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Dear CB

An instrumental piece made by YouTube user SkilderverseProds for the Book No Book Productions 2012 staging of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead.

The variation on ‘Linus and Lucy’ aaaaaaah ;__;

Fanfic: Dear Grandma (ch 2)

My mom came to get me from Daniel’s house and told me that the job that she thought Scorpion was going to do today got cancelled. Instead, they went treasure hunting. She said Toby wore a pirate hat and was talking in that pirate accent that everyone thinks they sounded like. Her clothes and hair were lined with salt and she took a shower and changed before going back to the garage. I think something happened that she’s not telling me about.

After Veronica leaves Los Angeles,she and Ralph make good on their promise to stay in touch. | AO3

Dear Peter Lenkov,

Firstly, I want to say thank you for bringing Hawaii Five-0 back to life for is. I didn’t see the original as I was just a kid when it was on, but I love your version so much than I can’t imagine watching a different version.

Steve McGarrett is a great character, and Alex plays him so well. You can feel the knife edge upon which he lives his life. People leave him, like all the time, but he sucks it up,and tries to be the best friend/colleague/surrogate uncle he can, no matter what. Losing Freddie, dealing with Wo Fat, finding and losing and finding and losing his mother - frankly, I’m not sure how he hasn’t lost his mind. He’s calmed a little as the years have passed. He no longer blows locked doors up with hand grenades and doesn’t dangle people from rooves. I miss crazy Steve sometimes, but I also like how he’s grown into the island’s protector, not just the man trying to blow bits up.

Danny is awesome too. A man who was just plain angry at the beginning, frustrated by his moving and Rachel taking his Gracie, and everything. Scott Caan played the death of his partner-Grace so incredibly, and the whole storyline of where Gracie got her name was unexpected and beautiful and heartbreaking. Danno has also calmed a little, though his rants still entertain us regularly. They’ve seemed a little bitter this last year, a little more broken and truly angry, and Steve’s retorts have had this same edge. And while the finale did ease some of this, the argument at the end still held a chilly bite that seems out of character for these two.

But, Peter, I think I’ve figured out why.

In season one, Steve was crazed with revenge and pain. He lost Freddie and his dad quickly, and was helpless both times when he is usually never helpless. When he met Danny at first, he saw a chance to help someone. It was the same with Chin and Kono. His previous helplessness was eradicated because now he could restore the lives of these three broken people. And it worked - to begin with. Wo Fat did his best to ruin it, but the team remained strong.

In season two, we saw Danny give up his chance at family to save Steve. I was naive back then; I saw a friend help a friend, a brother help a brother. Danny lost the tie (which Steve appreciated), and in the season opener we got to see another one of those looks that these two share. You see, even at the beginning of season two, they had nailed wordless communication.

At the end of season two, we lost Steve for a while. While we all know the real reasons for Alex’s absence, we also commend the way it was handled in the script. Chasing down his mother was perfect, because you see, Steve had fixed his friends. Now he needed to fix himself. He couldn’t save his father, so he tried to save his mother.

Throughout season three, we watched as Steve and Danny bickered their way through car chases and gun fights and barbecues. I was still naive. I fell for CBS’ marketing of the ‘bromance’, and enjoyed watching my boys.

Season four began to hurt. Danny, terrified of small spaces and trapped in a building, while Steve patched him up and found a way out. There had been declarations of love between them before, but this one was IT. They meant it. Yet, Danny walked away with Grace and Amber and left Steve to walk into a trap. Danny turned his back on Steve. And I cried. I understood now.

Season Five was incredible, and Steve finally taking down Wo Fat was perfectly timed. The battle was epic, the rescue orchestrated perfectly. Steve, sobbing over his father, with eyes only for Danny despite the rest of the team being there. Just like when they rescued him from Korea, or Danny flew to Afghanistan or any other moment where one life hung in the balance. Danny loves Steve. Not as brothers; it goes deeper. Alex and Scott play it that way, with lingering looks and touches that cross an appropriate boundary. They stand close to one another, they share space and thoughts and family. When Danny lost Matty, Steve was there to put him back together. When Steve lost Danny to a foreign prison with little hope for his rescue, he put Danny’s life above Chin’s and pulled out all the stops.

