dear belly

Dear Boys,

If you ever say you won’t date a girl or put her down to the point where she believes she’s ‘disgusting’ because she has stretch marks, just remember how you gave your mother stretch marks and not one of them was worth it because you’re an ungrateful piece of shit. :))

To my future daughter:

I hope that it does not take you as long as it took me to understand and accept yourself for who you are,
But if it does, I will be next to you to watch and smile as you grow, and learn who you are.

I hope that when you have your first kiss, you feel something, whether it’s butterflies in your heart or regret in your rib cage, I hope kisses always mean something to you.
But if they don’t, I will be next to you to teach you that no press of the lips against your skin should go unnoticed or unfelt, you are too important for that.

I hope that when your heart breaks for the first time, you realize that you still have all the pieces and that you have the ability to redefine the word broken.
But if you don’t, I’ll be right beside you, with ice cream & tissues in hand, because whoever said time heals all wounds didn’t know that ice cream makes clocks tick faster.

I hope you love adventures, I hope you crave windows down, good books, clear lakes, and good company.
But if you don’t, I will be there to take you window shopping, make you get out of bed, buy you a new cd of a band we’ve never heard of, and point out the things that are waiting to be done.

I hope you are always surrounded by love, I hope that you are always laughing and making people laugh, and I hope that you have the kind of smile that turns a cold heart warm, I hope you understand that good things don’t always have to end despite what anybody says and that you know more about yourself than anybody ever will and that even the most hateful words can teach you more about love than anything else.
I know you will.
To my future daughter, I will make sure you do.

It Was Just A Scare // Joe Sugg

​when you are joes younger sister but jacks girlfriend and you think you are pregnant and you buy a test; mikey finds the boxing in the bin and starts making jokes, joe starts getting protective over the fact that his baby sister could possibly be pregnant.

I rest my head against my boyfriend Jack’s chest, sitting in between his legs, laughing at Conor being ridiculous. It was our typical Thursday night, all of the boys and I just hanging out at the Maynards and Josh’s apartment. Conor was pretending to be pregnant, stuffing pillows up his shirt and just acting stupid.

“Come rub my belly dear”, he said to Josh, freaking him out by talking in a high pitched voice.

“Oi, that’s how Y/N could look in about nine months’ time,” Mikey blurted, laughing so hard as he slaps his knee.

“What!?” Joe yells out suddenly, my eyes widening as I feel the colour of my face drain. Everyone then went quiet looking at Jack and I with a confused look, except my brother Joe, he was absolutely livid.

I stood up and turned to Mikey. “What do you mean, Mikey!?” I say, obviously knowing what he meant. Just confused on how he knew.

“Well, I found a box in Jack’s bin that said pregnancy test”, Mikey stuttered out.

“Guys, calm down, she’s not pregnant”, Jack said, standing behind me in support.

“But she could’ve been, if you’d been more bloody careful”, Joe spat out, directing his anger towards Jack.

“Joe, stop it please”, I begged him.

“Don’t tell me to stop Y/N. I tell you to be more careful and you never listen. If you knew how to control yourself, you would never have to get yourself into this mess at such a young age”

“It was just a scare, and I don’t need you adding more stress to this situation.” I walked out the living room area and up the stairs to Jack’s room to grab my purse. Joe then followed in behind me, I heard him taking in a deep breath as I was grabbing my stuff.

“Y/N, –“  

“Leave me alone”, I say.

“Y/N, don’t take it personally. You know how I am and how much I love you. You’re so young and you have so much to offer in life. I worry so much about you, you don’t understand, you’re my baby sister.”, Joe said, stepping closer towards me. I sniffle slightly, as I sit down onto Jack’s bed. Joe joins me, wiping my tears away with his thumb. “Please, Y/N, I didn’t mean no harm. I know I should’ve handled it more calmly, I’m so sorry for being so harsh.”

“Joe, if I was pregnant, would you have taken your anger out on my child?” I say lightly.

“What? Fuck no. I would spoil that child and be the best damn uncle anyone’s ever had”, he said, nudging my shoulder with his causing me to laugh. “Just be more careful yeah, like I said, you have so much to offer in life. You have your studies to focus on and travelling the world, that’s always been your dream. I love you so much. I just want whats best for you”, he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

“I love you too”, I reply, smiling up at him and meaning it.

