dear darlin'

teacher crush playlist :)

just some of the songs i listen to lol x

stuck on you - new politics :

the only exception - paramore :

secret love song part II - little mix :

roses and violets - alexander jean :

stone cold - demi lovato :

lay me down - sam smith :

against all odds - phil collins :

dont stand so close to me :

one more try - george michael :

sparks - hilary duff :

father figure - george michael :

hungry eyes - eric carmen :

hello - glee cast :

dreaming of you - selena :

pretending - glee cast :

i could fall in love - selena :

sexyback - justin timberlake ;) :

stutter - maroon 5 :

trouble maker - olly murs :

over and over again - nathan skyes :

dear darlin - olly murs :

if this is love - ruth b. :

young girl - glee cast :

forever - kenny loggins :

eternal flame - the bangles :

RP Resource: Writing British Characters.

Here’s a rather broad combination of UK words, phrases and sayings that one can use as a writing template for predominately English characters. I tried to lend my attention to the more obscure ones of our daily use to try and defer from the same-old, same-old. Note: I will be updating it from time to time, so you may wish to reference back at later dates.

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Same suit different tie.

Shoutout to the light of my life @badboytheo and the lovely @tstieff for beta-ing this thing and giving me the support to post it. This is part of @grab-my-boner ’s 1k writing challenge. Congrats on the 1k hun!

Different tie
But I’m wearing the same suit
It’s alright
Because the old can feel brand new
See I feel so fresh
I feel so new
And I’m through with my
With my miserable youth

All done up in my hand-me-down clothes
Shaking off the dust and assuming a pose
Well these threads are so old
But they’ll never know
Oh no one will ever know
See darlin’
Dear you don’t need high-priced designs
To feel dressed up, to feel dressed up
To the nines.

“Hi. I’m Negan.”

The first time he had said it he could feel Simon giving him a side eye. He got why. He was just Joey. Joseph. Good old fucking reliable Joe. But something had changed. Looking on at the pathetic trio of strays who were asking to stay with them, in a place the two of them had spent months clearing out and making their own, he knew something had to change. He had to change.

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Masterpost y’all

Thank you all so much for 5K. Even though I know I’m a hardcore slacker, we have plans to keep this blog alive. Here is everything that we have put out so far. :))))))


-Milk and Aria xxx

#1 Twitcam

#2 How You Sleep

#3 You Have A Nightmare

#4 He Knows He Loves You When…

#5 Turn Ons

#6 Say Something A Great Big World

#7 Scary Movies

#8 Your In This Is Us

#9 Gone, Gone, Gone Philip Philips

#10 How He Kisses You(Requested)

#11 He Discovers Your Hidden Talent

#12 Distractions

#13 “Good Morning”

#14 He Mentions Marriage

#15 Someone Catches You In A Steamy Moment

#16 It Girl Jason Derulo

#17 Mistletoe

#18 Presents

#19 I Won’t Give Up Jason Mraz

#20 You Have A Disorder

#21 Jeans

#22 He Proposes

#23 Hair

#24 One of the Boys Defend You

#25 Little Kinks

#26 I Want Crazy Hunter Hayes

#27 Selfie

#28 You Play The Same Sport(Requested)

#29 Rock & Roll Eric Hutchinson 

#30 He Saves You (Requested): Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn

#31 *PREGNANCY SERIES* You Find Out Your Pregnant

#32 You Surprise Him On Tour(Requested)

#33 How He Likes To Turn You On

#34 Dark Horse Katy Perry (Smut Warning)

#35 Snapchat

#36 He’s Your Bet Friend And He Tells You He Loves You(Requested)

#37 He’s Concerned About Your Habit(Requsted)

#38 Hotel

#39 *PREGNANCY SERIES* He Finds Out Your Pregnant

#40 Your Being Bullied/Abused(Requested): Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn

#41 He Finds Out About Your Dark Past

#42 Sleeping On Tour

#43 PREGNANCY SERIES How The Fans Find Out Your Pregnant

#44 One Of The Boys Comment On Your Love Marks

#45 What He Does On Your Phone

#46 Tennis Court Lorde

#47 He Catches You… And Tweets A Picture

#48 Blowjobs(Smut Warning)

#49 Short Article About The Two Of You

#50 Self Harm

#51 3am

#52 Breaking Up With Him

#53 Movie Night 

#54 All Of Me John Legend

#55 Skin Rihanna

#56 You Get Mentioned In An Interview

#57 Vocal Rest

#58 Friends With Benefits

#59 Painting

#60 He Realizes He Wants To Marry You

#61 *PREGNANCY SERIES* Morning Sickness

#62 Making Up

#63 He Picks The Ring

#64 Heart Attack Demi Lovato

#65 Eyes

#66 You’re Sick

#67 Paparazzi Get Aggressive: Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn 


#69 You Get Separated From Him In A Crowd

#70 She Looks So Perfect 5SOS

#71 First Date

#72 *PUNK SERIES* He Meets Your Parents 

#73 Silent Treatment

#74 Little Talks Of Monsters and Men

#75 You Get A Pet Together

#76 You Break A Bone


#78 Getting Lost On A Road Trip

#79 Carnival Date

#80 “Cold”

#81 Dear Darlin’ Olly Murs

#82 *DATING SERIES* Double Date 

#83 Stay High Hippie Sabotage: Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn

#84 Drinking: Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn

#85 *SUPERNATURAL SERIES*: Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn

#86 Family Road Trip

#87 Not A Bad Thing Justin Timberlake

#88 Leave Your Lover Sam Smith: Harry/ Niall/ Liam/ Louis/ Zayn

#89 Your Child Walks In On You Having Sex

#90 Just So You Know Jessie Mccarthy: Harry Niall Liam Louis Zayn

#91 When He Gets Drunk

#92 Catches You Doing Something Stupid

#93 You Smoke Weed With Him 

#94 *ROYALTY SERIES* Meeting Royalty: Harry Niall Louis Liam Zayn

#95 Earned it The Weekend: Harry Niall Liam Louis Zayn

#96 WALKING DEAD SERIES Part 1 Harry Niall Liam Louis Zayn

All the preferences we have so far many more to came.. Requests are now open again. We want to know what you want to read:)