dear caitlyn

Dear ignoramus, Caitlyn Jenner’s transition highlights the issues transgender people face and brings a successful transgender woman into the public eye. With transgender suicide, drug abuse, homelessness and transphobic violence rates being so high, Caitlyn’s publicity not only gives transgender people a role model and a message of empowerment, but it also destigmatises transgender people as the “other” in society. Jenner’s presence in the media does not delete the presence of other pressing issues such as ISIS and racist police brutality. By your request, you simply want the world to “shut up” about Jenner because you’re so uncomfortable hearing about transgender people’s existence. By silencing transgender news and activism, as well as attributing racist police brutality to transgender people in some sort of bizarre parallelism, YOU are part of the problem. Transgender people do not threaten ANYONE with their existence.


I recently came across this appalling petition through your website, asking for signatures for the International Olympic Committee to consider revoking Caitlyn’s well earned gold Olympic medals. I would like to petition against this, for it to be removed!
I find this extremely offensive and unsupportive towards the Trans community, regardless to Mrs Bradford’s alleged support.


Sharing with my followers because this is so important. Please read and sign the petition, there really should be no place for transphobia in this world. ♥