Steve loves Danny too. Not like brothers.

Season six was painful, though. A brocation which just gave Danny more ammunition to pull away from Steve who flirts his was through half an island. (I exaggerate, I am sad) Yes, Cathering left Steve-again. But they aren’t meant to be, because if they were they would already have been. Their relationship is one of convenience, one of comfort and familiarity and, for Steve, was the only ‘home’ he had for a long time. But she is family, not his lover, not the other half of his soul.

Danny was excited Steve was going to propose. Because he wants Steve to be happy, because he wants him to have a chance at family, because he doesn’t think he’s enough.

We battled through season six. We were given small moments of the two of them together which rekindled the flame of our shipping hearts, but we were also given anger and bitterness and pain.

And then Danny gave part of himself to save Steve. Despite it being a risk to his own life, despite risking leaving his children without their father, he gave of himself. Because he loves Steve. They are family.

So, Peter, I guess you are wondering why I’m writing. From things I have read, from viewing figures, from the pessimistic place I have come to in my life, I am certain that this season you are about to bring us will be our last. We are on borrowed time. CBS is letting these incredible actors, who bring to life these fantastic characters, finish out their seven year contracts.

We, the fans, need you to be brave. Scott thinks there’s plenty of emotion between these characters, Alex knows it has so much more space to grow. Steve and Danny share longing looks, and hugs, and frustration with their own fears. If this is our last hurrah, if this is the last chance we get to see these two live happily ever after, then why can’t it be together? Steve and Danny are not ‘bros’, nor are they brothers. They love each other in almost every way imaginable.

We know Steve goes above and beyond (Chin’s story in the finale confirmed what we already knew, Steve is an softy!). But he is also a military man who lived under the oppression and bigotry of DADT, a SEAL who survived wars and battle, and he carries so many scars. Please, Peter, let them find their happiness with each other. You see, Danny has his own scars too. They are neither of them perfect, but they are perfect for each other. They each understand the other’s baggage, they know what has made them into the men they are, they compliment each other-two halves of the one whole.

I guess what I am trying to say is, screw the network and tell your stories. Maybe, just maybe, making one of the most obvious gay relationships in television history become canon will save the show, with breathe into it new life, will bring to it a whole host of new fans. Peter, you are respectful of us shippers, of the people who cannot live without constructing new endings and new beginnings for these characters for whom we care so much.

Please, bring us our McDanno. Prove that you don’t have to be gay to love someone of the same gender, but that in fact love transcends gender and stereotypes and just is. Hawaii is all about peace and love.

Let Steve and Danny have theirs.

Kindest regards, warmest of wishes, and a few rainbow coloured prayers,

Open Letter to CBS and Criminal Minds

Dear CBS and Criminal Minds,

Whose not-so-bright-idea was it to fire Thomas Gibson? You’re not only losing an integral and pivotal character on the show, but the team leader and millions of fans. You are getting rid of an angel of a guy, and for what? Kicking the writer who started the altercation? Had it been me, I would have kicked Virgil Williams a whole heck of a lot harder and in a different spot. The two episode suspension was enough. Then you just fire him, and you’re not even gonna give his character (the most respected person on the show) a decent send-off. What the h*** is wrong with you? Criminal Minds will die faster than an ice cube on a sidewalk in San Antonio, Texas. Is that REALLY what you want? Lose TV’s #1 Suspense series because you fired the backbone of the show? You will lose millions of fans (who happen to be why the show has lasted this long) and be forced to cancel Criminal Minds. I don’t want to see Criminal Minds cancelled, and I’m pretty darn positive you don’t want to cancel it, but you’re gonna have to if you don’t bring Thomas Gibson back.

