dear creatures

Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: What?
Pelutze: I just realized I’m naked, buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: I’m wearing your pants
Pelutze: I’ve wet your pants
APH Luxembourg: You son of a BITCH

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DODOSTYLE tulle skirt with satin lining- $20

♡ Originally bought from YESTYLE.COM for $45

♡ Size: One Size Fits All

♡ Color: Ivory

♡ Total Length 61cm, Waist 60-88cm (Elastic), Hip 110cm

DEAR CREATURES Autumn 2010 Collection “Avalon” Dress in blue- $80

♡ Bought for originally $165 from

♡ Model pictured here wearing the white version:

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FREE PEOPLE Cream Lace Dress- $20

♡ Size 0

♡ Botton up front


@cobaltmoony needed something sweet and sexy with chocolate

Here you are darlin’

Bucky sprawls out on the couch, his bare feet dangling over the armrest. Steve sat on the floor beside him, back resting against Bucky’s hip, legs stretched out under the coffee table, a sketchbook in his lap. He taps his pencil to his lower lip thoughtfully, staring down at the picture he’s working on.

Bucky lifts his arms up over his head and stretches, curling his toes and pressing them into the worn corduroy of the couch before relaxing. He trails his hands down to his stomach, flesh and metal side by side.

“Steve,” he murmurs. Steve lets out a grunt of acknowledgement, and continues to crosshatch his sketch.

“Steeeeve,” Bucky whines.

“They’re right there on the table,” Steve points the end of his pencil to the coffee table, where an open box of chocolates sits, the paper booklet listing the different flavours lies open next to it. “Help yourself.”

“But I’m comfortable,” Bucky grouses, shifting deeper into the couch cushions. Steve lets out a put upon sigh and drops his sketchbook onto the table, reaching out to snatch a chocolate from the box.

He holds it up. “Here.”

Bucky eyes the chocolate dubiously. It’s a glossy dark sphere, and he doesn’t trust it. “Is that orange?” he mutters darkly.

Steve snorts. “I don’t know,” he slips the chocolate into his mouth and chews. “Yes,” he says thickly.

Bucky shudders, then gives Steve a nudge on the shoulder with a metal fingertip. “You ate my chocolate.”

“You didn’t want it!”

Bucky shuffles down on the couch enough to rest his head on Steve’s shoulder.

“Steve,” he breathes against the delicate skin behind Steve’s ear, making the fine blond hairs at the nape of his neck stand on end.

Steve reaches out and snags the box, pulling it into his lap. He picks out another chocolate, this one square and decorated with a drizzle of contrasting white chocolate. Bucky rests his chin on Steve’s shoulder and opens his mouth expectantly. Steve snorts at him, but drops the chocolate onto his waiting tongue.

“Mmmm,” Bucky says happily. “Cappuccino.” He swallows and opens his mouth for another.

“You know the box is right here,” Steve holds up the box, but Bucky grins at him, his skin around his eyes crinkling.

Steve picks out a chocolate, this one rolled in chopped nuts. “Open up, you asshole.”

Bucky opens his mouth obligingly, closing his lips around Steve’s fingers and sucking.

He lets out a shaky little gasp and pulls his hand away, turning back to the box and choosing a salted caramel.

Steve lifts it to his mouth, but Bucky reaches over his shoulder and snatches it out of his hand. He examines the chocolate briefly before tossing it into his mouth.

“Hey, that was mine!” Steve yelps.

Bucky grins and chews. “Yeah? You want some?!”

Steve bites his lip. “Yeah.”

He climbs up onto the couch, hands planted either side of Bucky’s shoulders, knees straddling his hips. Bucky grins wider and lifts his hands up to rest on Steve’s waist, thumbs pushing under the hem of his t-shirt to rub against the firm lines of his stomach.

Steve bends down and brushes their mouths together, catching Bucky’s lower lip between his teeth and tugging gently, teeth scraping over plush sugared flesh. Buck hums, smoothing his hands under Steve’s t-shirt, tracing along his ribs.

Steve flicks his tongue between Bucky’s lips, running it along his teeth in brief, kitten-like laps, tasting and testing until Bucky lets him in with a sigh.

Steve licks his way into Bucky’s mouth, chasing the flavour of chocolate and caramel. He curls his fingers in Bucky’s hair, letting out a soft groan that Bucky swallows up like candy, tilting his head and slotting their mouths together, kissing slow and deep and sweetly.
Bucky slides his hands across creamy skin, pulling their bodies flush together. Steve sucks on his tongue and shoves his knee between Bucky’s thighs, rubbing up against cock, hard and heavy and straining against his jeans.

“Mmph, darlin’ the things you do to me,” Bucky murmurs against Steve’s mouth, nipping at his lips.

“Jesus, Buck,” Steve gasps as Bucky bends down and sucks a mark on his throat that will be gone by morning. He nuzzles at the sensitive skin, soothing it with gentle swipes of his tongue.

“Take me to bed,” Bucky murmurs, pressing a smile against sweet, pale skin.

“Buck,” Steve gasps and kisses him, salt and sugar on his tongue.