dear cara


Dear Society

“We hold these truths to be self-evident
That all men are created equal
That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
Among these, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Unless you’re loud and black, and possess an opinion
Then all you get is a bullet
A bullet that held me at bay
A bullet that can puncture my skin
Take all my dreams away
A bullet that can silence the words that I speak to my mother just because I’m other
A bullet… held me captive.
Gun in my face, your hate misplaced.
White skin
light skin,
But for me not the right skin
Judging me with no crime committed
Reckless trigger finger itching to prove your worth by disproving mine
My life in your hands,
My life on the line.
Fred Hampton
Tamir Rice
Rekia Boyd
Reegie Green
Spared by a piece of paper, a student ID
That you had to see
Before you could identify me
And set me supposedly free.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
For some of us, maybe.
There’s nothing self-evident about it.”

© Dear White People 

Kadang, saya bisa ambil keputusan yang gak masuk akal, atau memilih sesuatu yang menurut orang gak menguntungkan. Dalam perjalanan yang semoga panjang ini, saya butuh orang-orang yang bisa menerima dan menghargai kebiasaan saya yang kadang itu. Karena ketika saya memilih, pasti karena sebelumnya saya sudah memikirkan dan merasakan. Pun, kalau akhirnya benar-benar merugikan, saya berusaha untuk tidak akan membiarkan orang lain ikut menanggungnya.

Karenanya, sejak awal, dengan segala kelemahan yang saya punya, jangan gantungkan harapan pada saya. Beban terberat seseorang sungguh bukan terletak pada apa pun kekurangan di dirinya, melainkan harapan orang lain yang menggantung pada dua pundaknya.

Hidup di dunia hanya sekali, tapi pilihan datang berkali-kali. Kebingungan dan segala macamnya, seringkali memengaruhi pertimbangan. Sementara perasaan rikuh, takut mengecewakan adalah bagian yang saya benci dari memilih.

Dear, kalau kamu punya cara dan takaran untuk memilih, maka saya juga. Takaran saya adalah pilih apa-apa saja yang membuat saya bahagia. Seseorang yang menghargaimu sebagai manusia bebas, akan berdiri di dekatmu. Dia tidak keberatan memberi masukan, sekaligus tetap membebaskanmu dengan pilihan.

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Ciao bella, could you maybe reblog your post about Sam's Men's Health cover you did? I can't believe that there are people out there who accuse Sam, who is dedicated to his body and work like nobody else, of being drunk on a red carpet and doing interviews. He looks and sounds exhausted but who can blame him? He was jetlagged and did a big convention with lots of fans and press which is very draining for an introverted person. It's insulting to now accuse him of being unprofessional.

Ciao Cara!! (Hi, dear)
I reblog that post only when the photo on instagram will reach 100k likes. It is important to give to his work the right relevance, but you’ve had a very sweet thought.
Obviously, we all know that Sam was not drunk. The only reason why now “some fans” are criticizing, humiliating and ridiculing Sam is one: Mackenzie.

Unfortunately for some people it’s not possible to accept reality for what it is, and NO, Sam has never lied to anyone. In three years, he has never said he had a relationship with Cait or was in love with Cait.
No matter what they see, he never lied.

A lot of stories and fables have been invented, never confirmed by Sam, there has never been any concrete evidence or photos, nothing justifying this behavior.

The private life of a person can not be judged, and the private life of a person can not affect the talent of an actor.

I can’t understand, after three years, why we are still at this point. I believe that the situation is now clear to everyone and I think the game is over. Anyone should lay down their weapons. 

Sam has the right to live his life, he has the right to have a girlfriend, he has the right to marry and have children, he has the right to work on other things beyond Outlander without having to feel guilty. Respect for him, ladies. Respect

Cut From the Same Cloth

A Peaky Blinders Fic 2/10? part one

Character Pairing: Alfie Solomons + OC

Summary: Cara Shelby has been caught in one of Tommy’s, her brother’s, schemes once again. But this time his plans lead her down a far more dangerous path than she was anticipating. A far lonelier path, so she thinks. Now it’s her time to live up to her name- discover what it means to be human.

Word Count: 2,983

Warning: swearing, violence, mentions of abuse & food restriction & torture (not terribly explicit?), hospital, sort of drug use

A/N: This fic will be inconsistent with the current PB timeline, I won’t say exactly how since not everyone might be caught up. But I pretend certain things are different, don’t judge me!!! More story building in this one too, but stay til the end

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E ela, tão difícil de conseguir confiar nas pessoas foi lá e quebrou a barreira confiando em você. E com você, de quebra, quebrou a cara.
—  dear masen

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can you please write some more young tom being to raised by rafeal and angie

Of course I can! I had a lot of fun with this one! I hope you enjoy it! I really liked writing it and I hope you like it, I liked this au!

