dear cara

drunk percy and kerr for my dear dungon mom cara who is probably on tumblr as somebody but heck if i remember who

Kerrek was incredibly easy to sit with. He was easy to talk to, or to just sit and drink with peacefully at the end of a long day. There’d been so many long days lately, long days creeping into short nights. A longer day seemed to follow every one before, but at the end of this day, enemies fallen and friends not, the sunset seemed tinted with the possibility of hope.

Hope and lots of alcohol.

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This will be a monthly project between myself and dear friend and musician Cara Salimando! After a collaborative discussion of theme, we will be alternating between who creates their works first (as we long distance friendship between LA and NYC), with the other either taking photographs to illustrate the lyrics, or lyrics written to describe the photographs. I’m really excited to work on something that combines my two favorite art forms, with one of my favorite artists and people on Earth. Check back for more April 1st!

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Quick Gaulish Lesson

In case you wanted to flirt in a less imperialist language than Latin.

“Moni gnatha gabi, buððutton imon”: “My girl, take my penis (or kiss?)”

“Geneta imi, daga uimpi”: “I am a young girl, good and pretty”

“Tiono uimpi morucin”: “Divine pretty girl”

“Geneta, uis cara?”: “Dear girl, do you want to?”

“Nata uimpi, pota ui!”: “Pretty girl, drink wine!”

“Nata uimpi, curmi da!”: “Pretty girl, bring me beer!”

Said phrases carry no guarantee of not getting smacked in the mouth by said pretty Gaulish girls.

Tonight's tunes:

The Sound - The 1975
Seventeen - Alessia Cara
Dear Prudence - The Beatles
After Party - Shawn Mendes
Isn’t She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
P.Y.T - Michael Jackson
Lunatic - Andy Grammer
Anyway - Cee Lo Green


eoi character aesthetics
Cara Moore

“I like the sea: we understand one another. It is always yearning, sighing for something it cannot have; and so am I.”

i don’t know about you, but @caradocdearborn is 22!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANYA YOU ACTUAL ANGEL! i am so happy you came into my life and i can’t thank you enough for how incredible you have been to me and how easy you are to talk to and plot with and just be around (in a manner of speaking). i hope you have a super incredible day/night and the best year of your life. don’t worry, 22 isn’t so bad. you’ll smash it, i promise. so much love for you bubs <333

Happy birthday, Tanya! Being your friend gives me life and I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you in my life. Your characters are always so lively and unique and I just feel honored every day to get to write with you and read what you write, because it’s amazing and welcome to another year of living. Enjoy your birthday, get plenty drunk, meet a shark, and kick some ass because I know you always do. <333