Let me tell you what I think about Thomas Gibson (given I’ve never met him). He’s kind, sweet, compassionate, considerate, smart, caring, can tell a joke with a completely straight face. He’s straight-laced, got a smile that makes any woman standing next to him need a defibrillator, he’s an amazing actor, a fantastic man, awesome husband, and a loving and dedicated father. Yeah, he can cut up (be silly) with the best of them. He loves his children. He takes them places, plays with them, wouldn’t yell at them if they forgot to flush the toilet or put the sun-visor up in the car (because it looks stupid if it’s down) doesn’t micro-manage every little thing, if he buys his children something he doesn’t nag them until they use or wear it, doesn’t buy them something just to send them on a guilt-trip, wouldn’t tell them to their faces that he doesn’t love them and never wanted them to begin with (I’m speaking from experience here), he admits when he’s wrong, if he promises someone something and for some reason can’t or doesn’t follow through, he will do everything he can to make it up to them, not make an excuse as to why he couldn’t keep it. When he makes plans and something unexpected crops up (an inconvenience) he doesn’t get upset and blow his top at his family, (my dad doesn’t handle inconvenience at all) he adjusts his plans (if they’re travelling and someone needs to spend a few extra minutes doing business, he doesn’t get upset about being knocked a little off schedule). When he’s doing something and screws up, he doesn’t blame someone else. When his kids do well with something, he praises them, lets them know he’s impressed and proud of them, he doesn’t look at what they did and try to find something wrong with it that he can criticize. He doesn’t tell them their best isn’t good enough. When his children read or hear about something they think is cool or interesting and tell him about it, he doesn’t trivialize it or tell them “I don’t want to hear it” or “that’s not important”. He shows interest in his children’s lives. He’s present physically, mentally, AND emotionally, not just physically. To him, his children are human beings to love and nurture, not a bunch of puppets to control and manipulate. When his children try to do something they aren’t really good at and do it well, he praises them and tells them they did a good job. He doesn’t tell them they’ll never amount to anything. He’s not verbally, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually abusive. He wouldn’t take scripture out of context to control and manipulate his family. He wouldn’t call his wife a bitch 5 times, a thorn in his flesh 3 times, and say that she’s an inconvenience to him simply because she’s alive and has health issues (Yes, my dad did this). When Thomas makes an apology, he means it, he doesn’t apologize just to clear his conscience. He doesn’t make “just enough of an apology to get by.” Honestly, I could go on ALL DAY about how amazing he is, but I won’t. A guy THIS AMAZING and you fire him because a writer who is known to be aggressive got his britches in a bunch?

Here’s a scene from Season 5, Episode 5, “Cradle to Grave” and it fits this mess you’ve got yourselves in.

*Morgan comes to Hotch’s office, knocks on the door*

Hotch: (straight to the point, as usual) Have a seat.

*Morgan sits on the couch, Hotch pulls up a chair*

Hotch: The Bureau thinks that my ability to lead this team has been compromised. What do you think?

Morgan: Sometimes I question you, Hotch. But at the end of the day, I do respect you. You’re the leader of this team and my job is to have your back. (emphasis mine)

Hotch: Well, that’s not important to the Bureau. They’ve been questioning me since Foyet’s attack. And they’re not entirely wrong. I’ve tried to do my best, but what matters now is if Strauss replaces me, this whole unit will come under scrutiny. Members will be re-assigned, budgets will be cut-

Morgan: Come on, Hotch, nobody’s gonna replace you. Fight Strauss. I’ll go to the mat for you, so will everybody else. You know that.

Hotch: It won’t work. Decisions like this have their own momentum. Unless I step down-

Morgan: *incredulously* Step down? What are you talking about?

Hotch: I’m resigning as Unit Chief at the end of the week.

Morgan: What!? No! *sighs, shakes his head* Hotch, look, yeah, ok, sometimes your actions, I may disagree with them, but it’s not enough for you to leave this team.

Hotch: I’m not leaving the team, I’m just no longer in charge. You are.

Morgan: *with disbelief* Me. *laughs like “yeah, right”* Look, I had the chance to be Unit Chief in New York and I said no. I turned it down because I like this team. Strauss can’t just fire you like this.

Hotch: She can re-assign me, and we can avoid that if I promote internally.

Morgan: This is wrong.