“He got into a fight?” Angie asked. The principle nodded. Tom was sitting in between Angie and Rafael. “He’s only eight! Can eigth-year-olds even get into fights?” She asked. The principle nodded.

“Yes they can and he did.” He told her. “Tom and another student named Timothy Greeley sort of… had it out on the playground.” He explained.

“Tom, what happened?” Rafael asked. Tom looked down. “Tom?” He asked again, in more a stern voice.

“I hit him.” He mumbled.

“You hit him?” Angie asked, appalled.

“Not before I bit him.” Tom looked down and Angie and Rafael exchanged looks.

“You bit him!” Rafael exclaimed. The principle got up and made his way to the door.

“I’ll give you a moment to have a word with your… Tom.” He tried. Angie shook her head at this. It didn’t matter that he was a demon, he was still their son. “I’ll be back in a moment to discuss the rest.” He assured them.

“I can’t believe you bit him!” Rafael cried. “Tom! Why on earth would you ever-” Rafael was cut off when Tom spoke in a quiet voice.

“People treat me different.” He whispered. Angie and Rafael both fell silent and thought for a long moment, before Angie put her arms around her adopted son and gave him a kiss on the head. She brushed his bangs out of his face so she could see his third eye.

“That’s just because they don’t know what to say.” She told him. “Promise me, Tom, no more fighting.” She told him. Tom nodded and the principle came back in.

“Are we finished in here?” He asked. Angie nodded and he made his way back to his desk. “Tom, please wait for us outside.” HE requested. Tom nodded and left the room. The principle sighed and looked back at the parents. “There’s… no easy way to say this.” He started. “But this is the second time Tom has had his behavior reported for being… violent.”

“Are you talking about the time he set the desk on fire?” Angie asked. “It wasn’t his fault! He didn’t mean to, he ignites when he gets nervous, we’re working our hardest to help him control it.” She assured.

“It doesn’t matter if it was or wasn’t his fault. All we know is it happened. And people…” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Some are becoming concerned about how well a human family can raise a demon child.” He told them

“What are you saying?” Rafael asked, fear seeping into his voice.

“We got social services involved and… we of course are going to give you a fair evaluation but… as of now, most of those on the board and other parents agree it’s best for Tom to go to a home where he can be with his own kind.” He explained.

“You can’t do that!” Angie cried. “What, because a few parents claimed we can’t raise Tom you’ll take him away!?” She was almost near tears.

“Of course not, Mrs. Diaz!” The principle assured. “But we have to treat every complaint seriously. Or else children may remain in toxic homes. And because of the fight with Timothy, a social service agent was requested to perform a home visit, just to make sure Tom is flourishing in that environment.” He gave them the contact information. “They will be there this saturday afternoon, mostly to talk to Marco about living with Tom, and to Tom about his current living arrangement.”


Saturday came all too soon. Angie and rafael were nervous, but the children didn’t really understand the full complexity of the situation. Tom and Marco were playing on the floor as Angie and Rafael were trying to to fight because of this event. “Are they really going to take you away?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I don’t think so.” He mumbled. The boys kept playing when their parents let a woman inside. They watched her go into the kitchen with Angie and Rafael, and heard light talking before Angie called out.

“Tom? Sweetie, can you come in here?” She asked. Tom got up and walked into the kitchen. “Tom, dear. This is Cara, she’s got a few questions for you.” Angie gently pushed him forward and Tom watched the woman closely.

“Are you the girl that’s gonna take me away?” He asked. Angie bit her lip.

“Don’t worry about that, Tom.” Cara told him. “Let’s talk about you. Are you happy?” She asked. Tom nodded and smiled big. “Do you enjoy school?” She asked. Tom’s smile went away and he rocked on his heels.

“Not really, the other kids call me names.” He told her honestly. Cara write something down and continued.

“I heard about the fight with Timothy.” She stated. Tom gasped and clamped up a little. “Tom, can you tell me exactly what happened?” She asked. Tom shook his head. “I just want to help.” She told him. Tom just shook his head again. “Tom please.” She asked. Cara reached her hand out to touch the boy’s shoulders and Tom hissed, his eyes lit up and he ignited.

