dear diary

We live parallel to the wolf.
Whatever happens to the wolf, happens to man.
Wolves were hunted close to extinction, and native people were hunted close to extinction.
—  My mom.

som bitch who used 2go to my school is asking whats wrong w straight pride on fb im so tempted to use this as an opportunity to accuse him of making up his first kiss story that he told us two springs ago

(pearents wait was it spring or was it fall. im asking about the guy w the first kiss in the gazebo at the wedding, no way was that real)

Dear Diary

Everyone is turning against me. Niall has started stealing my shirts, Liam stole my banana suit, and then Louis ran off with my plane ticket to LA. So I called up James and asked him if he wanted to meet and discuss an idea I’ve got for a new band- me and him with Jeff and Nick. I’ll be seeing Jeff & Nick later this week. I’ve already thought of a possible name: No Fucking Idea What Direction Any Of Us Are Going In. 

All the love, H x

There was a time where I thought that feeling like this was impossible. That I could never feel this light. Open. Airy. Like someone came in and opened every window in me and let in summer. But I’m here. After a long and heavy winter. After an even longer healing and rainy spring. I didn’t know if I could feel like July again. And yet, here I am. Chasing after the sun.