dear darlin'

Come Find Her

I came up with this imagine after watching the segment between Dean and Baron on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live! These are two of my favorite guys in WWE right now, so I’m excited to see what they do together! Sorry that it’s so short, I tried to make it as long as I could. – Hope you like it!

Summary: Baron Corbin makes his feud with Dean Ambrose personal by kidnapping the one person that means everything to Dean, his girlfriend.

*          *          *          *

“Get away from me!” You screamed as you tried to pull your arm out of Baron’s grasp.

“Stop squirming.” He said.

He had cornered you backstage and dragged you into one of the abandoned hallways in the back of the arena. There was no one in this part of the arena. You could scream as loud as you wanted to, but no one would hear you.

There was, however, a monitor set up and a cameraman standing in the corner looking as scared as you. You assumed Baron threatened him into coming down here.

You smiled as you heard Dean’s music hit and him make his way down to the ring. He immediately planted a Dirty Deeds to Curt Hawkins, having no interest in the match he was scheduled for that night, and then grabbed a match.

“Over the years I’ve learned a lot of valuable life lessons, for instance, rollerblading home from happy hour is a bad idea, some women don’t like to be called sturdy, burrito bowls and rollercoasters don’t mix, but one of the most important life lessons I have learned is when you are pushed you have to push back and over the last couple of weeks I have been pushed, prodded, attacked, beaten up, and left for dead but if Baron Corbin thinks I’m going to roll over and walk away from that then Baron Corbin is going to learn a very valuable life lesson of his own and here it is: messing with Dean Ambrose is a very very bad idea. Son, if you don’t believe that then let’s find out. I can’t think of a better place then SmackDown Live right here in St. Paul Minnesota. I want a fight. I want a fight and I want it right now, so Baron Corbin bring your ass out here.”

Your lips curved into a smile as you watched him cut his promo. You loved seeing Dean on the mic. He was a natural at it. And you loved how into his work he got. You could tell he was pumped up.

“Dean…Dean, you want a fight? Well, that’s too bad. I don’t just come to the ring when you call my name.” Baron said as the camera guy pointed the camera at him.

“Oh my god. Those tattoos are even uglier on the big screen.” Dean said. “Look, dude, are you going to come out here or not because I didn’t validate my parking and I only got fifteen minutes left on the meter.”

“I’m glad you find humor in this,” Baron said. “You’re gonna need it. You cost me the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. You are a speed bump that has slowed me down. But now, now you are a deer standing in the middle of the road and I am going to run you over. But Dean, Dean I think you should see something first…” Baron said.

Baron reached over and pulled you closer to him so that you were in the camera’s view. You were sure you looked terrified because that’s exactly how you felt. You didn’t know what Baron was going to do to you.

“Because you see Dean, you aren’t invincible anymore. I have something over on you. You have something to lose. And I have that something right here.” Baron said as he squeezed your arm a little tighter.

“You son of a b*tch. You let her go!” Dean screamed.

“You want her? Come find her!” Baron said and then he shoved the camera towards the ground.

“Let me go!” You screamed.

“Fighting isn’t going to help you. You can’t get away.” Baron said.

“Dean! Dean help me!” You screamed out as loud as you could.

You then noticed Baron pick up a lead pipe from the ground. You felt your heart drop. You had no doubt Dean would come looking for you. But he wouldn’t be any match for Baron Corbin with a lead pipe.

“Y/n! Y/n! Baron where are you, you coward?” You heard Dean’s voice faintly.

“Dean! Dean help me!” You screamed.

“Y/n! I’m coming baby!” He screamed.

“Go over there. Show him where you are.” Baron said motioning to the hallway where Dean would probably be able to see you.

You hesitantly walked over and you looked down the hallway. You saw Dean at the end of the hallway.

“Y/n! Where is he?” Dean screamed.

Just then Baron stepped in front of you, putting himself between you and Dean, lead pipe in hand. Dean stopped running and eyed the lead pipe.

“Come on Ambrose. Come save your girlfriend.” Baron challenged.