“Knock knock”, I hear Jack’s voice softly as he walks into the room. “Am I interrupting?”

“Don’t be silly, come on in. Looks like we’re gonna have another talk, aye?” Joe says, making me laugh at Jack’s scared reaction. 

sorry for the short one guys, i didnt have much time today. im getting so many prompts relating to pregnancies hahah. anyways hope you all enjoyed it! xxx

dear belly,

i’m sorry for all the paper planes lodged inside you. sometimes the sky wasn’t strong enough to carry them, and i had no place to hide. i’m sorry for the paper cranes, the paper flowers; i’m sorry for all the paper cuts you got in the process. i never knew how to be visible. i’m sorry for wanting to hide you so much, that you wouldn’t exist anymore.

remember the time he called us fat, and i took my nails to you for months. i still have clothes with blotches of red on them. i’m sorry i let mirrors tell our story instead of you. i’ve never been good at dealing with pain; i’m sorry for all the failed attempts at peeling you away. i’m sorry for the tears, and the reflections with a cloth always covering them.

there’s a place between loving yourself and hating yourself that cannot be completely understood; some sort of placebo effect that says you’re okay, and you believe it- till the next time something doesn’t fit or you cross a mirror or someone looks at you weird. everyone always looks at you weird. i’m sorry for wanting to cover you up and go into permanent hiding. i’m sorry i wasn’t strong enough to face it; or love you regardless.

but i promise you this, one day soon, the scars will heal, and it won’t matter who looks or stays. mirrors will just be glass, and the stories will be ours. no more hiding, dear belly; i’m going to love you unconditionally.  no more paper graves.

I’M SORRY FOR ALL THE SHAME // NAPOWRIMO 15/30 [LIT NIGHT * 30 Poetry Prompts for national poetry month 2017- Write an apology to a part of your body you’ve mistreated. Let your body to forgive itself.]

anonymous asked:

Can we have some headcanons of Bob and Damasen escape from Tartarus?

I apologize in advance 

  • the House of Hades had been silent for weeks 
  • all the unrest from the War now nothing but a scar in the earth 
  • two large shapes emerged from the tunnel followed by a slightly smaller one
  • one dragging the other 
  • they came to a stop on the hillside, the River Acheron glittering under the night sky 
  • Damasen sat next to Bob whose breathing was labored and shallow as Small Bob sat curled up next to him, purring 
  • Damasen leaned down next to Bob’s head and whispered, “Open your eyes. Some old friends have come to say hello.” 
  • Bob’s eyes opened slowly, and grew big once they registered the sight they were taking in 
  • a smile that could light up the darkest corner of Tartarus spread across his face and a chuckle grew in his belly
  • “Hello dear friends. It has been too long.” 
  • Damasen now lay next to Bob, breathing in the cool night air and enjoying the sound of the river rushing by 
  • “You have some old friends here too, Damasen,” said Bob 
  • he handed Damasen a pair of flowers, who took them eagerly, placing them to his nose and breathing deeply, a single tear trailing down the side of his face 
  • “How much longer do we have, Bob?” 
  • “For me, not much longer. For you and Small Bob, I sense a lifetime.” 
  • in the early light of dawn, Damasen looked at his friend, bloody and beaten with claw marks all over his body 
  • his breathing was more labored but the smile still spread on his face 
  • Bob used what little strength he had left to raise his right hand, which Damasen took in his 
  • “We made it, Damasen. I said hello to the stars. Now you…. you must say hello to every flower you possibly can. And please.. look after Small Bob for me.” 
  • tears filled Damasen’s eyes, “I will, my friend. It has been an honor. May we meet again.” 
  • Bob took one last ragged breath, and Damasen held his hand until it disintegrated and blew away in the sweet air 
  • Damasen sat on the hillside staring out at the water, Small Bob in his lap, trying to imagine what was next for him 
  • he stood on shaky legs, Small Bob looking up at him expectantly 
  • “Well, Small Bob, let us find some sheep that need tending to.” 
  • as they set of into the distance, a group of silver flowers sprouted up where Bob had once laid