dear brandi carlile

I was tagged by the superb @fitzsimmonsftw

Rules: spell your URL with song titles (only using each artist once) and tag 10 people

*Addendum: I wanted to make things interesting, so I only chose songs that could be related to FitzSimmons because yes, I am that much of trash. 

Can You Hold Me - NF (feat. Britt Nicole) <- [bc of course I would!] x

Oh! Darling - The Beatles <- [best Beatles song (imho) and a great way to describe Fitz without Jemma in season 2] 

Nothing Left to Say - Imagine Dragons <- [so season 2 Fitz, it’s insane] x

Sound of Silence - Disturbed cover (originally Simon and Garfunkel) <-  [3x01 Fitz - captures his spiral like nothing else] x

Oh Dear - Brandi Carlile <- [Jemma in 3A] x

Landlocked Blues - Bright Eyes <- [their whole dynamic in 2A/early 2B] x

Ever After - Marianas Trench <- [how can I not? It’s 3A Fitz] x

Demons - Jasmine Thompson cover (originally Imagine Dragons) <- [Jemma in 3A] x

Across the Sea - The Sweeplings <- [duh. (1x22)] x

Crash Land - Twin Atlantic <- [season 2 FitzSimmons (also! plays in Not Another Happy Ending where Iain is just fantastic)] x

Uprising - Muse <- [anytime FS are in trouble. Anytime.] x

Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin <- [Jemma season 2 (just happens to have hipster Iain in the music video)] x

Sooo… there ya go! The peeps I tag can either do the FS and/or AOS additional challenge or go with the original rules. Enjoy! 

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Clexa Spotify Playlist

St. Patrick by PVRIS // Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots // She Had The World by Panic! At the Disco // Sex on the Ceiling by Sevyn Streeter // Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys // Ghost by Halsey // A Part of Me by Neck Deep // Head to the Ground by Neck Deep // Oh Dear by Brandi Carlile // I Love You 5 by Never Shout Never // Some Kind of Drug by G-Eazy // Crave You by Flight Facilities // I will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie // In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel // Angels by the xx // Always by Panic! At the Disco // Drops of Jupiter by Train