What Dean did next shocked you. He charged full speed at Baron and speared him. Which knocked the lead pipe out of his hand, but also knocked Baron into you. You fell backward and you felt your head hit the hard floor of the arena. You curled up and brought your hands to your head as you winced.

You felt a throbbing instantly on the back of your head where you hit the concrete floor. You closed your eyes and tried not to think about the pain. Then you looked over to see Baron and Dean wrestling for dominance.

Dean was on top of Baron delivering blow after blow to him. But Baron was reaching for something. Not just something…the lead pipe. His fingertips were inches away from it and you knew if he got it, it wouldn’t be good for Dean. You stretched your leg out, kicking the pipe out of Baron’s reach.

Dean laid a couple more good punches on Baron, the second one hitting him square in the nose. He hit him a few more times for good measure and then climbed off Baron and turned to you.

He grabbed your hand in his and started dragging you down the hallway and away from Baron. Once you were back to the area of backstage where the locker rooms were Dean turned to you. He reached up and cupped your face in his hands as he looked into your eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

You couldn’t find the words, so you just nodded.

“Did he hurt you? Put his hand on you?” He asked.

“N-no.” You said as you felt a tear escape and run down your cheek.

“Shh, you’re okay, baby. I’m right here.” He said as he pulled you into his chest and held you tight. “You’re okay. I’ve got you.” He said.

“I was so scared, Dean.” You mumbled into his shirt as you held onto him for dear life.

“I know, darlin’. But I’m here. Nobody’s going to hurt you as long as I’ve got something to say about it.” He said.

Same suit different tie.

Shoutout to the light of my life @badboytheo and the lovely @tstieff for beta-ing this thing and giving me the support to post it. This is part of @grab-my-boner ’s 1k writing challenge. Congrats on the 1k hun!

Different tie
But I’m wearing the same suit
It’s alright
Because the old can feel brand new
See I feel so fresh
I feel so new
And I’m through with my
With my miserable youth

All done up in my hand-me-down clothes
Shaking off the dust and assuming a pose
Well these threads are so old
But they’ll never know
Oh no one will ever know
See darlin’
Dear you don’t need high-priced designs
To feel dressed up, to feel dressed up
To the nines.

“Hi. I’m Negan.”

The first time he had said it he could feel Simon giving him a side eye. He got why. He was just Joey. Joseph. Good old fucking reliable Joe. But something had changed. Looking on at the pathetic trio of strays who were asking to stay with them, in a place the two of them had spent months clearing out and making their own, he knew something had to change. He had to change.

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RP Resource: Writing British Characters.

Here’s a rather broad combination of UK words, phrases and sayings that one can use as a writing template for predominately English characters. I tried to lend my attention to the more obscure ones of our daily use to try and defer from the same-old, same-old. Note: I will be updating it from time to time, so you may wish to reference back at later dates.

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Steve flashed you a grin, watching you walk down the stairs, his hands in his jacket pockets. “You ready to go darlin’?” He asked.

You smiled, along side of ‘doll’, 'beautiful’, 'angel’, and 'dear’, 'darlin’ was one of Steve’s many nicknames for you.

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Dear Darlin’, please excuse my writing. I can’t stop my hands from shaking 'Cause I’m cold and alone tonight. I miss you and nothing hurts like no you. And no one understands what we went through. It was short. It was sweet. We tried.

Dear Darlin’ - Olly Murs

Mio dio
Amo questa canzone 🙈
Le parole che dice mi fanno venire i brividi, perché sono molto collegate con la mia vita. Con ciò che ho passato e con quello che penso adesso🙈
“Nothing hurts like no you”
Niente fa più male che non avere te.

a mostly bittersweet jackcrutchie mix

  1. alleyways - the neighbourhood
  2. is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975
  3. get up get on down - turbo fruits
  4. do i wanna know - arctic monkeys
  5. holding on to nothing - lily allen
  6. into the wild - lewis watson
  7. exit music (for a film) - radiohead
  8. dear darlin’ - olly murs
  9. young blood (slow version) - the naked and famous
  10. the stable song - gregory alan isakov
  11. light up my room - barenaked ladies
  12. stars - fun.
  13. love song for a modern twenty-something - the fever haze