Hotch: It’s the only way to keep the team together.

Morgan: So all of this– this is why you’ve been pushing me so hard, huh?

Hotch: *amused “thinking” expression* I haven’t been pushing you that hard.

Morgan: *gives Hotch the joking “bs” look* *Hotch grins* Wow.

Hotch: Morgan, I need to know, right now—will you do this?

Morgan: This would be temporary. Once we catch Foyet, all this goes back to normal.

Hotch: *nods* Let’s get started. *goes to his desk and starts putting boxes on top*

Morgan: What’s all this?

Hotch: This is the job. Unless you have other plans.

Morgan: *chuckles and grins* Not tonight.

Let me point something out. Hotch cares about his team so much that he wanted to keep them together, so he WILLINGLY stepped down and put Morgan in charge. It was temporary till they caught Foyet, but still, he cares about his team THAT MUCH. And did anyone catch what Morgan said?  Let me refresh your memory “Come on, Hotch, nobody’s gonna replace you. Fight Strauss. I’ll go to the mat for you, so will everybody else. You know that.” Notice that? They were ALL willing to fight for Hotch. The WHOLE team. And THIS line “Sometimes I question you, Hotch. But at the end of the day, I do respect you. You’re the leader of this team and my job is to have your back. (emphasis mine)

Thomas Gibson is the BACKBONE of the show. Aaron Hotchner is the heart of the team. Anytime one of his team is having a difficult time, he does ANYTHING he can to help. I mean ANYTHING. When JJ got pregnant, he gave her the offer to take some time off, when Reid was kidnapped and the team saved him, Reid embraced Hotch and said “I knew you’d understand”, when Maeve was murdered, it sent Reid into a tailspin and Hotch told him to take as much time off as he needed. When Emily came back after the whole Doyle mess, Hotch told her to tell him when she’s having a bad day. Just recently, once Morgan returned after being kidnapped and tortured and him and Savannah had Hank, Hotch told him “Please tell me you’re going to take some time.”

You people at CBS should be ashamed of yourselves. You fire the heart of Criminal Minds, you’re not even going to give him a goodbye episode, and you expect the fans to be ok with this? I’m surprised that AJ Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, Paget Brewster, and Shemar Moore aren’t boycotting the show. I’m surprised that they aren’t outraged. They worked with him for 11 years, and if you’ve told them to shut up about the whole thing, SHAME ON YOU. If I worked with someone like him for 11 years and this happened? I’d be hotter than a summer day in San Antonio, Texas. Thomas Gibson gave Criminal Minds his heart and soul for 11 years, and this is how you repay him? Fire him after a suspension, and don’t even give him a decent exit from the show? That is worse than any torture a serial killer can think of to inflict on a victim. You may as well have stabbed him nine times yourselves (in his vital organs) and twisted the knife every time. You guys are a bunch of a**holes, plain and simple, and I’m being nice. Another thing. If he was verbally abusive and thought he was better than his coworkers (aka conceited and cocky with a nasty attitude), you wouldn’t have waited 12 years to let him go. He’d have been gone after the first episode.

Let me tell you something else. Thomas Gibson is the reason I got hooked on Criminal Minds to begin with. Two years ago I was severely depressed, so much so that every day I woke up, I wanted to commit suicide. EVERY DAY I watched Criminal Minds over and over and over. I watched two discs worth of episodes a day. That’s EIGHT episodes CONSECUTIVELY. Criminal Minds is part of the reason I can look at a severe, grotesque scene or injury and not be grossed out. I used to write off my dad’s behavior as nothing when I was talking about something he didn’t like. Now, I know what he does behaviorally when he gets nervous and agitated, thanks to Criminal Minds. I can analyze behavior rather well. Without Criminal Minds, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Without Thomas Gibson, I wouldn’t be alive. Through Aaron Hotchner, Thomas showed me what a real man is. How a real man acts and behaves. How a leader should act. What a leader should be.

You take him away, you tear apart a team that is more like a family, you devastate fans, you’re going to lose the best show on TV. If I were you, I would bring him back and fire Virgil Williams, the writer who started this whole thing.



