dear boots

  • What She Says: I'm fine
  • What She Means: Zoe invited Evan to the orchard because she knew even though he was the one who brought that peace to everyone, he wouldn't feel like he deserved to feel it himself. She knew he did everything for Connor because he needed it for himself, but he still wouldn't take any of it for himself. Imagine how hard it would be to acknowledge that even though this boy hurt you, he also gave you your brother and your family back when he needed and could have taken both for himself. Just think about how amazing Zoe Murphy is for a second.

reminder: the most common deh bootleg was posted in december. it could have been recorded in either november or december, either during previews or just afterwards. so, the version you’re seeing there is probably much different than the version that’s being performed tonight. the show has also changed a lot since the cast recording (feburary), so i can’t image how much it’s changed in seven or eight months. it’s a growing show, something that morphs over time, so i really, really hope we all get to see something more recent eventually!

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“Hey now, be careful with that, I wouldn’t want you to shoot yourself by accident… Here, that’s how you hold a gun.”

*throws glitter in the air*