dear dahlia


Prompt: - Person A makes lunch for both them and Person B. B doesn’t like crusts on their sandwiches so A (even though they don’t really like the crust) eats it for them.

AN: How this came out of that prompt, I’ll never know.

   The wariness in your younger brother’s eyes doesn’t surprise you. It had been nearly three hundred years since you had seen him last. “What are you doing here, Y/N?”

   Your answer is simple, “Rebekah sent for me. Imagine my surprise when she told me everything you’ve been up to.” You assemble the sandwich methodically, “Breaking your curse, the doppelganger, Katerina, Finn and Kol dying, knocking up the local werewolf, sending your child away, and summoning our dear aunt Dahlia out of hiding, while discovering our long lost older sister. On top of that our dear aunt is back, and so are our brothers. It’s amazing really.”

You watch as Nik settles himself in one of the kitchen chairs, “Did she tell you about Finn and Kol?”

You nod, before sliding a plate in front of him, “Indeed she did.”

His voice is quiet, “Did you know? About Freya? Dahlia?”

You take a bit of your food, “Of course I did. I was young, but I still remember our sister.

Her love for our father. I imagine you killing him … again, is what got you that dagger in your chest.”

   His lips turn, “That was actually for a werewolf, one I didn’t kill.”

   You shrug, “You’ve killed so many Nik, it’s hard to keep track.”

   “So why’d you come? We’ve all sent for you over the years. You’ve never come before.”

   You look him in the eye, “Because Dahlia’s a bitch, and I know the real way to kill her. Plus, you would have been easy prey for her in your comatose sleep. I imagine she would have begun to sink her claws into you if I hadn’t arrived when I did.”

   He sighs, “We have what we need.”

   You shake your head, “No you don’t. You just think you do. To get what we truly need, we’ll need to be a little sneaky. Now eat your sandwich so we can get to work.”

   He stares at you, “I don’t like crusts.”

   You glare at him for a minute, before reaching over, taking his sandwich and biting all the crusts off. As soon as you swallow you place it back on his plate, “I won’t coddle you like Elijah, Niklaus. Now eat your sandwich and do as your dear older sister says.”

   You watch him smirk before picking up the plate and walking into the kitchen, “I’ll make a new one and then we can get to work.”

   “Whatever floats your boat.”

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kiss [4] - dahlia

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Dahlia was stronger than she looked. This came as no surprise; even a decade later, Phoenix could still perfectly remember the few times she had nudged or pulled at him or otherwise touched him. He resisted as little now as he did then.

Perhaps it annoyed her that he fell against the wall so easily and turned his head away, because Dahlia then grabbed his chin and made him look at her.

She kissed him like he was an object, firm and unfeeling, without bothering to coax him into reciprocation or fit her lips to his. Phoenix shuddered, swallowed, and did his best to pull his head away.

She looked up at him, eyes narrowed, nose wrinkled in disdain. “Nothing?”

Phoenix could see the white figure, bright red hair streaming, gorgeous face twisted into a cry of rage. Sick fear seized his limbs. He said nothing.

“At least you’re honest to yourself now,” she whispered. “A shameful failure. The lowest of the low. A disappointment. A fraud. Frankly, you’re more attractive now than you were when you let me dress you up and lead you around, Feenie.”

(Dollie, please. I’m sorry. Don’t-)

Dahlia grabbed his chin again, kissed him again, and made a face when she withdrew. “I didn’t realize just how cheap that wine was.”

The only sound out of Phoenix’s throat resembled a sob. He looked down.

She sighed and slid one soft, slender hand down his chest, over the half-zipped hoodie. “No, nothing at all. I was hoping you’d be more worthwhile to see again.” She stepped back, leaving him against the wall, and turned away.


“Anyone who knows anything about guns can tell you that snipers don’t use laser sights because they tell your target that you’re going to shoot them, but almost no-one else knows this. On a completely, entirely unrelated note, I bought a laser pointer today. We should go hang around outside the bar and have some fun with it.”

Dear Dahlia,

If I were a more cynical person, I’d assume you were just scorning me one last time.

But I can’t be that way.  I’m not that type of person.  Deep down, I always believed you weren’t either.

Even to the end, I always believed in you.  Everything you did was horrible, unforgivable, but I loved you anyway.  Y-you’re my sister.  You always will be.


[Pictured: Four middle aged witches, sitting in what looks to be a fielded area. They are, from left to right, Karley Dolley the GryffindorElodie Widdershins the RavenclawDahlia Borage the Slytherin, and Alexandria Richardson the Hufflepuff.]

October 5th, 1883 - The Redux Ladies were a group of girls who caused quite a ripple in Hogwarts’ history. Their name, the Redux Ladies, came from one of them noting that they were reduxes of the four Hogwarts founders; simply because, as you can see in the description above, each one of them was sorted into a different house.

Why were they so famous? At the time, it was their knack for troublemaking; Karley Dolley had a group of students under her wing who helped cheat on the O.W.L.S,  Dahlia Borage and Elodie Widdershins enjoyed brewing prank potions and betting each other to slip them to teachers (bets they often took), and muggleborn Alexandria Richardson brought in a pack of muggle cigarettes to distribute among the Ladies. They were so oft in and out of detention, that they forced the teachers to create new forms.

However, the real thing that puts them apart from others is the relationship between Karley Dolley and Elodie Widdershins; despite the best attempts to hide it by professors and by the girls themselves, it was clear it was romantic in it’s strain, and the fact the two of them got in the most trouble had much to do with sometimes shameless public displays of affection (or private displays, or any displays that would get caught). Their dear friends Dahlia and Alexandria covered for them at every chance they got, even through their adult years.

It was thought for years that the Gryffindor Karley and Ravenclaw Elodie died alone and unwed, while the Slytherin Dahlia was arranged to marry a man and the Hufflepuff Alexandria ran off with a muggle and ended up childless. This was often used as a sad end to the group, a warning of sorts. But the truth is far from upsetting; Karley and Elodie lived together and very much in love on the French coastline, Dahlia enjoyed the companionship of her arranged marriage and lived life in wizarding Wales with her five children, Alexandria’s muggle love was a true gentleman and brought her to live in one of the nicest London penthouses the Muggle world had, and the four of them met for drinks and chess every Sunday.

They all passed away in 1927, all from old age, all within a week of each other. 

Mrs. S. Wandsworth, 13th of August, 2014