoff is a working-class boy who drives the ice-delivery truck for Arendelle, and Anna gets him to help her find Elsa after she runs away in rebellion against her parents, and later he kind of gets Anna out of her sheltered upbringing to actually live ;) 

I also kinda tried to use the colour scheme for their canon!clothes here ^^

                        (more 1920s!frozen) (modern day!frozen)


Happy Birthday our dear Queen Elsa!
and well, it’s a little bit early but… Merry Christmas everyone!
have an awesome holiday ;)

It’s a special cooperation with my friend Souno! (click to her Twitter page!)
so glad can meet you Souno <3


anonymous asked:

Do you have an fic recs to share?

I’m working on a master fic rec, but that’ll take a while to complete since I have to hunt down fics not on my Favorites tab. But here’s what I do have there, from oldest to newest: 

The Actress and Her Star 
Here it Stands? 
Servant to the Queen 
Frostbite Symptoms 
The Ice Queen 
Snowflake Vigilante 
How the Grouch Stole Valentine’s Day 
Dear Elsa 
Sorority Sisters 
All I Saw Was You 
A Gust of Wind 
Extra! Extra! Read All About It! 
Elsa’s Anatomy 
Somewhere in Time 
Swing and A Miss 
Lost & Found 
You Are 
In the Absence of Sun 
Gods Among Us 
Café Liégeois 
A Formal Arrangement 
I Saw You on TV 
Night of the Witching Hour 
Anna Summers, PA 
Stolen Ice 
Paradise Circus 
The Sting of Summer’s Winter 
How I Met Your Mother 
Golden Snowflake 
Across the Ice 
Sucker Love 
Stolen Ice: Epilogue 
Only Exception 
The Sky is Awake 
Frozen: Lost in Translation 
She Fell From the Sky 
Whoops, My Hand Slipped: A Collection of Anna Summers, PA Ficlets 
Unstuck in Time 
The Girl From Nordsgarde 
The Legend of Elsa 
Call Me, Beep Me 
The Queen’s Consort 
The Takeover 
Minor Chords 
Frostbitten and Lovestruck 
A Day in the Life 
Winter’s Heart 
Freeze Out 
A Snowflake in Spring 
It Was All For You 
An Awkward, First Something 
Hail to the Queen 
Let’s Take a Chance Now (We Could Fall in Love) 
Proud Prince of Arendelle
Creature of the Nightlight 
Life’s a Game 
A One Night Stand 
Courtship of the Grad Student 
Tiny Hearts 
Let the Storm Rage On 
Watching Snowflakes 
To Thaw a Wild Heart 
Kill of the Night 
The Royal Commoner 
Searching for a Perfect Day 
Leave It Be 
Scars of a Facade 
Sucker Punch 
Crash Into Me 
The Queen’s Mercy 

Remember, this isn’t the full list.