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The Amity Affliction / Being as an Ocean / Montreal / La Tulipe / 10.05.2016

If youre scrolling through this page randomly,like i usually do,

I hope everything you’ve been worrying about gets resolved. Maybe not over the break or within the next few days but very soon, sooner than you think.

And if you’re not worrying I hope you hold onto that piece of happiness as tight as possible. Don’t suffocate it or anything but don’t let it go.

And those tears? Let them flow because that’s what you’re pillow is there for and your eyes don’t know any better so just breathe.

Live. It doesn’t just come in the form of jumping off cliffs. 

Panic prone

The lovely Brianna @ydg-ing tagged me in this lil challenge

  • Rules: To post my 9 fave albums!!!
  • And tag others after completion

I am absolutely terrible at favourites and there’s no way that I can put all of the ones I love in and they’re all amazing so i’m just ordering it alphabetically (I’m cheating and putting 11 but I couldn’t choose just one from these bands)

1. Chasing Ghosts by The Amity Affliction

2. Dear G-D by Being As An Ocean

3. The Difference Between Hell and Home by Counterparts

4. I’m Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home by Hotel Books

+ Run Wild, Young Beauty by Hotel Books

5. Somewhere At the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair by La Dispute

+ Wildlife by La Dispute

6. Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez

7. I’ll Keep You In My Mind, From Time To Time by Moose Blood

8. Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes

9. The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch

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