Lisa Kramer

Dear CBS,

I am quite disgusted and appalled by your edit of Big Brother 18 player Natalie Negrotti this season.

It’s quite obvious this station is openly misogynistic, but the evidence just continues to be collected every time.

All season long you have portrayed her as this ditzy bubbly girl with no brain in her head who loves the country boy. So as long as she was on James’ side that was what would be considered a fairly decent edit with the shit that was pulled these last 2 episodes. Despite the fact you completely discredited her for the flip against Paulie the week Zakiyah left. Despite the fact you have not shown that yes despite being a bubbly upbeat woman, she actually had quite a good view of the house, and was very perceptive.

However these last 2 episodes has made it even more obvious of this shows rampant misogyny. The minute you guys could collect evidence to make it look like Natalie was throwing country boy James under the bus you took no time to make her the villain in your storyline. Despite the fact she was more referring to Nicole and Corey in people she shouldn’t have trusted, and despite the fact that previous to this James had thrown Natalie under the bus multiple times. Yet of course you didn’t dare to show that. Cause he’s the one who you want us to feel for. Well sorry it doesn’t work for someone who has a brain and knows what’s going on in the feeds. It does seem to have effect on your braindead casual viewers though. Which isn’t quite that shocking since most viewers are middle aged republicans.

You of course didn’t show Natale apologizing to James. You of course forgot to show the part where they actually made up. But it didn’t fit your sexist narrative. So I get why you couldn’t quite show that.

Then there’s the exit interview. Where you once more have show your asses by giving Julie Chen questions that rake a woman over the coals. I have yet to see this be done to a man.

Frank had harassed the women in the house especially the 2 black women Da'Vonne Rogers and Zakiyah Everette. He then targetted the 2 women when they expressed discomfort about this, and wanted them out of the house. Despite one accurate edit about the whole thing, the rest were soft as was the eviction interview. Not bringing up the harassment at all. Classy.

Paulie had shown he was a grade A misogynist many times on feeds, you didn’t show this until Bridgette and Michelle called him out on the live show, and despite one accurate edit, production destryoed that by making his last 2 episodes a way to try and sympathize with him.

Another light exit interview for a man who didn’t deserve it.

Natalie’s exit interview however you had no problem giving Julie questions to make her into the bad guy. Where were this questions for Paulie or for Frank? How come this patter continues where we only see women being called out?
'Elementary': Betty Gilpin to Return in Season 5

Betty Gilpin has booked a return trip to Elementary in season 5, EW has learned exclusively.

Gilpin first appeared on the CBS drama in season 4 as Fiona Helbron, a brilliant and socially awkward software engineer, who met Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) during a murder investigation. Fiona ultimately struck up a relationship with Sherlock.

“We certainly owe a status report for the Sherlock/Fiona relationship,” EP Rob Doherty recently told EW. “In the first few episodes there won’t be much mention of her, but we are working on a return for Betty Gilpin. Fiona is a thread that we won’t let dangle too long, especially considering how much we love Betty.”

Gilpin will be back for at least one episode, which is slated for mid-November.

Elementary returns Sunday, Oct. 2 at 10 p.. ET on CBS.

Dear Entertainment Weekly,

Fiona Helbron is autistic/neuroatypical (the term she prefers for herself).

Canonically autistic/neuroatypical.

Socially awkward doesn’t cut it here.

You can say the word!
Dear CBS and Bryan Fuller: it’s time for a gay Star Trek captain
CBS announced today that its next Star Trek TV show will be headed by Bryan Fuller, whose illustrious career in televisi…
By Jess Karins

CBS announced today that its next Star Trek TV show will be headed by Bryan Fuller, whose illustrious career in television started with in the writers’ rooms of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Fuller has already expressed eagerness to get back to the franchise’s roots and to assemble a diverse cast. As the new heir of a legacy of inclusion, Fuller has an opportunity to give Star Trek fans something that’s been noticeably missing for a long time — LGBT characters.

I wrote about a subject that’s very dear to my heart for Medium–gay people in space.