“I said NO!” He screamed at her. Cara fell back and gasped at the flaming boy. Tom cried and put his hands over his ears.

“He burnt me.” Cara gasped.

“We are so sorry!” Angie cried. “Please don’t think bad of him he just… he doesn’t like to be touched.” She explained. Cara got up and put her clipboard in her purse. “Please! Miss Cara he just… doesn’t like to be touched.” Angie repeated.

“And why not?” She demanded. “A child at age eight shouldn’t be so closed off from physical contact.” She told her.

“Tom isn’t like other kids!” Angie explained.

“You’re right, he’s not.” Cara agreed. “He’s a demon, and belongs in a home with people who can raise him as such.” She told the mother, gave a nod, and left the house.

Angie and her husband stayed staring at the door for a long while. Rafael had Tom in his arms to help calm him down. When Tom was better, he looked up at Angie’s scared face and got a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked, quietly.

“You burnt Miss Cara.” Angie told him.

“It wasn’t his fault, Angie.” Rafael reminded her. “He just, has trouble getting close. It wasn’t his fault.” He repeated. He put his hand on his wife’s shoulder and smiled. “We’ll take care of this, I promise.”

@barrythestickhorse: Hello legends, after the parade at Buckingham Palace for me, I went to my dear friend Cara Delevingne to talk about her new book. But out of nowhere a bunch of my fans ambushed us because they wanted to take a picture with me. Cara was friendly enough to take it for us.
Also: look out for a collaboration between Cara and me (hint hint: Beaty and the stickhorse)

Cara professoressa, mi scusi se la disturbo a così tarda ora, ma proprio ci tenevo a scriverle due righe.
Sono consapevole che il nostro rapporto non è dei migliori, posso capire che, conoscendomi da poco, non abbia ancora appreso chi davvero voglio essere e chi davvero sono.
Oggi a scuola mi ha domandato se ho un idolo, qualche super eroe.
Li per li non le ho saputo rispondere, chissà, forse per paura?
Probabilmente non le interessa, ma io amo la pelle d'oca, quando è causata da qualcosa che amo, che mi piace.
Gli unici due uomini, in grado di farmi sentire così, sono entrambi molto, molto distanti da me.
Il primo è Giuseppe Ungaretti, accidenti.
Il secondo è Alessandro Baricco.
Cos'è ciò che provo per loro?
Amore. Vero e proprio amore.
Lei si starà chiedendo come io mi sia innamorata di loro, e perché proprio di loro: le posso rispondere che mi sarei potuta innamorare di chiunque, ma scelsi loro, per lo stato d'animo triste e fragile che nascondono dietro alle righe di ciò che scrivono.
Le può sembrare strano, ma è così che mi sento io.
Avrei sempre desiderato fare la scrittrice, per potermi aprire con il resto del mondo, e loro sono la mia cosiddetta ispirazione. Spero che questa lettera le abbia fatto cambiare idea sul mio conto, e che le abbia dimostrato almeno minimamente, che non sono la classica ragazzina presuntuosa, superficiale e vuota che crede di aver davanti tutte le mattine.
Le auguro una buona serata ed un buon risveglio,
Con immenso affetto,
—  Amamiancoraunavolta

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Cara killed Kahlan's sister and her nephew and you don't mind??

I literally live for ships with the inner conflict between them

This will be a monthly project between myself and dear friend and musician Cara Salimando! After a collaborative discussion of theme, we will be alternating between who creates their works first (as we long distance friendship between LA and NYC), with the other either taking photographs to illustrate the lyrics, or lyrics written to describe the photographs. I’m really excited to work on something that combines my two favorite art forms, with one of my favorite artists and people on Earth. Check back for more April 1st!

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Music Shuffle Tag

hey. so i was tagged by @valenjagi

Rules: Shuffle your music and list the first ten songs!

1. Blue Light (Mazzy Star)

2. Here (Alessia Cara)

3. Dear You (Yuzuki)

4. The Cure (Drunken Tiger)

5. Streaming Heart (Hatsune Miku)

6. Freaky Like Me (Madcon)

7. Make Me Wanna Die (The Pretty Reckless)

8. Still Doll (Kanon Wakeshima)

9. GINGER (exist†trace)

10. Silly Boy (15&)

so, i’ll tag @3mmynoel @mochi-stars and @hesitant-lulu (also you guys should check out 15& and exist†trace! they’re really cool if your into new music, 15& is kpop but exist†trace is is a really awesome jrock group)